Schumer Frustrated with Homeland Security Funding Cuts

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) “blasted the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday, saying funding decisions forced New York City to cut transit and port security spending,” Roll Call reports.

“For the administration to announce these cuts two weeks after the attempted Times Square bombing shows they just don’t get it and are not doing right by New York City on anti-terrorism funding,” the New York Democrat said in a statement.

“We urge them to reconsider this decision,” Schumer, the Democratic Conference vice chairman, added. “Instead of distributing funding all over the country, they should focus their attention where the greatest threat exists — right here in New York.”

The move extends a “hard line Schumer has pushed recently with the administration on homeland security issues, particularly in the wake of the terrorist bombing attempt in Manhattan’s Times Square.”

Update: Marc Ambinder has some White House pushback.

But funding really isn’t decreasing. When all federal funding is totaled, according to White House spokesperson Nick Shapiro, the city is getting $47 million more for port and transit security over the previous year’s budget, the last signed into law by the Bush Administration.

Remember:  $100 million in port and transit security grants were earmarked for NYC from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — the stimulus package.

With that money, the total for NYC will be $245 million.

(credit image – getty)


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