National Small Business Association President Urges Senate Action

National Small Business Association President “Todd McCracken endorsed the Democrats and President Barack Obama’s small-business bill on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ on Sunday,” POLITICO reports.

“Putting money in the pockets of both consumers and small-business people is crucial,” McCracken said. “There is a jobs bill sitting in the Senate that they’re going to be taking up in a week and a half that will free up a lot of credit for small business.”

Obama has accused Senate Republicans of blockading the bill before the summer congressional recess, saying that their efforts were blocking crucial job growth in the economy.

The bill would include a series of measures to open up federal credit lines to small businesses, including eliminating application fees for small-business loans. Democrats have pointed to news reports that indicate that small businesses are holding up hiring as they wait for the bill to be passed. Republicans counter that the bill would do little to reduce uncertainty in the market and spur hiring.

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2 responses to “National Small Business Association President Urges Senate Action

  1. Issues as critical as this are exactly why Main Street is so darn mad! When we see that the Democrats, who are the Party in “power”, can’t even get something as important and transparent as this.

    It is so very sad that this Party is so weak–weakened by the fake Democrats like Lincoln and Nelson–that the public must suffer at the mercy of the Republicans who have as their only goal to return the system to one of chaos and without oversight of any kind. The rich companies and millionaires of this country have shown very clearly that they really could care less about creating jobs here in this country. They have sought INCENTIVES to move jobs overseas to obtain cheaper labor without paying benefits. If we take away these incentives, the companies would have to use OUR labor market.

    If the Democrats can’t do it now,then when?

  2. Don Zwiers

    Per article Chicago Tribune article 9 15 10 Levey and Mascaro

    The most obvious solution isn’t even being discussed. First, everyone needs health care and everyone should pay their fair share. The Federal Government is the only one that has the total responsibility of the entire U.S. population and only they can insure us all. Employers and insurance companies exist for the sole purpose of making a profit and competition between them is what keeps them going in a positive direction. The government is not there to make a profit and should never lose money either because it is the people’s taxes they use to run the government. Therefore, the government must tax the people fairly to pay for health care and use this money to only pay the doctors providing the patients the care they need when they need it. The only tax everyone pays without a hassle would be a National Sales Tax, administered fairly, where everyone pays the same when they spend their money and nobody spends their money without paying the tax. The Feds aren’t using this tax yet but the states that do, have no problems. Therefore the tax will not interfere with existing taxes and having its own account would be easy. Also, the tax must be adjusted such that there isn’t a profit or loss, which states now using it, do all the time. This leaves the insurance companies and employers doing what they are designed to do, make a profit without the interference from the government. FREE MARKET!
    I have sent this plan, showing how easy this is to implement, to all of my congressmen and the President, without a reply other than thanks, please donate. Yes our government is to big to listen to just a single person. This plan will eliminate Medicare, CMS, all their debt, and let employers and insurance companies do their thing. Let insurance companies handle only accidents, without government interference and have only those prone to accidents buy it, if they want. Total savings would be 1$trillion plus and accomplished within 6 months. We have already debated everything so we don’t have to keep doing that. Just leave the doctors handle health care and we will all help them where we can.
    If you want to read the 8 pages, how I propose doing this, call or email me. I need people like you to pick apart what I am proposing so we can start getting things done.

    Don Zwiers, a 77 year old retired engineer, interested in leaving a better world to my grandchildren, Joliet, Illinois
    815 685 8054 cell
    NOTE: I haven’t been able to debate this with my contacts and friends because nobody wants to lose what they have. This plan is a win win, with no losers. We need to identify the losers, I don’t see any.

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