Unemployment Benefits Expire after Senate Inaction


Extended unemployment benefits “will temporarily expire for thousands of Americans on Monday because the Senate went on its spring recess without approving a one-month deadline extension,” CNN reports.

The extension, which had bipartisan support, would have cost about $10 billion, but a lone Republican, Sen. Tom Coburn, said no until the costs are offset.

The Oklahoma senator objected to a commonly used unanimous-consent agreement to pass the bill under emergency conditions, even if it increases the federal deficit. Coburn wants to eliminate additional government spending to pay for the bill.

"The legitimate debate is whether we borrow and steal from our kids or we get out of town and send the bill to our kids for something that we’re going to consume today," Coburn said on the Senate floor.

It should also be noted, on balance, that Democrats objected to passage of a bill to extend unemployment benefits that was paid for by unspent stimulus funds.

The President’s position:

Asked whether President Obama believes that the benefits extension should be paid for, Lawrence Summers, one of Obama’s top economic advisers, said, "He believes that in an emergency, families who are depending on unemployment insurance to buy medicine for their kids should not have that unemployment insurance cut off."

"We believe that we need to approach these issues in their totality, with a fiscal framework that assures that we are getting to a much lower budget deficit," Lawrence, the head of the National Economic Council, said Sunday on CNN’s "State of the Union."

Senate inaction also “means lapses in funding for COBRA, Medicare payments to doctors and the National Flood Insurance Program, among other things.”

(credit image – associated press)


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4 responses to “Unemployment Benefits Expire after Senate Inaction

  1. Ryder

    If they can come up with money for Haiti and every other country then they can come up with the money for the unemployed. It is disgraceful that Washington has no problems finding money and not worrying about how it gets paid for OR make certain it is paid for regardless for every silly thing that can wait. America has become a country that helps all others first and tax paying out of work citizens last and it is deplorable. They play games with all our lives and sit back and laugh while they haul their huge paychecks to the bank and those are checks that US…the HARD WORKING TAX PAYING CITIZENS have provided them. It is WASHINGTON’S FAULT that we are out of work, NOT OURS. It is now time to take this country back and make it FOR and BY the people because with all those in office now it will never be anything than about foreigners and greed.

  2. b.d.desai

    when rome was burning nero was feedling likewise our congress in w.d.c. are heading for their easter reccesswhen millions our fellow americans are out of jobs and therby are atmost in needs to maintain the family house foods atc.it is not the peoples fault is the corporate greediness and the politicians propegand to support them, if the government has billions of doller to pay to the financilment downers is is queer to fell that they have no ear to the present condition of the people through whom they got the authority to govern them in such vague manner in the name of deficiet they shoud no the fate of the traynery of the neros. it is very high time to place a limits of two years on their terms so they be placed in control of their such asuumation, they should be banned from being reelected by being elcted repeatedly by the strenght of the money power. this is the spirit of the true democracy wher as mony as fresh people can share their views on people agenda and lipsteak -speaking agenda or corporate agenda of less government propegenda a state is for the prosperity and safety of the people first, it is for the people of the people and corporate mafias or party line politicians one like present r.nc. party when they opposed the obamas health bill uder which millions of the poor peoples needs a unversal health care systems a time has now come to stop the whims of whiteocracy thinking as against the all humanity apprach in government, their mshould be a reserved quota system for all minority
    in each field of the job/ at allinstitutional level from
    government to private sectors from mr desai
    e fmanytrenghth

  3. Ryder

    Coburn is worried about stealing from future generations?? Now that is funny. He has no problem stealing from the PEOPLE. He does he think he’s kidding. Now on April 6th he changes his tune?? You can sure tell it’s election year. More lies than usual.

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