Colorado Senate: Romanoff, Buck Win State Assemblies

Andrew Romanoff “won more than 60 percent of state Democratic delegates Saturday, pushing him to the top line of the primary ballot over Sen. Michael Bennet and giving his supporters new hope for August,” the Denver Post reports.

The former House Speaker won 60.4 percent of more than 3,500 delegates at the Democratic State Assembly, improving on his earlier caucus totals of about 57 percent.

"Game on," his campaign declared in a release shortly after results were made public.

Romanoff said after the ballots were counted that some fundraisers had told him they were waiting for good results Saturday before committing money to him. He believes he will raise enough to be on television, a key feature in combating Bennet’s multimillion-dollar fundraising operation.

Bennet, appointed to the seat 16 months ago, won 39.6 percent of the delegates.

That guarantees Bennet the second line on the primary ballot, but is a slight drop from his caucus totals. Bennet’s campaign said he has also raised grassroots support with tens of thousands of petition signatures he could have used to get on the primary ballot if he had not passed the 30 percent threshold Saturday.

KDVR in Denver on the Republican side:

Another favorite of the conservative grassroots, Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, took 77 percent of the vote and was the only U.S. Senate candidate nominated Saturday to the August primary ballot.

His closest challenger at Saturday’s assembly, Cleve Tidwell, took 15 percent of the vote — half of what he needed to make the ballot.

Buck now looks to take additional momentum into a three-month primary campaign that’s turning increasingly nasty.

"History shows that the path to a Republican victory in the general election starts with winning a spot on the ballot at the Republican Assembly," Buck said. "With today’s win our campaign took a giant step forward."

Former Lieutenant Governor Jane Norton, the party’s expected nominee who is struggling to seal the deal, and former state Sen. Tom Wiens of Castle Rock are both petitioning onto the primary ballot.

(credit image – world atlas)


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