A Final Look at Judicial Confirmations This Congress

After two years “of political disagreements over judicial nominations, here’s the final score for the 111th Congress: 60 nominees confirmed by the Senate for U.S. appellate and district courts and 19 receiving no up-or-down vote,” the AP reports.

Thirteen of the unconfirmed nominees received unanimous support from the Judiciary Committee.

Some were opposed by Republicans who believe the nominees are liberal activists who would allow their views to influence rulings.

There are more than 90 judicial vacancies in U.S. district and appellate courts.

The figures do not include confirmation of two Supreme Court justices.



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2 responses to “A Final Look at Judicial Confirmations This Congress

  1. kw87776

    Wikipedia agrees with the 60 confirmed figure (excluding Supreme Court), but comes up with 43 unconfirmed vs. AP’s 19. Thoughts?


  2. JMS

    Article fails to point out that most of the ones who received unanimous JudComm support but didn’t get confirmed cleared JudComm within the last month. A quick renomination in the 112th and they should get confirmed.

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