Lincoln Condemns ‘Deem and Pass’ Health Reform Strategy

Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) “today condemned the use of a legislative procedure that would allow members of the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Senate’s health reform bill without actually voting for it, and she called on her opponent, Bill Halter, to do the same,” according to a press release.

The floor maneuver has been used in the past, but Lincoln said it should not be appropriate as a way to pass monumental health care reform.

"Arkansans and most Americans are demanding more accountability from Washington, not less, so I believe that any plan to approve major reform without actually voting for it simply won’t fly outside the beltway," Lincoln said. "The Senate had a full and transparent debate on health care reform last year.  Because of my efforts, the original Senate proposal and the final Senate bill were both posted online 72 hours prior to their respective votes so that the public could review the bills.  I took the additional step to post to my official Web site the bill language and every amendment that the full Senate considered to give Arkansans the opportunity to review the proposals.

"The House should vote on the Senate health bill under normal rules.  I noticed that Bill Halter has called for more accountability in Washington, so I expect him to stand with me and support transparency throughout these final stages of the debate on health insurance reform."

(credit image – associated press)


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10 responses to “Lincoln Condemns ‘Deem and Pass’ Health Reform Strategy

  1. Gadzodilo

    Dear Sen. Lincoln:

    First off, you’re still gonna lose the next election, so give up the posturing. Second, the rule the House Rules Committee is proposing will also go online 72 hours before the vote. It makes reference to the Senate Bill, which has been publicly available since December. Transparency ensured. So if this is your objection, it really makes no sense whatsoever.

    A voter who’s sick of BS like this.

  2. septictank

    Oh, she’s just sucking up to AHIP, where she’ll replace Karen Ignagni when the good voters of Arkansas kick her sorry ass to the curb.

  3. Colleen

    Dear Sen. Lincoln,
    I second Gadzodilo- you are so going to loose! Ha ha!
    That makes third, you already DID vote on this bill! The Senate passed the bill already. If the house wants to pass the Senates stupid version, then that is called democracy. Try to have a moment of conviction and stand behind your prior votes. It is so embarrassing to see you constantly trying to play both sides of the aisle. You do nothing but disgust both sides.
    Another voter who is sick of BS and cowardice.

  4. Brian

    Bye Blanche.

    You’ll be remembered for…. um…

  5. kindness

    Dear Senator Lincoln,

    Please go suck eggs and whine to someone who gives two shits about you. That person isn’t me.

  6. CrapIsKing

    For the past year, the House has been as quiet as possible about the Senate’s procedures while the Senate – including Democrats – has screwed pretty much every initiative that has come its way, and none more than health care reform. Now one of the Democratic obstructionists wants to instruct the House on its procedures. Cute.

    While the public option was polling in the high 50%’s in Arkansas, Lincoln was polling in the low 40%’s and opposing it. It will be unfortunate to see the Arkansas seat in the hands of some Republican knuckle-dragging quasi-fascist, but seeing Blanche go will take some of the sting out of it. Sorry for the schadenfreude. It’s just how I feel.

  7. Mark

    Oh, I’ll be happy to her lose in November. Such a sorry Senator. Not a leader at all, just a panderer to conservatives who will happily boot her out in November for an actual Republican.

  8. Blanche, you’ve long since worn out your welcome. Go home, campaign fruitlessly, and enjoy retirement.

  9. Querty

    Why is she so, so, so much worse than Arkansas’s other Democratic Senator, the little conservative church mouse Mark Pryor? You’d expect that he’d be protesting the weak-tea liberalism of this bill because it goes too far, but he’s been mostly silent, while Lincoln seems determined to outdo even Zell Miller with her Icarus-like behavior. She’s going down flaming, and the sad thing is, I don’t even think she realizes it.

  10. BlueWolf

    Dear Blanche, find a nice, sturdy tree, and the rest of us will pay for the rope. You’ve been a useless excuse for a Senator and we shall all be better off when you limp off into the sunset.

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