Franken Pushing ‘Pledge and Pass’ Health Reform Strategy

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) “called on Friday for Senate Democrats to commit to passing amendments to its health care legislation through the process of reconciliation — so that the House can then pass legislation of its own,” the Huffington Post reports.

In a call organized by the pro-reform group Health Care for America Now, the Minnesota Democrat laid out what he called a "pledge and pass" strategy for getting a bill into law.

"If we in the Senate pledge to fix those top priorities right away through reconciliation… the House of Representatives should pass the Senate bill. The exact details of this process need to be worked out by the leadership and the president."

Mr. Franken “also tried to alleviate some of the concerns of those who argue that the Senate legislation — even with reconciliation fixes — doesn’t go far enough.”

"Like it or not, the reality is that big pieces of legislation often need to be fixed after passage," he said. "Health care is a historic undertaking and this is no different. I think we have to stop letting the perfect — and everyone has different definitions of perfect — we have to stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good… Walking away empty-handed to me is just not an option."

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One response to “Franken Pushing ‘Pledge and Pass’ Health Reform Strategy

  1. Franken is quite right in that achieving some success and having the option to continue the process of reform is better than seeking the perfect fix. If reform is not successful, it may not be tried for another generation. The costs to the American public will be beyond absurd at that stage.

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