First Vote on Financial Reform Next Week?

According to the Huffington Post, an initial vote on financial reform legislation might be delayed until next week.

Exclusive: Reid spokesman Jim Manley tells HuffPost Hill there will be NO VOTE on a motion to proceed to debate the bill this week, as Reid had threatened, but there may be a cloture petition filed, setting up a showdown for next Monday.

(credit image – associated press)


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One response to “First Vote on Financial Reform Next Week?

  1. Ryder

    Hey Reid!!! You can stick your financial reform until you stand up for the unemployed who have exhausted all their benefits. It makes no damn difference to us what you do with the reform but the first thing you should do is STOP giving our money away to other countries and minorities. They come first before REAL American tax paying citizens who have worked and paid Washington salaries only to see you throw us under the bus over and over again. Hundreds of thousands who have and will run out of benefits soon will be creating more deficits because we have no health care, no money for rent or to pay bills so eventually millions will NOT be putting back into the economy. For every $1 we receive we put $1.69 back into the economy. And you don’t see this as being economically feasible??? Open your eyes.

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