Alaska Senate: Miller Ends Legal Fight

Republican Joe Miller “is ending his fight over Alaska’s U.S. Senate seat, conceding the race to his bitter rival, incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski,” the AP reports.

Miller’s decision, announced Friday at a news conference in Anchorage, comes one day after the state certified Murkowski as the winner.

He had the option of appealing a federal judge’s ruling or lodging a formal contest to the election results. While he said he believes he is right about the law, he said it was "very unlikely" an appeals court would side with him and that he had to accept "practical realities."

Ultimately, Miller said, "the courts have spoken."


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One response to “Alaska Senate: Miller Ends Legal Fight

  1. Pat

    About time. Wonder how much money he’s collected from all the tea baggers for his court fees. Wonder if Joe’s going to return all the money he’s accumulated particularly all the money DeMint was asking the tea baggers for his court fees. Bet the tea baggers don’t see a penny.

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