Ben Nelson Could Support Reconciliation as Final Option on Health Reform

Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) “on Friday told a Nebraska radio station that he’s open to voting for a health care reform package under reconciliation,” Roll Call reports.

“We’ll have to see what the final package is, and I’ll make a decision,” Nelson told KLIN in Lincoln. “I don’t know what the final cost is. I worry that it’s now up to $950 billion. I’d like to see a final score, see what it is and make a decision then.”


“I’m not going to use reconciliation as a principle to be against this. It’s my least favorite way to do something. It’s only after everything else fails, when there’s obstruction going on,” Nelson said.

(credit image – associated press)



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4 responses to “Ben Nelson Could Support Reconciliation as Final Option on Health Reform

  1. Betts W

    What a surprise!! Yeah, Sure!! Of course he will support something which will not affect him and his constituents.

  2. run_in_place

    What cynical s.o.b.’s Nelson and all of the so-called “moderate” politicians are. The vote to advance the Senate bill to committee was the real vote. They all hope now that their constituents will be foolish to believe that these pols can hide behind the “nuclear option” and proclaim that “they were against it after they were for it”.

  3. Our esteemed Fred Flintstone look-alike Ben Nelson is still talking out of both sides of his mouth. His days are numbered in the great state of Nebraska.

  4. Jeff

    Any credebility left with this man?

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