Wyden, Grassley Introduce the Secret Holds Elimination Act


Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) “introduced legislation today that would make it even harder for individual senators to secretly obstruct the legislative process,” according to a press release.

In introducing the “Secret Holds Elimination Act” today, both Senators argued that the current rule does not go far enough and that it is “time for the Senate to end secret holds once and for all.”

Some specifics on the bill:

The Secret Holds Elimination Act would eliminate a Senator’s ability to indefinitely hold legislation in secret by requiring Senators to submit their holds to leadership in writing and to publically disclose all holds within two days whether or not the bill or nomination has been brought to the floor for consideration.  Leadership will only honor holds that they have in writing and that comply with the two day rule.  While the current provision require Senators to disclose their holds after six days, the holding period has proven too long to be effective and because this requirement is triggered only when the bill is brought to the floor for consideration, it is possible for Senators to indefinitely block legislation from reaching the floor without ever disclosing that they are doing it much less why.

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One response to “Wyden, Grassley Introduce the Secret Holds Elimination Act

  1. SqueakyRat

    For God’s sake just get rid of holds entirely, secret or not. How in hell does this rule, or custom, or whatever it is, advance reasonable governance in this country? I mean Jon Kyl just held up an appointment for 14 fucking months over something completely unrelated to it. Obviously senators like their privileges, but this is insane.

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