Utah Senate: Bennett Faces Big Test Today


An array of rivals “at Utah’s GOP convention Saturday are lining up against Sen. Bob Bennett — a potential first victim in a national effort by some conservatives to drive out officeholders they view as not conservative enough,” the AP reports.

The state’s “3,500 delegates will determine whether to give the 76-year-old Bennett the party’s nod to run for a fourth term.”

Recent delegate surveys show Bennett in third place behind attorney Mike Lee, 38, and businessman Tim Bridgewater, 49, who say they’re better suited to reign in government spending.


Bennett’s best hope for survival is to get more than 40 percent of the delegates’ votes and force one of his opponents into a June 22 primary. To help accomplish that, he’s enlisted the help of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Update: The first round of voting has been completed, and the result wasn’t good news for Senator Bennett.

Despite a last-minute push for votes that kept him out of DC all week, Bennett finished in third place among delegates, behind attorney Mike Lee (R) and business consultant Tim Bridgewater (R).

Lee finished first, winning 28.75% of the delegates’ votes. Bridgewater scored 26.84%, with Bennett coming in third with 25.91%.

The top 3 candidates in the first round of voting head to a second round. If none of the 3 candidates reach 60%, a final round of voting will feature the top 2 finishers; if neither of those 2 candidates reach 60%, they will head to a June 22 primary.

(credit image – washington post)

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