Dodd Opposes Recess Appointment for Elizabeth Warren

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) “cast more doubts this afternoon about whether Elizabeth Warren could garner enough votes to head the newly created consumer financial protection bureau, one day after White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called her ‘very confirmable,’” Talking Points Memo reports.

"I don’t know, that’s the question, how does he know that?" Dodd said in response to a question from TPMDC on his way in to the Democrats’ weekly policy lunch.

"She’s qualified, no question about that. The question is whether she’s confirmable," Dodd added. "The issue is [if] you can’t confirm somebody, if you go six or seven months without someone in that job, you’ve got a problem."

Progressives have been strongly pressuring the Obama administration to appoint Warren ever since the Wall Street reform bill passed in Congress. Some have argued that she be given a recess appointment if a minority of senators block her confirmation. Dodd objects to that idea.

"I think that would be a huge mistake," Dodd said, in response to a question from TPMDC. "Recess appointments. No, no, no."

"I think those are, you know, Republicans used to do it, I think that’s a mistake," Dodd added. "Except in the most extreme circumstances where you need someone because of an emergency pending, but as a routine matter, I think it’s a fundamental mistake."

Important to point out that there has been no official nomination to the new bureau yet.

(credit image – daylife/associated press)


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One response to “Dodd Opposes Recess Appointment for Elizabeth Warren

  1. Senator Dodd —

    At this point blaming the Republicans for an Obama recess appointment of Elizabeth Warren is dishonest on its face —

    Dems have more than enough Senators to confirm Warren if that was the point —

    Sometime we our leaders to stop campaigning long enough to govern the country —

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