Bayh Missing Votes This Week

Retiring Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) “will not return to Washington, D.C. for a key procedural vote on the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty in order to conduct a ‘farewell tour’ of his state,” Roll Call reports.

The Indiana Democrat’s office said he would remain in his home state Tuesday, although he does support ratification of the treaty.

“He is still in Indiana for a series of farewell events today. He is in regular touch with leadership and strongly supports START ratification,” a spokesman said.

On Monday, Bayh missed a series of votes on amendments to START. On Tuesday, Bayh also missed a procedural vote on the continuing resolution to keep the government funded. Senate sources said they only expect Bayh to come back for the vote to ratify START, which could occur Thursday. The treaty requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate.


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One response to “Bayh Missing Votes This Week

  1. Pat

    Bayh DINO — glad to be rid of him. Wonder how much money he and his wife got from Well Point — I’m sure they were paid well for his opposition to health care reform. May you have the same retirement as those you screwed during the health reform debate. What an asshole.

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