Alexander Will Support New START

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), a “top-ranking Republican leader, announced Tuesday morning that he will vote for President Obama’s arms control treaty with Russia, all but putting the pact over the top as it heads to a decisive vote later in the day,” the New York Times reports.

Mr. Alexander, who represents Tennessee and is chairman of the Republican Conference, said the treaty would not inhibit missile defense and that the United States would be left with enough nuclear firepower “to blow anyone to kingdom come.” He also welcomed Mr. Obama’s support for simultaneously modernizing the nuclear weapons complex.

“I’m convinced that America is safer and more secure with the New Start treaty than without it,” Mr. Alexander said, just a week after voting along with other Republicans against bringing the treaty to the floor for debate.



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2 responses to “Alexander Will Support New START

  1. John Hemmer

    Dear Sentor Alexander,

    I am not a resident of Tennesee, but I have worked in Memphis on and off during the past 10 years.

    I have been following the status of Weapon Treaties since the early 1970’s. With a background in tracking missile trajectories, it was my belief that the ABM Treaty negotiated by Nixon and

    Kissinger was as Insane as its acronymn, MAD. Since when is it sane to go into battle not wearing battle armor.

    The one area where America is superior to all other nations is our Hardware and Software technical expertise. Why should we negotiate this away? Why has the Senate rejected a premamble that

    would make the treaty under consideration crystal clear regarding our ability to develope Missile Defense Systems?

    Since when should the US every give up its ability to defend itself. The START Treaty as agreed to by Obama is flawed in many ways, but limiting our ability to develope Missle Defense systems

    is the most serious.

    The Senate supposed to be a deliberative body. It has never okayed a treaty during a Lame Duck session. Why start now? It would be insane to okay this Treaty in a Rush. In fact for the

    Senate to do so is a dereliction of their Constituional duty. With an approval rating of 13 percent, Congress must start doing what they were elected to do.

    I realize that the Senate does not want to embarass the the President. He is my president too! However, if the he made a bad deal then all of America may become vulunerable for generations

    to come. This is what the last election was all about. Not passing Bills, Laws and Treaties without the the due thought and deliberation they deserve.

    The only recent Presidents who have gotten national defense correct have been Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, George H. W. Bush, Clinton and Obama, and their

    advisors, especially Kissinger, have all gotten it wrong. America must stay strong even if it has to go it alone and stand up against World Opinion!

    Please do not pass START Treaty during this Lame Duck session on Congress.

    Thank You,

    John Hemmer
    609 Granger Road
    Syracuse, NY 13219

  2. cuchieddie(Enemy of the State)

    You are just another reason why I, a longtime Reagan Conservative will no longer support the reubican party. I will now become an Independent and may even stop voting since no matter what we do, you RINO’s continue to vote against the will of the people. To hell with you and to hell with Russia.

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