Isakson Hospitalized with Bacterial Infection

Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) “was hospitalized in Atlanta on Monday, March 22, after complaining of feeling ill and being dehydrated,” according to a press release.

“Senator Isakson woke up yesterday feeling ill and very dehydrated, and he was admitted to Northside Hospital to receive fluids and undergo tests. Doctors believe Senator Isakson is suffering from a bacterial infection. Senator Isakson is responding very well to the treatment and is feeling much better.  He met this morning with his Senate chief of staff at the hospital and hopes to be back at work soon,” spokeswoman Joan Kirchner said.

Update (3/25): He’s been released from the hospital.

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One response to “Isakson Hospitalized with Bacterial Infection

  1. Scott B in DC

    I hope he feels better and is not using that gosh darn government healthcare that’s going to kill the rest of us!

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