Indiana Senate: Lugar Anticipates Primary Challenge

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Richard Lugar (R-IN) “said he anticipates a Tea Party challenger in his 2012 reelection effort,” The Hill reports.

"I anticipate that there will be a candidate or candidates running in the Republican primary against me," Lugar said on an episode of Bloomberg TV’s "Political Capital" to air this weekend. "This is why we have taken a very early campaign stance of vigorous fundraising, vigorous campaigning, anticipating that that kind of a campaign might occur. It’s not one that I welcome, but nevertheless, this is a democracy."

He has been “one of the few Republicans willing to work occasionally with President Obama to help shepherd legislation through the Senate.”



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2 responses to “Indiana Senate: Lugar Anticipates Primary Challenge

  1. ParkRanger

    I live in Indiana and Senator Lugar is respected and well-loved. I’m 62 and have been an Independent all my life, voted in every election for the person I thought best. But after the radicalization of the Republican party, I decided that I would not vote for any Republican until they again turned to truly caring about this country. I have communicated with Sen. Lugar many times in the last two years by calling his DC office, emailing and once visited his Indy office. His staff and Senator Lugar are unfailingly courteous, caring and respectful of differing opinions while staying firmly on course. He has been invaluable to the country and the world for his working with START. He cares about citizens of this state in a way that Democratic Senator Bayh did not. Although at times I was frustrated with his position, he became the thin thread of connection that kept me from disregarding the Republican point of view entirely. I will work for and vote for Sen. Lugar in the Indiana primary and I know others who are disgusted with the violent rhetoric of the Right that say they will do the same. I appreciate balance in all things and I appreciate Senator Lugar very much.

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