Coburn Says 9/11 Health Bill Should Wait

The Senate should “wait until next year to pass legislation funding healthcare for 9/11 first responders, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) said Tuesday,” The Hill reports.

Coburn is expected to take strides to hold up or block legislation to assist recovery workers who flooded Ground Zero in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, some of whom are now suffering health problems as a result.

"We can do this next year, and we should," Coburn said on Fox News.

The Oklahoma conservative’s concerns lie in the fact that the bill before the Senate — being pushed by members of New York’s congressional delegation — hasn’t been vetted in hearings or testimony, he said.

"I want to spend whatever we need to spend to take care of the people who sacrificed for us and put themselves at risk," Coburn said. "This bill hasn’t even been through a committee. We haven’t had the debate in our committee on this bill to know if it is the best thing to do."



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2 responses to “Coburn Says 9/11 Health Bill Should Wait

  1. Pat

    Colbun is a flying asshole and a disgrace to the human race.

  2. Ss

    Next year wooowwww you are asshole mother fucker

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