Scott Brown Will Support New START

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) “says he will support a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia,” the AP reports.

Brown told reporters Monday that he will vote Tuesday with Democrats to cut off debate on the accord and will vote to ratify the pact — a top foreign policy priority of President Barack Obama. He said he did due diligence on the issue, speaking to experts and reached his decision.



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2 responses to “Scott Brown Will Support New START

  1. betty todd

    Scott Brown did his homework and supported the bill. More senators need to do what Scott did and stop letting politicsget in their way of decision making.

  2. Dave

    And what experts did Mr. Brown consult?? …. John Kerry??
    Another RINO elected to public office… we didn’t learn a thing did we MassaWhateverthis State is……. Rule #1: Never trust a Russkie

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