Reid Lacks Votes to Begin Jobs Bill Debate

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) “lacks the votes to begin debating his targeted job bills, according to sources monitoring the legislation,” The Hill reports.

Reid needs 60 votes to open debate on the $15 billion jobs bill. The vote is scheduled for Monday, when lawmakers return from the Presidents Day recess.

“I understand Reid does not have the votes for cloture on Monday on his jobs bill,” one source said.

A Reid spokesman said the vote is in the hands of Republicans. Democrats have 59 senators in their conference.

“It all depends on what Republicans do,” said Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman.  

Since Reid “announced his smaller jobs bill, it has been under siege by Republicans and Democrats alike.”

Absent political arm-twisting by Senate leaders to bring their rank-and-file in line, opposition to the bill is expected to be bipartisan, sources said.

(credit image – reuters)


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One response to “Reid Lacks Votes to Begin Jobs Bill Debate

  1. joeff

    If Reid and/or Obama can’t get at least the Dems to line up to begin debate, forgodssakes, they truly are worthless.

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