Democrats Call Caucus Meeting to Discuss Health Reform Tonight

Senate Democrats “will meet together as a caucus Monday night to discuss their troubled health care overhaul legislation, which remains short of the 60 votes needed for its passage,” Congressional Quarterly reports.

Majority Leader Harry Reid , D-Nev., announced last week a “broad agreement” on a new policy proposal that many Democrats thought would break a logjam on the measure. But over the weekend, a Senate Democratic leadership aide said, one key centrist, Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, told Reid that he would filibuster the health bill if it includes a key portion of the new policy — a proposal to allow people age 55 and older to buy into Medicare, the health entitlement now open to seniors at age 65. Lieberman, an independent, caucuses with the Democrats.

Lieberman’s position may be shared by Ben Nelson , D-Neb., another centrist who — unlike Lieberman — participated in closed-door meetings last week where the buy-in proposal was developed. A Nelson spokesman did not respond to a question about his position Monday morning.

(credit image – getty)

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