White House Releases Health Reform Proposal


President Obama “took the Senate health care bill and stripped special deals and added his preferred compromise for taxing high-end insurance plans, detailing for the first time his preferred approach for finishing the long battle for reform,” Talking Points Memo reports.

The White House just released the Obama plan in advance of Thursday’s health care summit, framing it as an improvement to the Senate bill and an ultimate compromise.

The administration is signaling they are prepared to push the plan through reconciliation, talking about the need for an "up or down" vote, and wants the American people to see the negotiations play out on television among Democrats and Republicans.

Some highlights noted by TPM:

  • A delayed start to a new tax on high-end insurance plans. It would go into effect in 2018, not the 2013 as initially proposed.
  • Ends the Nebraska deal giving a federal government subsidy for Medicaid.
  • It has no public option but creates an exchange system.
  • Was crafted to be in line with using reconciliation as a tactic for final passage.
  • …the measure proposes giving the government new power to block insurance rate hikes.

You can read the full proposal and related information here.

(credit image – reuters)

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