Graham Says Health Reconciliation Could be Catastrophic

Using the reconciliation process “to pass health care would be ‘catastrophic,’ warned Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday,” according to POLITICO.

“It is taking a partisan product and making it law,” said Graham on CBS’s Face The Nation. “It will be catastrophic.”

Graham said all past reconciliation votes had received some bipartisan support. If Democrats passed a bill without Republican votes, he said, it would essentially end progress on all other legislation this year.

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One response to “Graham Says Health Reconciliation Could be Catastrophic

  1. While the use of reconciliation may indeed end bipartisan involvement for other activities, the Republicans have already made it clear that they were not interested in working with the Democrats on health reform unless the Democrats “started over”. As a result, the Democrats really have no option but to proceed or give up on health care reform entirely and face the consequences of not having delivered on a campaign promise to their constituents.

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