Dodd Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) “today introduced a constitutional amendment to reverse a recent Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance that has the effect of allowing virtually unlimited corporate spending in elections,” according to a press release.

The constitutional amendment would authorize Congress to regulate the raising and spending of money for federal political campaigns, including independent expenditures, and allow states to regulate such spending at their level. It would also provide for implementation and enforcement of the amendment through legislation.

Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) “joined Dodd as an original cosponsor of the constitutional amendment.”

In addition to the amendment, Dodd and Udall “plan to support interim legislative efforts to blunt the Supreme Court’s ruling, including increased disclosure requirements on corporate campaign spending and other efforts to further limit the influence of foreign corporations in the democratic process.”

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2 responses to “Dodd Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Supreme Court Campaign Finance Ruling

  1. Senator Dodd, that will empower the Federal Government to never lose control over any power unenumerated in the Constitution. Never will be this Amendment.

    If you want to get serious of cleaing up political corruption, how about endign the legal bribing of Congressman throught eh current lobbyist donation rules. The best method of doing that is to make it so only registered voters can donate to a politicans campaign.

    This will empower We the People, the very people whom the Congress is suppose to represent, rather then the host of lobbyists.

  2. Jerry Wesner

    The amendment that is needed is a simple one. It must state that a corporation is not a person. A corporation does not have the rights granted to an individual, including freedom of speech. And money is not speech; if you want something said, say it — don’t hire somebody to trumpet it all over the country on your behalf. There. Simple? Now — let’s get it done.

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