Hatch, Cornyn Push Balanced-Budget Amendment

Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and John Cornyn (R-TX) “penned a letter to their Senate colleagues Tuesday pitching a constitutional balanced-budget amendment,” The Hill reports.

"The American people are demanding action from Washington to get our fiscal house in order once and for all," part of the letter read. "They don’t want any more empty rhetoric or excuses."

Six Senate Republicans have already signed on as co-sponsors of the legislation — Sens. Saxby Chabliss (Ga.), Jim DeMint (S.C.), Olympia Snowe (Maine), John Ensign (Nev.), Michael Enzi (Wy.) and David Vitter (La.) — with more expected.

Along with Hatch, Snowe and Ensign are up for reelection in 2012. Hatch and Snowe are rumored Tea Party targets and Ensign could also face a Republican primary if he opts to seek another term.

Hatch and Cornyn “are looking to roll out the balanced budget amendment effort the week the Senate returns.”


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One response to “Hatch, Cornyn Push Balanced-Budget Amendment

  1. DJ

    This is nothing more than a political stunt. To limit revenue raising, as the amendment would, while still requiring a balanced budget at a time when spending exceeds revenue by $1.7 trillion or 67%, creates an impossible challenge that no legislator or president could possibly live up to.

    The existing revenue streams don’t even cover the four biggest budget items: Social Security, Defense, Medicare, and interest on the national debt. Everything else, from school lunches to highway maintenance, farm subsidies and foreign aid, nuclear power and bank bailouts – and yes, Congressional salaries – is being spent on credit.

    How about a realistic plan that cuts spending and raises revenue!

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