Reid Repeatedly Reached Out to Scott Brown Before Extenders Vote

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) “called Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) four times in 12 minutes before a vote Thursday on a package to extend unemployment benefits,” The Hill reports.

Brown, a Republican from a blue state who’s been heavily courted as a swing vote on key issues, said Reid and a slew of governors had been calling him constantly to urge him to support the extenders package.

"Gov. Schwarzenegger, Gov. Rendell, Gov. Patrick — I had governors from across the country calling me, really, pretty relentlessly," Brown said Friday on WEEI radio. "Harry Reid called me, God, four times within 12 minutes of the vote yesterday."

Brown described “the intense pressure he’s been facing on the extenders bill and other key pieces of legislation since being elected in January to fill the seat left vacant by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.).”

"So last night I got off the plane and driving through Rentham and saying, ‘Man, I just can’t believe I’m a United States Senator,’ Brown said. "And then Tim Geithner calls me and says, ‘Scott, I just wanted to go through what we’re working on right now because we’re wrapping this thing up.’ He just called me a minute ago, too."

(credit image – daylife/associated press)


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2 responses to “Reid Repeatedly Reached Out to Scott Brown Before Extenders Vote

  1. Ryder

    This is a crock and we all know it.

    I am appalled that you have not and continue to NOT stand up for the people of CA and other states who have been unemployed for a long period of time.

    Yesterday’s bombing of more extensions has now left more millions without any resources at all and I am one of those. Two days ago I did 27 applications/resume’s for work and one interview. Results…NOTHING. I am now in the process of selling everything I own just to have a roof over my head for another month.

    Washington, which you are a part of, is careless and uncaring towards our dilemma. There is plenty of money to pay and pass extensions for us. What happened to all our billions in tax dollars that we mandatorily have to forward to Washington?? Yes, we know, that money went to every foreign matter and issue you can think of and that is still happening. NOTHING is more important than taking care of REAL Americans in this dire time of need and all of Washington has shown, especially yesterday, that they only care about themselves, their wealth and their political stature.

    I am ashamed of each and every one of you. I am one of many who is seriously considering giving up my citizenship in the US to become a citizen elsewhere where medical is free and better and where people are cared about because that isn’t the case in America any longer. Not only that we can come back to the US as a foreigner and get whatever we want/need with few questions asked as they all do now. We are no longer a country of Americans, we are a foreign country and being taken over more all the time. A piece of paper saying you are a citizen DOES NOT make you an American.

    • Debbie

      Giving up your citizenship for another country is not going to help fix anything.That will give the government one less person who is fighting for the unemployed to be heard.We have got to find a better way.get them out of Washington or take the Government to court.I am going to write an email to a Christian lawyer Jay Sekelo that will tell us if we can sue the government for treating unemployed people this way.

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