Cloture Filed on the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has filed a procedural (cloture) motion on the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act (H.R. 3548).

It’s not clear when this vote would take place or if it will be necessary.  The Majority Leader said he was still working with Republican leaders on a limited list of amendments to the bill so it could be called up and debated without need for the cloture motion.

Update (10/22): Reid spoke this morning on the unemployment extension bill. He said he hopes members can work something out so this cloture vote, which would take place tomorrow morning, will not be necessary. Staffers are working off the floor on a finite list of amendments from both sides which would be debated and voted upon prior to a final vote on the extension. If things progress as the Democratic leaders hope, those votes could take place today. But there are still a lot of discussions to take place before such an agreement can be announced.

Update Two: Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) has just locked in an agreement to hold the cloture vote on Tuesday, October 27 at 2:30 (Washington D.C. time). This vote is taking place on the motion to proceed, which essentially allows the Senate to begin debating the bill. So if Tuesday’s motion passes, there could be up to 30 hours of post-cloture time required by Republicans before the debate and amendment process on the bill begins.

Update (10/26): Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) offered two separate unanimous consent agreements today that would have started the debate and amendment-offering process on the unemployment bill. Both sides objected to each agreement. Democrats offered one that would allow for six amendments to be debated and voted upon. Republicans offered an agreement allowing eight amendments, which Reid indicated would include the topics of immigration and ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). The Majority Leader also offered a consent agreement to unanimously adopt the extension bill without any amendments. McConnell objected, saying it wasn’t a fair process to pass the bill without any opportunity to amend it. So essentially, things are back where they were last week. A procedural vote is set for tomorrow afternoon to begin debate on the bill.

Update (10/27): A procedural vote to begin debating the bill has been adopted.

More updates here.

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  1. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has filed a procedural (cloture) motion on the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act (H.R. 3548).

    This looks Promising why do they follow it up with this:

    It’s not clear when this vote would take place or if it will be necessary. The Majority Leader said he was still working with Republican leaders on a limited list of amendments to the bill so it could be called up and debated without need for the cloture motion.

    I thought that once” the cloture rule ” was it place they Vote on it within 30 Hours? Did I miss something?

    • senatus

      A unanimous consent agreement can change a variety of the provisions under a cloture motion, such as when the vote will take place or if it is even needed anymore. Reid might decide to bring the bill to the floor under regular order and get rid of the motion if possible. So there are plenty of scenarios that can still play out before the cloture motion “ripens” and can be voted upon.

    • I have read thru all these horror stories, and I am also living it. Is there anyway this forum can be forwared to the Senate, for the Republicans who have no clue what it means to worry about putting a roof over your family, or paying a power bill. I do believe Harry Ried will get the vote done after midnight, as stated above. He is a man for the people, and Obama will sign immediately. I thank God, that Bush and Cheny are gone, they and all their friends are sitting pretty, while the rest of the country is on the verge of starvation.

  2. Kevin

    I’m just as confused. I’m not sure why you would file a cloture if you still wanted to to work with those who were stalling.

    I think(key word) if dem’s/republican’s can agree to amendments that fit within the cloture rules then they’ll amend it and vote? If not, in 30hrs they’re voting on it either way?

    • UnemployedinRI

      “I hope we don’t have to have the cloture vote in the morning. I would think it would be to everyone’s interest to move forward on this. I would like to do it, just get rid of the bill and finish that. I have had conversations with my Republican colleagues, and they want some amendments. And we’ve been pretty good this year, being very, very open in the amendment process. There have been a couple snags once in a while we’ve run into, but not often.
      I see no reason we can’t have a reasonable number of amendments on each side, complete the legislation today. If we don’t, we’re going to have to have that cloture vote tomorrow. And if we have the cloture vote tomorrow, we likely will have a vote on other matters, which I have the right to have without notice. I hope that’s not necessary.”

  3. I am one of the countless Americans facing long-term unemployment and currently have NO INCOME.
    I have plenty of professional skills and abilities but so do zillions in my city and state,where I believe there are 10 or more applicants for each job opening.
    I am appalled with the Republicans in the Senate for the way they just seem to overlook the true workforce in this country. And what is ironic I am a Republican and vote mostly that way. Right now I am very glad the two Senators representing my State and not Republicans.

    Senator Kyle of Arizona is a jerk as far as I am concerned wherein his colleague John McCain is a true American and he supports H R 3548.

    • JanetP

      I am long employed too and also have great resume and lots of experience, but at 63 it’s even harder. The only thing keeping me going has been the unemployment benefit extensions from the Democrats and Obama. My benefits ran out 4 weeks ago. Rent is due in 10 days. The GOP needs to stop playing petty partisan political games and think about the people. They need to put Country first and Americans first. A lot of unemployeed people were Republicans. Key word is WERE. I hope you now see who is working for you and who is not. If you survive this, next time, vote Dem. I faxed Kyl a letter and have called almost every day to Kyl, McConnell and Reid’s office screaming and pleading with them to stop this nonsense. People are suffering and losing their homes while the GOP plays games to screw the Dems.

      • lee

        the extended benefits that you already recieved did not come from this administration or Obama. Bush signed the extended benefits and emergency benefits into law around june 2008.
        This fiasco in the Senate is the only thing that the new administration has debated on any unemployment issues and they are lost playing partisn politics while we loose our homes, and in some cases, lives. These senetors and house reps are out of touch and should be fired next mid term election.

    • JanetP

      BTW, if John McCain were a true American, he would be using his influence to get his GOP buddies to stop this nonsense. He should have a long talk with Kyl. McCain is like the others. He doesn’t care either because he has a wealthy wife and a pension with health insurance for life.

    • Ryder

      Absolutely and I have addressed this issue many times on all government sites, with a lot of Senators and politics as usual shows us that they couldn’t care less. And for those of you who decry us who depend on unemployment all I have to say is: Walk a mile in our shoes. You are probably a foreigner or someone who has someone to support you. Because I am a w/f/68 I get denied all sorts of stuff I should be eligible for, even jobs. I can’t even get a job in a fast food place because I don’t speak Spanish. What kind of crap is that? NO American should have to learn another language to work or anything else. This is America and WE SPEAK ENGLISH. Flat and simple. I have to work because my social security is less than $1,000/mo. Yup…after paying into all the tax systems that government insists we pay we never see the money we put in because it goes to foreign countries, NASA, wars we have no business being in, and the beat goes on. Politicians are rich, each and every one of them including Obama so what do they care how much the common person suffers. There IS NO MIDDLE CLASS so I have no clue what the hell VP Biden is the head of. That whole thing is a waste of time.

      • Mike Jones

        I agree with all my heart. I strongly beleive that no politician realy cares for people. Funding fathers of America are shaking in their graves from the behaviour of this administration.
        I have not seen any thing good since Kennedy’s ERA. ( since 1964).

        We are unemployeeeedddd. Is that realy complicated, We need heeeelllllpppp.

    • Lisa D

      Amen I was a republican – no longer, they do nothing for us they are too intersted in thier own pockets and have no concern for the people they represent. I too have been unemployed for 2 years, with marketable skills, but with few jobs available, employers have hundreds to chose from so your chances are like a lottery.

      • lee

        we need to start calling our senetors and all state elected congressmen and start raising hell about this delay.

        I do not appreciate thier political agenda while playing with my life.

        Tell the repubs to cut it out, stop filling the bill with BS that is unrelated to UI. Then tell the dems to go vote it as they wrote it, screw tyhe repubs and push it thru as it was written.
        The repubs can attach trash to some other less important bill that comes thru. leave this one alone.

  4. Perplexed1

    I think that is because he mentioned tomorrow morning they will discuss it some more for one hour or so and then maybe vote on cloture if needed? I wish I could get a transcript from CSPAN2.

  5. Robert999

    Please send the Petition link to Senate offices so they can see how the delays are affecting Americans. Please send the Petition link to Newspaper columnists and TV news so they may do a story. Please e-mail ABC News. Thank you!

    The Petition to the Senate to Pass S.1699 (H.R. 3548) has now reached 1650+ signatures. Please continue to notify friends and relatives of the Petition and please continue to post the Petition link on other websites. The Petition contains the powerful stories of many of the unemployed. Hopefully, we can get the national media interested in the Petition and the stories of the unemployed. Thank You!

  6. Neal Brandon

    Well now, many people are suffering while this “Political garbage” is happening. People are being thrown out onto the roads or losing their homes/Vehicles.

    There needs to be considered amendments where the people can not simply be thrown out of their homes/apartments/or lose their vehicles, while these “ACTS” are being decided upon. Especially for people that are or should be on unemployment benefits.

    Also, there needs to be considered amendments in which the “Unemployment Benefits” should continue regardless of an ACTS being decided upon. Even if the persons unemployment Benefits have dried up. If the persons unemployment benefits have dried up, and the government is deciding upon an Unemployment Extension Act, then their should be person by person “Temporary” extension until the new National Extension Act can be put into place.

    Also, “The people that have suffered for having to wait because of ACTS being decided upon, should also have the opportunity to be back paid for the amount of time that they have still been unemployed for having to wait to get benefits due to this delay.”

    Lastly, there needs to be considered an amendment that allows the unemployment benefits to continue regardless if people are accepted for FAFSA, regardless of the amount of available credits that the person has. This should be a person by person basis, where the unemployed about to attend college, will have to meet certain criteria to be able to remain on unemployment benefits until they complete their education.

    The only way to turn this country around is to actually put ideas in place that actually work. Right now, the country has placed a cheap band-aid on the situation. The country will reach far more than 10 percent unemployment, if decisions are not put into place to protect the American people.

    • Going on 7 weeks that my son and his wife and 2 kids HAVE HAD NO INCOME they applied for food stamps but were TOLD you will get unemployment extention SO they cant have food stamps WHY is NOT the point of having ‘NO income for 7WEEKS’ should get them food stamps? NO its NOT they now live with me, my income for 19yrs is $ 578 a month from (social security diability) and the help I got from COMMUNITY SERVICES was cutt so severly the help I received to help pay my utilitys 12 months out of the YEAR is NOW only 1 month a year I GET HELP? What R WE TO DO

      • Jojo

        Sandra…they should not be telling them this….they should be able to apply for emergency food stamps anyway. Untill they pass the extension in congress, they should qualify no matter what. Im from MA, and I was able to get them without an issue!! They need to call back and talk to a supervisor immediatly!!

  7. Elissa Holman

    Dear Fellow Unemployed,

    Please write Amnesty International about your stories. I did.

    I know from all the horror stories out here that out basic human rights are being violated. We are unemployed through no fault of our own and our health, well being and safety is in jeapordy and those who are dragging their feet with this bill maybe contacted directly by amnesty.I am praying.

    I guess they didnt think we were that smart.

  8. Went on US Senate site to see what their definition of cloture is and what it means for us. This is what I found.

    cloture – The only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, and thereby overcome a filibuster. Under the cloture rule (Rule XXII), the Senate may limit consideration of a pending matter to 30 additional hours, but only by vote of three-fifths of the full Senate, normally 60 votes.

    Hope this turns out to be good news for us. Appears as if it will be addressed today 10-22

  9. Emanon

    The following cite explains cloture better than anyone here can (no offense to anyone).

    According to – the motion for Cloture was withdrawn. If this is true, then there won’t be a vote on cloture.

    When Senator Reid made the motion for cloture, it does not mean it is invoked right then & there. It was just a motion. The Senators have to vote on that motion, which has not happened. If the motion was withdrawn, then there won’t be a vote on the motion.

    This morning, there is an article on reporting on weekly jobless claims & continuing claims. (The link to this article does not work.) The article was “U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose More Than Forecast” by Shobhana Chandra.

    According to Bloomberg article, 49 states had increases in initial jobless claims last week. The continuing claim number dropped by 98,000. The article acknowledges some of the 98,000 consist of those who have exhausted their benefits.

    The article also mentions Republicans are blocking the bill extending unemployment benefits.

  10. Gary

    The two heartless Republicans holding up the unemployment extension bill H.R.3548 are Jon Kyle from Arizona (202) 224-4521 and Orrin Hatch from Utah (202) 224-5251.

    Everyone give them a wakeup call for the unemployed who are now without benefits, and each week more join the list. 7.5 million unemployed = Depression! Nationally, employers have dumped over 260,000 jobs, meaning that these are jobs that no longer exist. Never coming back!

    Every $1.00 of unemployment puts $1.61 back into the economy.

    The Senate Republicans are out of touch, delusional and not serving the people. Truly failure of government at a time of its citizens’ highest need.

    Sign the petition to Stop the Senate from denying extended unemployment at:

    • Emanon

      It is not just Senators Kyl & Hatch who are blocking the bill from vote & passage. They speak for the Republican Senators. When Senator Hatch objected, he specifically said I object on behalf of OUR SIDE. (Go to for a copy of the transcript of what Senator Hatch said when he blocked the vote on 10/13/09.)

      Senator McConnell is the leader of the Republican Senators. If he wanted the bill passed, he could do arm twisting in his own party. When you call his office, his staff say they don’t know his position on this bill. If he was for this bill, his staff would have said so.

      I called Senator Lugar’s office (R-IN). He opposed the bill, claiming we can’t afford it during this time of recession. We are not in a Recession. We are in a Depression. Also, Congressional Budget Office said the bill will pay for itself, so not a penny is added to the nation’s deficit.

      I called Senator Coburn’s office (R-OK). His office said he is blocking the bill because he wants stimulus money to pay for the extension.

      I called Senator Shelby’s office (R-AL). He office said he will vote No on extending unemployment & to check his website for his reason. His website does not explain why he will vote No. When others call, his office denied saying he will vote No. It seems like you have to tape record your conversations with these Senators’ offices.

      We won’t know which Republican Senators will vote No on this bill until the vote actually happens.

  11. crunch

    It’s all enough to make you want to be a socialist state! Our gov’mt is failing the people when it is needed most, due to bad economic policies of the free enterprise system. At least if we were socialist….maybe I would get assigned a job…….rather than go homeless! REP. SENATORS, this stalling will come back to haunt you. The people see special interest (corporations) is where your priorities are. You WILL BE voted out! Even my friends w/ jobs are amazed at what you are doing.

  12. Robert

    Interesting what Lugar said! We’re in a recession and have no money, BUT, congress just gave itself a budget increase! Congress and the Senate just gave Pakistan 7.5 BILLION dollars in financial aid!!! And remember, the Feds GAVE $750 BILLION to the scumbags who sunk this economy, no questions asked with no accountability, hoping it would trickle down with 90% of Americans opposed to it!! Sorry but it seems to me BOTH Democrats & Republicans screwed us and have been screwing us for some time now. Perhaps we need to give both parties the “bum’s rush” and give Independants and 3rd parties a chance. After all Indies and 3rd parties aren’t receiving campaign contributions, therefore aren’t beholding to the “ruling class”.

    I also emailed Kyl, requested a response and received none! BIG SURPRISE!!!

    It’s time for a Revolution! Let’s start by doing some major political house cleaning!! VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!

    • Renee

      You have just posted what action should be taken for those insensitive, out of touch because-they-are-rich, head-up-their-behinds senators–VOTE THEM OUT!!! Make sure we get their voting records, and if they vote no for bill H R 3548 extended benefits, make sure everyone goes to the polls at voting time and VOTES THEIR NON-CARING ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN TURMOIL @#$*&% OUT!! That is the only thing they can understand.
      There is a God and they are not Him!!

  13. unemployedhelp

    I think this is crazy we don’t have any money and people are debating if we will get the extension this week. The rent is due

  14. fdr

    Let them vote no! Come this time next year we the people will remember! not because the dems are that great, but because they gave a damn for people in need in america not just afghanistan!

  15. linda guenther

    I think this is madess we cant pay our rent,buy food and take care of our children.They need to pass this as soon as possible it is very important to the american people.Please help us.

  16. Ellen

    I agree with all of you – enough is enough. Putting groceries on the table, trying to pay the utility bills, and paying the continually-rising gasoline costs are causing all of us sleepless nites, stress-filled days and incredible mental anguish. I still say that if the Senators had to live like us for even a week, they’d be pushing this bill through without a moment’s hesitation.
    I’ve also contacted Senator Kyl (kill-the-bill) and requested a response. And surprise, surprise, no response. Glad I didn’t hold my breath – but at least air is free…
    Best of luck to all of us – stay strong and remember all of this come next election day.

  17. Donna

    Next election is a looooong way off. Till then what do we DO? Keep the calls, faxes, and letters, going to the Senator(s) not emails, as emails are not answered!

  18. nyc..

    im watching cspan2 there talking about voting later on today on eui… good luck to everybody out there thats struggling..

  19. LOST



  20. Russ

    I like all of the other people out there that has run out of unemployment or geting ready to run out, Have worked all my life, And cant find work. Haveing to depend on meds to keep me well and cant get them from lack of funds. Today is the day lets get it done. I have always voted as a gop, Now i am asking myself why? Do we know what is going to take place today in the sen, ? We need to get this bill past now. Help the people in dyer need. Life depends on it. Mine dose.

  21. Debi

    I have never been more ashamed of our system as I have been over the past few weeks. People have emailed, called, faxed, and mailed communications to the Unemployment Extension bill. These people sit glued to CSpan2 on a daily basis watching and waiting for our Senators that we voted into office to help them. This is rediculous.
    There are people out here without benefits and they are losing their homes, cannot feed their children, and are going without utilities. What is wrong with our government that it would allow this to happen? All they talk about is healthcare, which is important, but the more urgent matter is extending the unemployment benefits to those in need. This is the urgent matter. I just don’t understand. The Senate passed the Cash for Clunkers and bank bailouts within a matter of days. This has now been in the Senate since the end of Sept. Why isn’t our government as outraged as I am that the Senate is letting this urgent matter lay on a desk in stead of voting it in?

  22. Jasmine

    God will be with us during the calm, and he will be with us during the storm. I have a family of 6 in my house, and we’re struggiling. I pray everyday that this will soon be voted on, and that the republican senators that are blocking this vote will have a heart. God is watching and he knows that some repuplicans could care less, and it will be there turn sooner than later.

  23. DAV BIO


  24. LOST


  25. ExhaustedinCalifornia

    I’m watching CSPAN2 now… there was just a caption that said “Next week in the Senate – Extending Unemployment Benefits”. I guess health care wins again. People who have lost their jobs have more than likely lost their health coverage too. I applied for Medi-care when I lost my job in Jan. ’08. It was granted to me, but with a $1400 share of cost. This means that the first $1400 of medical expenses must be paid for by me – then the Medicare kicks in. I haven’t seen a doctor since I lost my job! And, I believe many others have the same scenario. My unemployment benefits exhausted Aug 29, 2009, which included the last FED-ED extension. When I had income from EDD, I could buy over the counter medications. Does the Senate realize that EDD income is the only “health care” option for us!

    The whole situation is ridiculous! I continue to put my trust and faith in God! He will never disappoint you. If you are alive today… give God PRAISE and rest your burdens on Him!

  26. Mike Jones

    Every comment is a vaild one. I think we all will remmember times like this. America is sinking. Dollar is at it lowest ever. We are losing respect from entire world. Obama and his team need to go back to school and learn how run a country. They all are living a disney type la la land.

    Biden is presenting who.? I remember how well he was acting during election. Oscar nominie.!1

    Obama do something. Where are the changes you were promising.??

    He still is in honey moon. He is laughing at us.
    All republicans and Dems are guilty. They share the blame equaly.
    They all in the business of making millions for themself. Check Clintons. Net worth over $300 Million.(2009)
    When they took office (1992)their net worth was less than $3 million.
    Is not this something.

  27. ExhaustedinCalifornia

    To the Politicians:

    While you’re all farting around deciding what to do about health care, I can’t even afford asprin for all the stress headaches I get. Stalling with this unemployment extension means already struggling American’s will not be able to even buy flu medicine during flu season. Unemployment benefits allow us to have some sort of health option, even if it is over the counter medication and home remedies. How’s that for failed health care!

    God have mercy on you on Judgement Day. There is no compassion in delaying the only lifeline for many Americans while you solve the “big picture”.

  28. crunch

    I’m w/ Robert -VOTE THEM ALL OUT NEXT NOV. IT’S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE! VOTE INDEPENDENT (I) and NO turncoats like LIEberman! JUST TRUE INDEPENDENT FRESH FACES!!! sorry some good senators will be thrown out w/ the bad, but this is war! THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA ARE TAKING THEIR COUNTRY BACK…..GO HOME WEESILS!

  29. SpokaneTim

    “Obama and his team need to go back to school and learn how run a country. They all are living a disney type la la land.”

    These problems were allowed by the Bush and Clinton administrations. Daddy Bush began this process during the Reagan administration, but Reagon’s actions kept interfering with Daddy Bush, which is why they kept trying to kill Reagan (They succeeded finally by deliberately infecting him with prions and called it Alzheimers). NAFTA, deregulating the financial corporations, exporting America’s industrial base to slave labor countries all happened during Bush/Clinton administrations.

    Obama deserves only our prayers and support. You “Republican” dopes are so slow, your actually rooting for the super-rich who are intent on destroying what remains of our country and YOUR lives!

  30. KmT n Vegas

    One whole month and no action …Im so disapointed in the Republican Senators….Especially Sen from Arizona,Tennesse,Wyoming..Those 3 states need to flex their muscle come reelection day ..please make them pay….

  31. nyc..


  32. no help for us

    I cant belive that these people cant get this passed quicker then this. for once I think we are all watching and no body likes what thay see.I had never voted in my life but I promis I well not sit at home come november.Iam going to do my part to get these so called leaders out and MAYBE find some people who really care about us. no more lawers or old money. just every people will get my vote. I hope we all have learned something from this. thay ALL MUST GO.

  33. John D

    I lost my job when my company moved to Mexico. I blame NAFTA signed by Bill Clinton and supported by Bush and now Obama. Because our politicians give tax brakes to companies that move out of the US I feel Americans who lost their jobs are entitled for unemployment benefits and extensins as a small restitution for giving away our jobs to foreign countries. Now Republicans are insensitive to American worker needs, so we must be insensitive to vote Republican in 2010. I Always voted Republican untill now.

    • The Equalizer

      When has Republican ever proposed a bill to extend UI benefits? When has a Republican ever proposed an alternative health care plan? They do not have domestic plans, because they have never been sensitive to American workers. Maybe in their words, but not in their actions, sir. Who was it that said, “The fundamentals of the economy are sound?” Oh, the guy who would have been President if Obama didn’t win the election.

  34. Karen

    I am 55 years old, educated and computer literate-with no jobs to be found. Unlike the majority, I have no one else dependent upon my meager resources.

    I find it unconscionable that the Senate can allocate billions for unscrupulous toadies but seem to be fixated on weighing the profit/loss potential of the homeless vote.

    Excuse me – Why does the Senate exist? Granted we still need representation, albeit with term limitation, but I see no reason to have a Senate. I haven’t yet researched the cost benefit of their demise but I’ll get back to you.

  35. The Equalizer

    John D – Before you make a comment, you should research it. This goes back to 2004!! We didn’t lose our jobs to Mexico because of anything President Obama did. He stepped into this mess, pal. We would not have gotten 79 weeks of UI benefits so far if not for the EB program, funded by the first stimulus, and by bill proposed ONLY by Democrats – never by Republican, who have always been the party representing big businesses over the middle class. And the Repub Senators are holding the present UI extension hostage to make political points, as they will do anything to make this President fail!

    From 2004 New Yorker: Obama Opposed NAFTA. The New Yorker wrote, “This is a regular theme with Obama: supporters who disagree with him. The two big Chicago daily papers both endorsed him enthusiastically in the primary, even though they disagreed with him on major issues-his opposition to the war in Iraq and, in the case of the Tribune, his opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement.” [New Yorker, 5/31/04]

  36. crunch

    The stalling is a Republican effort to make the unemployed rely on their credit cards to get by.(those that still have credit) We all know they’re the bankers buddies. Sen. Isakson R. GA., is trying to tack on an admendment to the UI ext. that would benefit realtors, he owns a large real estate company……..hmmmm.

  37. Jojo

    What does this really mean for us, the unemployed workers. There has been so much stalling on this bill, it makes me sick. Been without benefits for 2 months now and I am running on fumes. I am willing to relocate to anywhere I can find work, but need some kind of support to do so.

    When will there be some real movement on this bill so that it can go to the senate floor for a full vote and be reconciled with the house version?

    • Emanon

      On Tuesday, October 27, 2009, the Senate will vote on Senator Reid’s cloture motion. It needs 60 Senators voting for it to pass. If cloture motion passes, then no more amendments to the bill may be added & the debate on bill & amendents is limited to 30 hours. After the 30 hours have expired, the bill can be voted on. Realistically, the vote on the bill won’t take place until the 1st week of November (unless the Republican Senators come to their senses & agree to passing the bill as is by unanimous consent – which is unlikely).

      Currently, the bill extending unemployment benefits is funded by extending a small federal tax on employers. For the past 30 years, employers have paid a 6% tax on the 1st $7,000 of their employees’ salary. The Democratic Senators want to raise this tax by .02% (from 6.0% to 6.2%) for the next 18 months.

      The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has looked at the bill. CBO said this small tax increase will pay for the extension of unemployment benefits AND generate a $200 Million Surplus. It will NOT add a penny to the nation’s deficit. This tax is not paid by the empoyees. It is only paid by employers.

      The .02% tax increase on employers only costs them about $14.00 per employee for the entire year. If you break it down, it is less than 4 cents a day per employee, per year.

      The Republican Senators want to use stimulus money to pay for the extension of unemployment benefits. The problem with that is that the stimulus money has been allotted for other purposes.

      The Republican Senators want to protect the employers by saving them 4 cents a day per employee, instead of doing the right thing by passing the current bill as it.

  38. It’s really time for us to take a look at ourselves. To find out who we are as a people.
    Unlike many of you, my benefits remain in tact for a little while longer and like you, I am concerned about the future.

    The two party system has and continues to fail us.
    Politicians are only bi-partisan when it comes to
    keeping their jobs and denying US citizens any dignity.

    We need term limits desperately, if we are to survive as a nation. But the very votes we need to secure term limits are held captive by Congressmen and Senators, who think it is their birthright to hold office.
    Some leave office only upon death?

    More importantly, no one is happy with this system, but it continues.
    How can we rid ourselves of these parasites when voting really doesn’t get us any where?

    Good luck!

  39. Elissa Holman

    I am curious I live in South Florida, but I am awfully worried about my northern neighbors. How do they expect you to buy heating oil? How are you all heating your homes? I guess when people start freezing to death maybe they will care. I guess they like their nice warm cozy beds and big fat steaks, not one of them looks malnourished.

    No they are tan from too much golf and heafty from too much food.

    Anyone try Amnesty international; yet??

  40. Sushiboo

    I am like many of you, older — 56, and having a rough go finding a job. My benefits are due to run out 01/02/10. Because the software we use in my field (legal) is so narrow, and very customized, when I started looking into leveraging 30+ years of executive “clerical” experience into executive administrative jobs, I realized I needed to learn software, to the very advanced stages, that is more common, i.e., Excel, PowerPoint, Access, to make myself more marketable. Checking out schools and classes is when I learned the Workforce Investment Act might pay for it (funny they seem to keep this option very quiet). Now I’m caught up in yet another duel to the death with the bureaucrats. I finally have an appointment to just to see if I qualify (sigh, I do because of my age). Well, at this meeting I have to prove to them that my industry is in decline. Ha! Lawyers will be suing right up to and during the last minute while the world ends. The legal field is hardly like GM shutting down, although there have been layoffs and now they are working the meager support staffs to death; a precedent has been set and there is no going back; those jobs are lost, but that is not reflected in the potential growth rate for the field. I then have to wait to find out if I have actually qualified. Heaven above only knows how long that will take. The bureaucrats then have to decide what they think is appropriate training and where — the last especially frustrating because the school I went to, with the perfect classes and certification for me, IS ON THEIR APPROVED LIST. You’d think some one who wants to make themselves more marketable to more employers, rather than stay in one narrow field would be a positive thing, right? They just don’t seem to be getting it. Also, they track you for an entire year if they pay for your training. Talk about big brother.

    Finally, my absolute favorite bit. At the initial workshop to start this circus, I was personally told to take any job, regardless of the pay, spoken as if my ego was involved. At this point, I’m not sure how much of my ego is even left. Sorry that just isn’t feasible, living in CA is expensive. I don’t live a lavish lifestyle whatsoever, I am happy with just enough to pay my rent and put food on the table and I simply can’t do that on $15/hour. I’d be deliriously happy just working in a bookstore, but I can’t live on happiness and what they pay.

  41. Fili-belly, not a buster

    The reality is, we need this passed yesterday. What is there to debate? People could lose their homes with no income in a month’s time. I have been unemployed a long time and I have been using all my available resources in my county, which has one of the worst unemployment rates in CA. Any gaps of no income has severe consequences for alot of people. The Senate has to recognize this and act on this immediately.

  42. Sushiboo

    I live in CA as well, I guessing you live in the Inland Empire somewhere . . . I know that area is really in a world of hurt.

    • Fili-belly, not a buster

      You guessed it right, Sushiboo. I’m in the I.E., unfortunately. I’ve already written both Senator Boxer and Feinstein, with no reply, as of today. I really hope something happens soon.

      • Sushiboo

        I actually did get a reply from Boxer:

        “Thank you for writing to me about extending unemployment benefits. I appreciate hearing from you, and I agree that Congress must swiftly extend unemployment insurance to help America’s jobless workers.

        I am pleased to be an original co-sponsor of S.1647, the Assistance for Unemployed Workers Extension Act. This vital legislation would provide 13 additional weeks of benefits to workers who live in states with an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent or higher, significantly improving the lives of unemployed workers and their families here in California.

        The House of Representatives has passed its own unemployment extension bill by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 331-48. H.R.3548, the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009, would extend unemployment benefits by providing 14 additional weeks in all 50 states. In addition, those states that average an 8.5 percent unemployment rate or higher, over three months, would receive an additional six weeks of benefits.

        The Senate should move quickly to pass one of these bills; recent numbers indicate that the national unemployment rate is currently 9.8 percent, while California’s unemployment rate stands at 12.2 percent – the highest jobless rate since the Great Depression.

        Unfortunately, the Senate minority is blocking this crucial legislation, demonstrating obstructionism at its very worst at a time when many struggling Americans are suffering to make ends meet.

        While there are some encouraging signs that our economy is beginning to recover from the worst of the recession, unemployment rates remain unacceptably high. Be assured that I will continue to work with my colleagues to pass legislation that will provide much needed relief for those individuals who are unemployed.

        Again, thank you for writing to me about this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me again about this or any other issue.”

        Barbara Boxer
        United States Senator

  43. JohnB

    The best thing people can do is to register “INDEPENDENT”. If the parties see they are losing registered members they will get the message. They still need your vote to stay in office.

  44. NoGoodOnesLeft

    I am pissed off. The Dems claim the Repubs want to add non-germane amendments yet they themselves have added one eliminating pay increases for Congress effective 2011. Yes, they shouldn’t get pay increases but it should be effective NOW and it shouldn’t be attached to an unemployment extension. Both parties are to blame here and are using the unemployed in their PR war. Can these Senators just for once think of helping the American people instead of political games? Come on, Senators. Surprise us all – pass this bill with no non-germane amendments!

  45. Sushiboo

    A drunken burro could follow a straight line better than these clowns.

    Politicians don’t run for office to help the people, they run because they want power. I think the fact that gay Republicans vote against things that are contrary to equality for the gay community says it all.

    And the talking heads like Limbaugh, Beck, et al. Take their base from them and if they thought becoming liberals would put them back in the limelight and once give them a following and a perceived power base, I have no doubt they’d change course in a New York minute.

    It’s just like in the legal field, there is no justice, just winning and losing. If I sound jaded, after 25+ years in the field, I am. But unfortunately my statement however sad and demoralizing is true.

    • Fili-belly, not a buster

      I just checked my email Sushiboo, and I just received the EXACT same generic response from Sen. Boxer. But nothing from Sen. Feinstein yet. I don’t know what else we can do. I’ll probably write Sen. Kyl next.

      • Sushiboo

        Oh, I knew it was generic, but of all the senators and representatives, along with the White House, I’ve mailed, her office was the only one to respond. At least someone read it, and actually paid attention to which issue it targeted and sent the appropriate canned reply. Because, I can’t remember if it was one of my state senators or who, but I called DC, got some intern on the phone who literally had NO idea what I was talking about. None, zero, zippo.

        Last week I got a flyer from my congressman. Despite it now being in the Senate, I called him in DC anyway. I was gratified to get an intern who actually knew what I was talking about and was looking it up on the computer as we talked. When I got off the phone I actually had faith he would pass on my message.

        I haven’t gotten anything from Diane or Kyl either.

  46. Mark

    It is very encouraging reading these post, maybe, just maybe the sleeping giant (the average american) has finally woken up we are the true engine of this country not the Wall St. brokers and bankers not career politicians we need to register as independents immediately before this bill passes and our anger subsides, our anger subsiding is what these thoughtlless, self serving b@@tards are counting on and if history is an indicator they are right, some sites are touting Sen Reid as our hero, he is no hero, Sen Reid could have brought this up for a formal vote weeks ago as soon as Sen Kyl objected to the bill but he wanted to play it for political points, while we are starving and living on nothing they are doing the Washington shuffle, those pompous asses, I have heard very little from my senators in NY just the same generic responses that everyone is recieving, they will hear me in November 2010.

  47. I think all of us unemployemed people arcross the country shoudl spend thanksgiving with the rebulicaians they will have money for dinner they will not be with out. and no worries on them.

  48. Ellen

    I’d be more than happy to invite all the Senators over for Thanksgiving dinner – mac-n-cheese, toasted bread and some kool-aid! Can’t be sure there’ll be heat or electricity in the house, or even if I’ll be able to make the mac-n-cheese, but what the hell! Let them see how the other half lives.

  49. Robert

    PMaz, Rene and everyone else,

    I have always been registerd as an “Independant” voter. I have never once voted for a Democrat or Republican, because I realized many, many years ago they were screwing us all and taking orders from the ruling class. The thing is, it’s so simple!! And yet it’s like pulling teeth to get most Americans to vote, let alone vote for Independant & 3rd Party candidates. This is how brainwashed and/or lazy so many people are! If we all stopped fighting amongst ourselves and got together in an act of solidarity we could fix this! Both parties answer to the Rich because they contribute BIG $ to campaigns. 3rd parties and independants don’t get a dime because BIG$ doesn’t think they have a chance either! That’s the weak link in their armor! Replacing all or at least most of Dem’s & Rep’s would put the fear of God in them and they would realize that they’re not so omnipotent and I guarantee you, if both parties were ousted, they’d be singing a different tune!

    With regards to why the Rep’s are stalling, I believe what’s going on here is that THEY want the money to come from the stimulus package otherwise BIG$ would see an increase/extension to the unemplyment tax they would incurr. Again, the Rep’s are trying to look out for and save BIG$ more money!

    • The Equalizer


      I agree with what you wrote, but until there is a third party with a chance to win an election, we must deal with the reality of the two-party system. As it is, both parties take money from big business, but if it’s a choice between these two parties, just look at the make-up of the people who attend a Republican convention and those at a Democratic Convention. I’m sure Obama had some huge donations, but much of his campaign money was thru millions of small donations from average people who know how to use the Internet and organize. I’m not saying Obama is the next Messiah, but I do believe he is trying to do most of the things he campaigned and was elected for. The problem is that the way things work, a President cannot make legislation on his/her own. I agree with what Bill Maher said on his HBO show, where he suggested to get rid of The Senate! That is where most of the legislation, like our UI extension, gets held up, voted down, or put aside. I do agree with your comment, but we have to deal with the cards that are on the table right now, unfortunately. I voted for a third party candidate for President in the 70’s. I think it’s just as, if not more important to elect third party candidates for Congressional and Senatorial positions. That could result in real checks and balances.

  50. crunch

    The root of the PUBS is and always will be prejudice & greed. I like the idea of voting (I) next time.

  51. lance

    I thought to ask if anyone knew, my 3rd ext unemployment ran out in August 09. If the 4th ext gets passed, will that include me if I’m still unemployed? Thanks!

    • Emanon

      You are included in the pending extension. The number of weeks you are eligible for depends on which state you live in. You will get 13 weeks. If your state’s unemployment rate for a 3 month average is 8.5% or more, you get an additional 6 weeks on top of the 13 weeks.

  52. Shari Compton

    This bill needs an automatic trigger for renewal as long as the rate is over 8%. These politicians aren’t capable of keeping up with this every 13 weeks (or whatever). This was an emergency bill passed in the house 30 days ago. Last time it lapsed it took Florida 20 weeks to get me reinstated then it was done. That was in August!
    Folks DO YOUR JOB! VOTE for this NOW!

  53. The Equalizer

    To All:

    I know everyone is hurting and wants ANY UI extension bill now. Is anybody with me that if it takes Cloture and a little more time to make sure we get the amended Senate bill that would provide an additional 14 week to all states, and 20 weeks for states with a UE rate of 8.5% or over, that it must be done NOW, while the bill is still on the table? There are many in states with an 8.5% UE rate who would take the original House bill for 13 weeks and FOUR weeks for the remaining states. Please, we’ve waited this long, and have seen how long things take to pass. Let’s hope and pray for the amended Senate Bill to be the one that passes, as it covers all states and for more weeks. We might still need yet another extension regardless od the number of weeks, but let’s get the 20 now, and have every state get at least 14. FOUR weeks is ridiculous, as even in states with less than an 8.5% UE rate, those who have been out of work for two years are just as unemployed as those in states with a higher rate. Also, we all know that the way the UE rate is calculated is not a true reflection on the real rate, which should include those who are no longer collecting UI, have stopped looking, forced to take part-time jobs against their will, etc…The rates would be much higher in every state if those people were counted. Please support the proposal by Jack Reed(D-RI) for the 14/20 wk bill, and screw those Republican bastards who have proven time and again that they have never, ever proposed any unemployment extension of their own. All they care about is Pres. Obama failing, despite inheriting an economy with the biggest loss of jobs during the 8 years of George W, since Herbert Hoover! The Repub Senators are willing to let us suffer, to make it look as if the President could not wave a magic wand and create 8 million jobs lost over the past 8 years in the mere 8 months he’s been in office. There are two wars, health care reform, and tons of other matters that also need attention, and the Republicans have few ideas of their own, and vote NO on nearly every good bill that’s proposed. Watch C-SPAN, and see REAL reality TV! One can spot a Republican just by looking at the person. I can hear the NO as soon as I know what the bill is for. Let’s get the 20 weeks, even if it takes til the end of next week. I’m for cloture, and debate that would include the amendment with the 14/20 formula. Peace!

    • Jojo

      I agree, everyone, every state should be included in this bill. Im on fumes, but its only another week. God be with us all on this bill!!

  54. The Equalizer


    Jojo, Amen! And, I’m from an 8.5% state but think four weeks is an insult to the just-as-unemployed people in small towns/cities where even in good economic times there are few quality jobs to be had. I agree, the way the legislative process works, we may need divine intervention in order for the good bill to be moved forward this coming week. Again, the party that constantly preaches moral values, always votes NO or stalls bills that would help people in need. This UI extension is a no-brainer, and the Republicans still managed to put the brakes on it. They will criticize this President about jobs not yet being created after only 8 months, but never propose a bill to help those who lost their jobs during the 8 years of George W Bush and his tax cuts for the wealthy economic policies. How many jobs were created with that plan?

  55. Robert


    Please don’t take this the wrong way but…..

    Too many people think like what you spoke of. THIS IS what keeps the 2 party system going. Campaign money only buys more advertising, that’s it! The 2 party system is an integral part of the “power structure”. As long as the status quo remains, “we the people” will never be listened to. Any Independant or 3rd party candidate can and WILL have a chance if we all start thinking outside the box and just simply vote against the Dem’s & Rep’s !! It’s that simple. I once asked a fellow employee if she would ever vote 3rd party. She said “no”. Why I asked. She said “because they can’t win”. “Why can’t they win”, I asked. “Because no one will vote for them”. “Why won’t anyone vote for them” I asked. “Because they can’t win” she said. I ask you, does this make sense? Is this at all logical? This line of questions just keeps going round and round and they don’t even realize what they are saying. I get this a lot when I discuss this with people. It’s amazing just how brainwashed people are. So, what most Americans believe is, they should only vote for the person who has the greatest chance of winning! I ask you, does this sound like responsible, intelligent voting to you? Or herd mentality?

    People need to realize that the only vote that is truely wasted, is the vote that isn’t cast. We should vote for the individual who would appear to do the greates amount of good for the greatest amount of people or the country as a whole. We should vote with our conscience not with herd mentality. This is why our country is in such a mess. It’s a mess that “we the people” created and only “we the people” can undo.

    I listed very carefully to Obama when he campaigned, and he said things that tipped me off that “change” was just another buzz word he used to get elected. He had no intentions of making change, and I was right. He back-peddled on every promis he made with the exception of the Obama (Hitler) youth corps.

    Einstein once defined “insanity” as, “doing the same thing over and over again and each time expecting a different result”. Well, if a Republican is in office and he/she screws up, we vote a Democrat to replace them. When the Democrat screws us over, we replace the Democrat with a Republican. When the Republican screws us over, we replace the Republican with a Democrat…………… How long have we been doing this??? Have things EVER improved or gotten better?? When we become outside observers and look at American voting behavior and the end result, American voters are clearly “insane” by Einstein’s definition.

    The idea that I’m trying to get across is this. “We the people” are being ignored, except at election time. Policy is being created by the ruling class, not “we the people”. The golden rule is, “he who has the Gold, rules”!!! American democracy is no longer being practiced. When it comes to OUR constitutional rights, our legislators regard the Constitution as just another piece of paper with which to wipe their collective asses. Our so called Government is out of control and the only way to take back control and restore American Democracy is to take down the current power structure in place. The only way we can peacefully do that is to vote every Democrat and Republican out of office at EVERY level of Government. I know in my heart this would work, unfortunately too many Americans are completely oblivious, or should we say “self absorbed” and lost in their own world and this will never happen. This is truely unfortunate, because I believe we are all currently witnessing the “Downfall of the Great American Empire”. We only need to look back at history and compare ours to past civilizations to see that this is true!!

    We need to wake up!

    • The Equalizer

      Okay Robert, I was being respectful, and THINK I know where you’re coming from now. I’m sensing you would have wanted Ron Paul to be President, and you are one of the many conspiracy theorists who can be found all over the Internet. I’m not brainwashed, sir, but YOU’RE not living in the present. This page is about the matter of an emergency unemployment insurance extension bill, and whatever your beliefs are about the two-party system or the New World Order, that has does nothing to help people in the here and now. The damage is done, and people who have worked all their lives are now in need of assistance. If you don’t believe in the Unemployment Insurance system, then I don’t know why you’re on this forum, except to preach about your vision, and the Alex Jones school of thought. We had 8 years of George “Thousand Points of Light” Bush Sr. When he was thru fucking up the economy, we had your refreshing third party candidate in Ross Perot, but Bill Clinton was elected, and served for 8 years. During that time, things were not perfect, but they certainly changed for the better from the previous 8 years, and healthcare had yet to rise to the extreme costs that were to come under the next 8 years under George W. Bush, who “won” the first election questionably. Under Clinton, the middle class was better off and most people who wanted to work had good jobs, as opposed to the greatest job loss since Herbert Hoover, under George W. George W. used 9/11 to lead us into an unconstitutional, and wrong war in Iraq, which not only cost thousands of lives, but also cost taxpayers $8 Billion dollars a month to fund adding to a growing deficit. The politics of fear and division worked, as our civil liberties slowly were taken away, while people sheepishly elected this bastard for yet a second term! You might be one of the many who believe Income Tax is illegal, and I might agree, but try not paying it and see what happens to you. If you want to live in another country, you have every right to do so. I am here, and unemployed for nearly two years, and I was doing fine, when Bill Clinton was President, and then when he left President Bush with a National Surplus, which was subsequently turned into a trillion dollar deficit after 8 years, inherited by the current President. Also inherited, was the highest unemployment rate since WWII, and a healthcare system that is ranked 37th in the world, despite all the technology and good doctors we have here. The system is broken. Somebody is trying to change it, and make it a more even playing field, but may not succeed to the extent that would create available, affordable and quality healthcare for every American, and you can go on and on about your third party philosophy, but then, I would say you are brainwashed in the ideology which I read on nearly every website I go to on the Internet. This is the real world, and millions of Americans have lost jobs during the past 8 years of trickle-down economics, under George W., and NOW have either exhausted or will exhaust all UI benefits. This is neither the time or the venue to debate. You either have a job or don’t believe in the Unemployment Insurance System, and/or are wiling to live in a tent city. For myself, and most people who might be posting comments, the immediate concern is finding a job, but even before that at this point in time since there are so few companies hiring, and not enough time for new jobs to yet be created, we are concerned about this UI extension bill which must be acted on this coming week. You can stay outside the door if you disagree with the system, and I respect you. I, and I would say most people who might post comments here, am thinking about the present, and putting food on a table, and living with a roof over my head, and not under! If you don’t care about UI extensions, or the way the legislative process is set up as it is NOW, that is a debate for another forum. You can go to YouTube and find many to argue or agree with there. Here, we are interested in getting a UI Extension, and that’s the bottom line, with all due respect. To say fuck the rich is a cop-out. I have never been rich, but have nothing against people who have worked their asses of to get where they are in order to make more money. Many of these people have found themselves fucked now as well.
      I can predict what you’ll write back, but I have no need to reply. I hope the country conforms to your liking, but I would think that it might be YOU who needs to conform first. Get Back In The Line…

  56. crunch

    Unfortunately, the US is full of ignorate people…………and their the ones keeping the Grand Ole Party going.

  57. crunch

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Pubs aren’t worried about the unemployed voting against them, they’re simply not. The red states where they are in power don’t have enough unemployed people to vote against them to “get them out” in most cases. The ones (R) that do are probably in support of the extension because they’re running scared. I live in Ga. and still will give it “the ole college try”! Best of luck to all.

  58. Dennis M

    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security. –Such has been the patient sufferance of these colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former systems of government”

    Truer words have never before been spoken, as true as this statement was when it was originally wrote, It holds equally true today!

    To all the politictions, we my be penniless and broke, and that means no PAC moneis for you, BUT we STILL VOTE!

  59. Robert


    I meant no disrespect. I too have been unemployed for over a year, that’s what brought me to this site. AND I am dealing with the present! Our present situation is the end result of Americans being asleep at the wheel, buying into the lies of our Government. Along with slow but sure deregulation of this and that, that allowed the the Banks & Wall St. to get away with what they did. At least 50% of Americans arent’ even registered to vote. That’s pathetic in my opinion. And when they do vote, most do so irresponsibly.

    The present situation is this; Ron Kyl and his Republican Cronies are stalling the bill, God only knows why! Did I contact him? YOU BET I DID!! I even asked for a response. Did I get one! NO! Did you contact him? Is this “present” enough for you?

    Look, I’m not trying to get personal here nor am I trying to start a fight. I’m a proud American who doesn’t like what’s going on in this country. I see so many apathetic people who simply say “you can’t fight city hall” who are basically giving up.

    Regarding Ross Perot; If you remember, he dropped out after claiming threats against his family. Who knows, if he stayed in, he might have won! Also, it was Ross Perot who used his own money to go on TV to alert the American people about NAFTA and GAT. People responded and 80% of those who did were against it!! It passed anyway! With Bill Clinton signing it into law! You call this responsible Government!!?? 90% of the people were opposed to the Wall St. bailout! I contacted my Rep’s to voice my opposition like many others only to be ignored. Did you?! Responsible Government!? We all see how that turned out! Basically this was just another form of “Trickle-down-economics” and we all know that doesn’t work either!

    Regarding Bill Clinton; Yes, he did restore fiscal sanity to the U.S., but please don’t make him out to be some sort of hero. He did many other “unconstitutional” things while in office. It was no secret he was anti-gun. He tried to levy a lead tax, register ammo, was also responsible for causing a shortage of primers which affected reloaders. There was also another tax revolt situation in Idaho besides Ruby Ridge where Clinton ordered a media black-out! This was in July ’94. And let’s talk about Janet Reno and what she did with Bill’s permission!

    Our so called “representatives” display a behavior and attitude that “we the people” work for them. When in fact it is they that work for us! Replacing them all is sort of a wake-up-call from us to them to let them know we’ve had enough! It has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. BTW, I totally agree with you regarding G.W., but you have to admit, you sounded a bit like a conspiracy theorist your self! :)

    The present is here. Many of us, including myself are doing what we can to expidite the passage of H.R. 3404. Unfortunately our cries and our pleas are falling on deaf ears with the exception of the Democrats. What I don’t understand is, with the Dems in a majority, why can’t they push it through anyway!? They have the votes!! Perhaps they too are involved with stalling the bill.

    My previous posts are intended to make more people aware of what the can do now and in the near future. I’m trying to get more people politically active. I’m trying to improve our future by hopefully restoring American Democracy as our forefathers invisioned. I’m not promoting conspiracy theories, starting fights or anything negative or detrimental. I’m just trying to get people to think and openly discuss their options, becaue we do have them! Unfortunately, many Americans believe we have no choices!

    Remember, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”!

  60. Sushiboo

    Robert, while you message is noble in intent, if you are on enough of the message boards dealing with this issue, trust me, if these people weren’t aware of their options before, they are now — and in ways they have not considered before.

    This board really isn’t a forum to debate how viable a third party is/can be, or to “think and openly discuss their options. . . .” I suggest if you have a Newsvine account you start a thread there. I am being sincere when I say your zeal would be a tremendous asset in reaching diehards of the two party system using a more open platform. You will reach a much broader audience and won’t be preaching to the already converted.

    So, can we skip at all trying to reform the system arguments and keep on with pushing this specific issue to get those in office to get off their collective behinds and DO something now to help those that are in, or soon to be in, dire straights?

  61. crunch

    ok folks, what’s supposed to happen Tues., a vote on this bill finally?

  62. crunch

    Thanks Emanon, Why can’t and when will they EVER vote on this bill? Can the Republican’s block it indefinitely? I thought Dems had majority rule-what’s up w/ that?

    • Emanon

      Republicans can block bills from being voted on, even when the Democrats are the majority. The cloture motion (if it passes) will stop the Republicans from stalling again. 60 votes are needed to pass the cloture motion. If it passes, no more amendments may be added. There is a 30 hour limit on debate time on the bill & amendments. After 30 hours, the actual bill will be voted on.

      Right now, there are several amendments to this bill. Some of them have nothing to do with extending unemployment benefits.

  63. Glacier...............

    Hopefully, the cloture will be put into effect tomorrow. These are the rules following the cloture:

    * No more than thirty hours of debate may occur.
    * No Senator may speak for more than one hour.
    * No amendments may be moved unless they were filed on the day in between the presentation of the petition and the actual cloture vote.
    * All amendments must be relevant to the debate.
    * Certain procedural motions are not permissible.
    * The presiding officer gains additional power in controlling debate.
    * No other matters may be considered until the question upon which cloture was invoked is disposed of.

    Check wikipedia and this pdf for clarity:

  64. Robert

    OK Shushiboo,

    I can take a hint. I’ll go away. However, I disagree with your directing me to express my beliefs somewhere else. There is no right or wrong forum in which to discuss political issues. The unfortunate situation we find ourselves in is the direct result of “good ‘ol boy politics as usual” combined with political apathy on the part of the people. I dought if everyone here is a fan of Indie’s and 3rd party Representatives. I often hear how we don’t have any choices. The truth is, we do! Most people aren’t aware of them because options are often supressed. When Ross Perot kicked butt in the debate, after the election, Dem’s & Rep’s both changed elections rules keeping out of the debate any candidate who’s party didn’t receive at leat 22% of the popular vote.

    It is situations like this one that get people’s attention, especially when like me, they’re about to run out of money, face becoming homeless, etc. I come across so many unaware people everyday that it hurts and also amazes me this country isn’t in worse shape. While I truely do appreciate your suggestion, keeping just to the subject ONLY, is like saying all learning should stay in the classroom. Every minute of every day is an opportunity to learn where ever you are, what ever you’re doing.

    I do realize your comments are a politically correct way of telling me to go away. And away I am going.

    Good luck to everyone!

    • sushiboo


      1) it’s Sushiboo (no h);

      2) I certainly was not telling you to go away, you have every right to post your opinion. It is not for me to say who can or cannot post on this or any other board. My point was to please you confine your comments to the issue at hand, getting the UE bill passed.

      3) I really meant it when I said:

      “I am being sincere when I say your zeal would be a tremendous asset in reaching diehards of the two party system using a more open platform. You will reach a much broader audience and won’t be preaching to the already converted.”

      So, do please bring the issue to someplace like Newsvine — altho if you’ve never used it be prepared for some crackpots who can’t spell, have a penchant for yelling (all caps), over do using question marks and exclamation points; not to mention they can get pretty snarky. BUT, that is not everyone. Let me know where you post, and I’ll gladly jump in and help suggest people realize there are alternatives to what the American people have been presented with by the current political system.

      4) Finally, If I gave you the impression I was putting you down, I do apologize, for that was not my intent whatsoever.

  65. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 this afternoon – Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) asked Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY – the Republican Senate Leader) to agree to pass the bill extending unemployment benefits without any amendments. Senator McConnell refused. He wants 8 amendments (most of which have nothing to do with unemployment, like ACORN).

    Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke about the pending bill. He wants the bill passed now without any amendments. Republicans refused. They want to debate amendments, which have nothing to do with unemployment bill.

  66. sushiboo


    First, as always, thanks for being so on top of developing events.

    Is there ANYTHING the Democrats can do? I’ll skip my vitriolic comments about the Republicans. I just don’t have any energy left as I was already in tears over just learning I lost the only job I’ve interviewed for in recent memory and then, my daily ritual of not being able to find anything to apply to. If I could get the schooling for the additional skills I need I could leverage 30+ years of executive level legal experience with them and be far, far, far more marketable but the One Stop/Workforce Investment Act people are as slow as those friggn’ Republicans in Congress. I was going to give up and pay for the schooling myself until all kinds of unexpected expenditures hit. I don’t know about anyone else, but I keep walking into walls and if I do actually turn into a corner, I walk right into a wall again.

    • Emanon

      To sushiboo:

      All Democratic Senators & the 2 Independent Senators must vote for the cloture motion tomorrow. It needs 60 votes to pass. Once it is passed, the Republicans can only stall for another 30 hours before there is a vote on the actual bill.

      I read an article on Open Congress that, even if the actual bill is passed by the Senate, the Senate & the House must meet to reconcile the 2 bills. The Senate’s version of the bill is more generous than the House’s version. After they reconcile the 2 bills, the final version of the bill must be voted & passed by the House & the Senate.

  67. kellnlisa

    Health care is something you MAY need. Unemployment compensation is something we DO need. Now…Pass the cloture!!! Please….

  68. linda guenther

    I am dumb founded that the unemployment extension still sits untouched with all of us americans going broke. My unemployment benefits ended at the end of sept and I have been sitting here and cant rub 2 nickles together. I am praying that their will be a solution tomorrow on the 27 th.

  69. sushiboo

    Thanks Emanon for the explanation.


    I was so pissed at McConnell I sent him this:

    Your actions in refusing to the pass the bill extending UE benefits because you want to debate amendments, most of which I understand have nothing to do with the extension of unemployment benefits is unconscionable. There are people in dire straits that need help. How nice it must be to know you have shelter, clothing, food, and health insurance. It explains your arrogance in delaying a bill that millions of Americans need, in some cases to barely just survive. I suggest you have your interns check out the various message boards on this subject. The Republicans are not going to like the next elections; your party is losing voters by the droves.

    “Those who forget the past are doomed to relive it”
    — Georges Santayana

    “Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” Lawyer Joseph Welch to Senator Joseph McCarthy at the Army-McCarthy hearings, June, 1954

    Are you really so lacking in compassion that you still feel the need to play politics with people’s lives as if this was some sort of board game?


    I’m sure only a minion will read it, if even anyone reads it at all, but at least I’m not crying any more.

  70. crunch

    Why can’t the Dems give in to some of the Pubs request? They’re being hardheaded too it seems! Take some TARP $, give’em a couple of amendments, PASS THIS DAMN BILL PEOPLE- American families are hurting. It’s called COMPROMISING……

    • Emanon

      Republicans want all 8 of their amendments or no deal. Is that compromising? Republicans want stimulus money to pay for the extension of unemployment benefits, but those funds have been allotted for other projects. So, who do you propose to take the money away from? The Democrat’s proposal for paying for the extension of unemployment benefits will cost employers only 4 cents a day per employee for the entire year, and it will generate $200 Million Dollars.

      One of the amendments is by Senator Isakson (R-GA). He wants to extend the $8,000 credit for 1st time home buyers, which will add about another $18 Billion Dollars to the nation’s deficit. Republicans offer no solution to pay for this additional $18 Billion Dollars. Also, who can afford to buy a home when millions are unemployed?

  71. terri

    If they can finally come to terms when will we see any money,I have been unemployed for more than a year and expected this to pass at the beginning of October when my extensions ran out!!

  72. Tina

    Are you kidding me! Move your arses and get this passed!! People are losing everything, people have worked hard all their lives for this country and this is how they’re treated when the chips are down! Disgraceful, despicable, shameful!!! Maybe next time you need a vote we should all discuss it endlessly until election day passes!!!!

  73. The stimulus package of 787 billion is also a recovery act. There has been 400 billion spent already but where are the jobs. Lets go Democrats it will only pull several billion out of the package. I think the Health care Bill has something to do with this too. Both sides are being stubborn and don’t care about the people itself.

    • Patrick Mitchell

      “Let’s Go Democrats”…what the hell are you talking about? It’s the Republicans wanting to pick their noses once again and “debate” the “merits” of passing this legislation. I admit, the Dems aren’t perfect. However, they sure as hell are more in touch with the need for this bill to be passed than the psychos such as Mitch McConnell, and Cornyn, and all the rest of the R’s.

  74. Karen O

    I find it hard to believe the Republicans atually believe that all the unemployed are Democrats. I guess they’ll get the message in 2010. Let’s all vow to stay alive until then to ensure they get the message.

  75. sushiboo

    Karen, the Republicans are delusional at best. I mean, they revamped the RNC website, and as Jon Stewart said “pimped out the American flag.” The head of the RNC, Michael Steel’s blog was initially called “What Up!” (apologies if my cite isn’t exactly on the button) until someone with a brain, for like a day a day or less, probably as he/she was having their myocardial infarct, had him change it.

    I love the sarcasm of your last line.


    “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

    — Pierre Ambroise Francois Choderios de LaClos (1741-1803) originally said in French in his 1782 book Les Liasons Dangereuses (although variously attributed).

    Letting them stay delusional until the elections is the most effective way to strike back at them.

    Am I getting bitter? Once again in the immortal words of Sarah Palin: “You Betcha!”

  76. Patrick Mitchell

    Ah…I’ve been unemployed for FIVE YEARS…YES, FIVE YEARS…THANKS TO LOUSY BUSHENOMICS…which was basically, do nothing for the middle class, let them sink into oblivion, and pay for three illegal wars.

    These politicians, especially, of course, the HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH REPUBLICANS, should all be thrown out. It’s insane that they even need to DISCUSS extension of unemployment benefits. We’re at 10% folks…and don’t talk to me about unemployment being at 22% during the FIRST depression. THERE ARE NO JOBS. I don’t give a damn as to what happens on Wall Street. Take care of Main Street. I have a Masters Degree, and degrees from three other universities…two of which are foreign…and I STILL CAN’T FIND A JOB IN THE CHICAGO AREA. My degree is in Business and Advertising…not English Literature (no offense to lit grads….but ostensibly it’s easier to find a position in business with a business degree)…AND I STILL CAN’T FIND A JOB.

    You’re all on notice. If you don’t pass it tomorrow, 10/27/09, I urge everyone unemployed to march on Washington. They haven’t a clue as to what’s going on in Middle America….not a clue.

  77. Steve in PA


    I was laid off in July 2009. My state benefits expire Jan 9, 2010….The currrent deadline to be eligible for federal extended benefits is to exhaust state benefits by Dec 19, 2009…I miss it by 3 weeks

    Does this extension of benefits apply to just people who have already exhausted the Tier I and Tier 2 federal benefits or would this extension give me additional weeks too?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Emanon

      To Steve:

      I don’t know the answer to your question. The pending bill extends Tier 2 benefits & it creates Tiers 3 & 4 benefits.

      I suggest you call PA’s Department of Labor.

  78. crunch

    Emanon, there HAS TO BE A COMPROMISE SOMEWHERE, OR WE’RE AT A STALEMATE! Actually the unemployment ins. tax would create a $200 million SURPLUS above and beyond paying for the extension. However, that’s peanuts when talking about billions. The Pubs have to drop some amendments such as Isakson’s self serving proposal. I’m from Ga. and know he founded one of Atlanta’s biggest realty companies. He wants the $8,000 to be for ANY PURCHASE, not just first time buyers.

    • Emanon


      The stalemate & obstructionist behavior by the Republicans will end if the cloture motion is passed tomorrow. Once the cloture motion is passed, the Republicans can only stall for another 30 hours. Then, the bill has to be voted on.

  79. sushiboo

    Steve in PA —

    Me too. My benefits exhaust 01/02/10, shortly before yours — I’d been on disability and I filed on June 29, 2009. If I had known I would have pushed to go off disability two weeks earlier. I miss the first extension by two weeks; I called and wrote to CA’s EDD and received undecipherable answers. So, while Emanon’s answer is intelligent, don’t expect to receive an intelligent answer in return. Putting aside the email; the woman I talked to (she was literally pulled off UE, making $475/wk to make $8.18/hr, no I am not kidding — taking home far less to work and she had no information, no access to my records, although bless her heart, she did really try. She kept saying, “I just can’t believe they won’t give you an extension — to quote Bill Cosby: riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiht.) I also missed by one month getting 65% of my COBRA paid. And, I just found out, another long story, that getting HIPPA insurance (the only insurance I will qualify for when COBRA runs out) will raise my premium by half — yet again. Started out as $332, when to $485 (without notice) and, HIPPA, raises it to $737.

    Steve, I so understand your concerns. On top of everything else, my mom (who lives with me) almost died this year, that was just so much fun on top of all this “joy,” BUT I AM STILL STANDING.

    Hang in there. Know that on this board you are a little less alone. Good people here. And forgive my typos, I’m tired and this has been a more difficult day than most, lol, as if any are easier.

  80. Dionne

    Rally on The Capitol: Jobs Tea Party
    Friday, November 6, 2009
    10:00am – 11:00am
    Capitol Hill Washington, DC

  81. crunch

    A second-generation Swedish-American[1], Isakson was born in Atlanta and currently lives in the nearby suburb of Marietta. He served in the Georgia Air National Guard from 1966 to 1972, leaving service as a staff sergeant.[2] Shortly after graduating from the University of Georgia, he opened the first Cobb County office of Northside Realty, a prominent Atlanta-area real estate firm. He became company president in 1979, a post he held for 22 years, during which Northside became the biggest independent real estate company in Georgia. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.

    (R) Sen Isakson has a vested interest in his amendment that is riding HR 3548 piggyback!

  82. Steve in PA

    I did call the PA Dept of Labor….Since this is a federal extension, they told me that I know just as much as they do.

    Apparently, the guts of the bills arent known.. I know this, if someone has exhausted state benefits prior to Dec 19, they get another 33 weeks based on the Tier I and Tier II extension passed in Feb…And tier I and Tier II are payable till june 2010

    I would like to think that the deadline would be extended….if this new extension is just for people who have exhausted the federal extension, then it ignores people like myself and sushiboo…

    Not to make light of those people whose benefits have expired but this group of unemployed people have already collected 59 weeks (initial 26 weeks from their state and another 33 weeks of tier I and tier II federal extension ) and if the new extension doesnt apply to people like myself and sushiboo, have fair is that?

    • Emanon


      Call Senators Casey and/or Spector to see if they can tell you if the pending bill covers someone in your situation.

      Senator Spector is up re-election in 2010. His office should be bending over backwards to help you to secure your vote.

    • sushiboo

      Thanks for trying Steve, it’s a little like contacting some in an alternative universe, isn’t it?

      I’m just praying at this point. If they don’t extend the initial deadline past 12/19, there are a lot of people in a whole hell of a lot of trouble.

      Steve, despite all the idiots and block walls, I do keep slogging on and trying. I’ll keep you posted, same back at me?

      And don’t worry, I would be extremely surprised if anyone thought you were making “light of those people whose benefits have expired . . . .” We’re all in the same boat, a little like the Titanic.

  83. Steve in PA

    Due to never having made a phone call to any elected official’s office before – I have a question…..

    Will the people answering the phones even be aware of details about this – for example, should I assume that these people know that the Tier I and Tier II benefits expire Dec 19 and were part of the original economic stimulus and that Im inquiring about the details of the new bill? Or will I be talking to someone that will tell me that they need to get back to me – that they dont know and will try to look for an answer….

    • Emanon


      Call Senators Casey & Spector at their Washington, D.C. office.

      Bob Casey – (202) 224-6324
      Arlen Spector – (202) 224-4254

      Make sure you tell them you are calling about the bill extending unemployment benefits. The bill number is 3548 or Senate Amendment 2668. Most of the Senators’ offices think you are calling about the health care bill, which is why you have to emphasize you are calling about the bill extending unemployment benefits.

      Ask to speak with the Senator’s Legislative Aide. He/She is the person with the most knowledge of the bills. The people answering the Senators’ telephones won’t have indepth knowledge of the bills.

      There were 3 prior bills which extended unemployment benefits.

      1st bill became Public Law 110-252 (passed in June 2008). It was blocked by the Republican party & Pres. Bush vowed to veto the bill if it was sent to him for signature. Senator Harry Reid got this bill passed by attaching it to the Iraq war funding bill. If the Republicans wanted money to fund the Iraq war, they had to pass the extension of unemployment benefits.

      2nd bill became Public Law 110-449 (passed in November 2008). This bill created Tiers I & II benefits.

      3rd bill became Public Law 111-5 (passed in January 2009 & signed by Pres. Obama in February 2009).

      Don’t be intimidated by the Legislative Aide. Explain your situation to him/her.

  84. Steve in PA

    I did look up contact info for Sen. Specter…He has an office in DC plus 7 offices throughout PA…..Is it best to call the DC office to get info?

  85. sushiboo


    Um, pretty much no. However hopes springs eternal. More than likely you will reach an intern, someone equally insipid or someone who just doesn’t care; any one of which will more than likely give you they have no impression what you are talking about. They, at least in my experience, have NO idea about the 3 bills and amendments, etc. etc., let alone the tiers; if I am correct and if not, someone on this board correct me, you’ll have to talk to the EDD or equivalent in PA for answers on that. As said before, good luck. And, no, no one will be getting back to you if you call with question(s). If you send an email and are “lucky” you will get a canned response:

    “Fili-belly, not a buster:

    I just checked my email Sushiboo, and I just received the EXACT same generic response from Sen. Boxer. But nothing from Sen. Feinstein yet. I don’t know what else we can do. I’ll probably write Sen. Kyl next.”

    So call DC for now; once they leave on recess (let’s just hope that doesn’t happens) focus on their state offices. Again, posters, if I am wrong on this point please speak up. Then, send an email to every single office if he has multiple ones. I’ve written to my senators, my congressional representatives, and God alone who know who else. Write to any kind of media outlet. You, like me, are a late player to the “game” and it is very hard to accept just how badly your underwear is leaving your behind flapping out there in the cold. It’s a very rude awakening to fully realize just how much your government doesn’t care about you.

  86. sushiboo

    Steve, that answer should have preceded your second post about offices.

    Again, I’m so out of it today, any of you, especially Emanon, please correct anything I may have gotten wrong. As you all well know, some days are better than others.

  87. Emanon

    To Everyone:

    Please watch CSPAN2 at 5:30 p.m. E.S.T. The Senate is going to debate Senator Reid’s cloture motion for 1 hour & then vote on it (the cloture motion NOT the bill).

    You will see for yourselves who is blocking this bill from being passed.

    If you don’t have CSPAN2 on your television, go on the internet for CSPAN2. Other people have said you can watch CSPAN2 live via the internet.

  88. sushiboo


    I have a doctor’s appointment and I will miss the proceedings. I’m going to ask my mom (85) to watch for me, but I can’t count on her. Would you please post the results when they are in?

    What’s your gut telling you about this vote?

  89. crunch

    yes, I watch it on the internet and will do so & 5:30. Thanks for the info!

  90. Elissa Holman


    Please I hope you can help wih some information Ibelieve you said you had some sort of legal background.

    Since I have been without benefits since Sept 7 and my sposue was laid off for 3 weeks and then called back into work. We got behind on our rent. Sept,Oct, Landlord initiated eviction ,judge granted it .I guess the state of the economy is meangless to them.

    Landlord; after much begging that my husband would lose his job altogether because we have no where to go and no money to move agreed to a joint stipulation (a payment Plan) to catch up and rent and stay here.

    We have to meet with her today with money do you have any information about such” joint stpulations” and is there anything we should watch out for? Should we see the :stipulation: before we give them a dime? Could they take our money and tell us to get out anyway?

    Our hearts are racing, cant calm down. Really scared

    • sushiboo


      I have 30+ years in legal field, unfortunately I am not well-versed in eviction proceedings and in any event, they vary from state to state. However, you should be able to find lawyers that do pro bono (free services) in your area. Check out your state’s State Bar website, i.e, California State Bar.” Also trying searching by along the lines of “pro bono lawyers in _________” and try using your state, county or city.

      Another resource would be checking with social services in your city or county, they might be able help you find some legal assistant. I am certain you will be able to find someone who can help you out.

      Also, I would definitely talk to someone before you give them any money unless you have absolutely no other choice besides signing and getting evicted.

      Please let me know what happens, I am worried for you. Good luck.

    • Emanon

      To Elissa Holman:

      Sorry. I didn’t see your post earlier. I don’t have any experience in landlord-tenant matters.

      Where are you signing this stipulation? – In court? If in court, tell the judge you do not understand the stipulation. Ask the judge to explain the stipulation to you. Ask the judge whatever questions you have. Usually, if you have a stipulation, they can’t throw you out unless you don’t pay, but it all depends on what the stipulation says.

      There has to be a legal aid lawyer in your county. Some times, there is a legal aid lawyer in Housing Court. Ask people in the courthouse if there is a legal aid lawyer in court. If you can’t find one, and if you have to sign the stipulation in court today, try to talk to any lawyer representing tenants. You might find a lawyer willing to give you some advice in court.

      If you have time, contact a legal aid lawyer. If you can’t find one, call the bar association in the county where you live. They should give you the names of a couple of lawyers who may help you for free (pro bono lawyers).

      If you can’t find a pro bono lawyer, call all law schools in near where you live. Most law schools have clinics, where the law students under the supervision of a professor, will help people in need.

      Find a Catholic Charities near where you live. Call them. Tell them you situation. They may be able to help you.

      Call your county’s local welfare office. They may be able to provide you with emergency funds to pay your rent.

      Don’t panic & don’t give up hope.

  91. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 this morning – Senators Jack Reed & Dick Durbin again demanded the Republican Senators stop blocking this bill from being passed.

    Just my observation – Not one Republican Senator has said on the Senate floor that he/she supports this bill or wants this bill to pass.

  92. Emanon

    To sushiboo:

    How about taping the proceedings on your VCR (if you have one)? You have to see this for yourself. Even when you see it with your own eyes, and when you call the offices of Senators McConnell, Kyl & Hatch, they will tell you they didn’t block the vote & don’t believe what you saw them do on CSPAN.

    I think the cloture motion will pass. However, we need 60 votes for the cloture motion to pass.

    I have heard professional pundits say the Senators vote with their party’s leader on procedural matters. This cloture motion is a procedure matter. So, all 58 Democratic Senators should vote for the cloture. The 2 Independent Senators (Joe Lieberman (I-C) & Bernie Sanders (I-VT)) are co-sponsors of this bill, so they will be voting with the Democrats.

    Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) has been ill. He’s in his 90’s & he has cancer. He has missed many votes. They have brought this poor man in a wheelchair for votes. I hope he does not miss this vote. We need him.

    I am hoping Republican Senators Olympia Snowe (R-ME) & Susan Collins (R-ME) cross party lines & vote with their conscious. They have voted with the Democrats in the past to the point that the Republicans want to throw them out of their party.

    • sushiboo

      LOL — Okay, that’s my “Duh!” moment for today, as she slaps her hand on her forehead. I’ve been sitting here stressing over this whole mess, my finances/budget, the dismal job market, etc. and it just never occurred to me.


      • Emanon

        Set your VCR for at least 2 hours. They rarely start on time. The debate is scheduled for 1 hour & then the vote on the cloture motion. Don’t forget the time difference – 5:30 p.m. EST./2:30 p.m. PST.

  93. Those blaming the Republican Politicians on delay must realize: The Demorat Party holds Majorities needed to pass anything they desire, in both the House and the Senate. Democrats have the ball and this is their economy! History will determine the wisdom of the Current Congress and the current Administration. Pass S. 1699.

  94. lance

    There will be guide lines within the stip that you will have to comply with if signed! otherwise it’s a breach of contract and whatever money you put towards catching up will not be counted for, of course that would be the worse case, if your landlord’s a jerk!
    Most landlords are not to happy about evicting anyone because its not likely they will recoup their losses. Houses don’t get rented overnight, so having been a landlord for 5 yrs. it’s in their best interest to keep the present renter as long as they show effort in catching up! It’s always a plus to really show your taking care of the place as well, it plays a part especially when unexpected things happen. Also look into what your rights are as a tenant. I’ve seen tenants stretch their stay, but you have to appear in court after being served to contest your eviction do to financial hardship.
    I would only try to use my right’s only if it meant me facing the street.
    Good Luck!



  96. Rick Boryczewsk

    , The republicans are at it AGAIN!! Have they no shame/
    Seems like almost any Prez Obama is for the Republicans ARE against. WHY, I guess they just can’t get over Loosing 2 elections in Row. They are still in Shock over the Voters seeing past their Pro Bush politics, hoping that they will score brownie points with voters. AND now the S2699 Bill they are at it again!!
    The Democrats are trying to pass it, and if was not for the Republicans. It would have Passed!!
    So I think at next years election, any Republican who is holding things up, so as fa S1699, they should be VOTED OUT OF Office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 this afternoon – Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) urged passage of this bill. I did not see/hear Senator Levin speak, but other sites reported on it.

    Saw Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) speak again (this am & pm). He said, if this bill is not passed this week, 200,000 people nationwide will exhaust their benefits just this week alone. He again asked Republicans Senators to pass this bill.

    Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) speaking about bill now. He said people are looking for work, but there are no jobs out there. 1.9 Million Americans will have exhausted their benefits by the end of 2009.

  98. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 this afternoon – (continuation of the comments by Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD)):

    No amendments should be added to this bill because it will only force this bill back to the House. He said unemployment benefits is insurance people paid into. Unemployment benefits go back directly into the community. He wants this bill passed this afternoon.

  99. Emanon

    Watch CSPAN2 now – Senator Harry Reid is talking about this bill.

  100. Debbie

    They are now voting on HR3548. It is about time

  101. Emanon

    The cloture motion passed by a vote of 87 to 13.

  102. Emanon

    Prior to the vote, each side had 30 minutes to debate the cloture motion. Not one Republican Senator came to the Senate floor to speak.

  103. crunch

    YES, NOT ONE REPUBLICAN SPOKE! Sen. Byrd (D), in his 90’s was rolled in in a wheelchair and voted aye! The usual Pubs.. Sessions, Hatch, and I assume Kyl voted nay. So now what’s the process more debating in the Senate then a vote? Then back to the House? Then to Obama? Any guesses how long before totally approved? Then the waiting for the state to get the money…….seems it could still be a few weeks?

    • Emanon


      Senators Kyl & McConnell voted for the cloture motion. Senator Hatch voted against it. The official list of who vote for or against the cloture motion should be published tomorrow.

      Tonight, before the Senate was adjourned, Senator Shaheen said they will vote on the actual bill tomorrow.

      If the bill passes, the Senate & House will meet to reconcile the 2 bills to produce a final bill. According to an article in Open Congress, the House & the Senate will have to vote on the final version of the bill. I saw another article, stating the House can vote on the final version of the bill as early as Tuesday (11/3) or Wednesday (11/4). I don’t know when the Senate will vote on the finalized version of the bill. Once the finalized bill passes both houses of Congress, the bill goes to Pres. Obama for signature.

  104. Matthew

    None of you is talking about an extension of the Dec 31, 09, deadline–why? The recently laid off will receive neither tier 1, 2, or 3 (if passed) which is blatently unfair. Do you all who complain that you are out of tier 2 entitlements understand that you are asking congress to continue to compensate you while leaving on the battlefield the millions who are entitled to nothing beyond the first 26 weeks if this bill is passed. How many months (indeed it’s practically a year) of unemployment will you receive beyond those whose initial 26 weeks extend into year 2010.

    • sushiboo

      I am one of those people who miss qualifying for the first extension by two weeks, I won’t deny I am frustrated; I also missed the COBRA subsidy by a month, so I understand where you are coming from. Nonetheless what purpose does starting arguments here about who gets the biggest piece of the pie or for the longest period of time when everyone is hurting?

  105. Emanon

    Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) just announced the schedule for tomorrow. The actual bill will be voted on TOMORROW.

    • sushiboo

      AWESOME!!!!!! I did tape it and heard Senator Shaheen, I was go gratified to hear her actually telling real life stories about how her constituents were affected.

      • Emanon


        Call the legislative aides for Senators Boxer & Feinstein to see if this pending bill applies to you.

  106. joseph

    sounds like matthew, Is one of those amendment, guys that just doesnt get it

  107. sushiboo


    Are you suggesting that this might not apply to those of us who have not qualified for the first or second extensions? I guess I was under a misperception that it automatically extended the initial unemployment period inasmuch as they haven’t talked about extending specific dates for the first extension as they did before when they extended it to 12/20 from what was it, some time in March? I will definitely call them, but I’d still like your input.

    • Emanon


      Earlier, Steve from PA wanted to know if the pending bill applied to him. I told him I did not know & suggested he call the Legislative Aides for his Senators. You mentioned you are in the same boat. That is why I suggested you call your Senators’ legislative aides as well.

      IF there is a problem (I don’t know if there is or isn’t), it seems like the problem is easily fixable by just extending the dates across the board so no one is left out.

  108. sushiboo


    When you can please let us all know how you are doing . . . I’m sure I speak for at least a couple of us; we are concerned about you.

  109. Ellen

    Please forgive my ignorance, but it is going for vote tomorrow – Wednesday, 10/28? If it passes, then to Congress? Then to Obama? Any ‘best guesses’ on when this thing might finally pass? I just don’t want to get my hopes up just to be slashed again…

    • Emanon has the list of the Senators who voted No on the cloture motion. The 13 who voted No are:

      Barrasso (R-WY)
      Bond (R-MO)
      Bunning (R-KY)
      Coburn (R-OK)
      Cornyn (R-TX)
      DeMint (R-SC)
      Enzi (R-WY)
      Graham (R-SC)
      Hatch (R-UT)
      Inhofe (R-OK)
      Johanns (R-NE)
      Sessions (R-AL)
      Vitter (R-LA)

      • Debbie

        Ok everyone we got our list of Senators that voted no. It is time to start emailing the list to all of your friends and family in every town and state to stop any voting for them in the next election.Unless we can get them removed earlier than the next election.

      • Karen O

        Thanks Emanon. I’ll build my anti-congressional website around these guys.

  110. sushiboo

    Thanks Emanon. I tend to think from everything I’ve read that it will cover those of us that haven’t been in the trenches as long and might involve some kind of extension as before. But, even if I don’t get everything that those have gotten before me in addition to the proposed 14 weeks, and since I’m in Cali, another 6 is almost a sure bet with our governor (sigh), if I can get 14 or better yet 20, I’ll be grateful. Of course a job would be preferable. In any event, I’ll see how much I can learn about how this affects everyone, not just CA, but the people I’ve talked to so far have pretty much been dumber than dust. However! Hope springs eternal. Wish me luck.

  111. JohnB

    It appears there will be a vote on passing the bill tomorrow:

    Senate calendar has this:

    Convenes: 9:30am

    Morning business for 2 hours with Senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each with the Majority controlling the first half and the Republicans controlling the final half.

    Following morning business, the Senate will resume the motion to proceed to H.R.3548, Unemployment Benefits Extension Act of 2009, post-cloture.

    • senatus

      There was no indication this evening that a final vote would take place tomorrow. The Senate will still be in post-cloture time tomorrow, with hopes that an agreement can be reached to cut it short and begin debating the bill. No agreements have yet been reached on votes.

      • sushiboo

        Senatus: Do you have any idea who exactly this bill applies to? Just those who have already exhausted their extensions or also those of us, like me, and at least one other on this board, who miss the first extension date, 12/20/10? My benefits will end 01/02/10 — Happy New Year . . . .

  112. sushiboo

    I can’t explain why, but I find the breakdown according to the states interesting.

    • Emanon

      Senator Lindsey Graham was a co-sponsor of the bill before the you-know-what-hit-the-fan. Then, his name mysteriously disappeared from the list of co-sponsor.

  113. crunch


    If all goes smoothly from here on, how long would you guess it will be till we see any funds-Thanksgiving?

    • Emanon


      It depends on each individual state. In NY, we were told by our State’s Department of Labor that we will get our money a week after the bill becomes law.

      People have been spreading false rumors all over different websites that the bill provides for retroactive payment. That is false. The bill does not allow for retroactive payment. NY’s Department of Labor’s facebook page also states no retroactive payment.

      • sushiboo

        Emanon is far, far, far better informed than I am but I have not seen anywhere that anything would be retroactive. Besides, given the state of our government, you’d probably be dead (especially if you live in CA) before you saw any retroactive payments. Sorry, my innate sarcasm is coming out. I’m trying to keep it under control before it goes full-blown, because it can be pretty damn intense. I have also read as Emanon states that it should only take a week. But, and Emanon you give your opinion, I’m guessing a lot has to do with how well each state government functions on this issue.

  114. Andy

    I wonder if they are going to, in the end extend benefits to all unemployed Americans. I live in Texas and as of August, I believe the Unemployment rate was 8.0 % I read that only states with unemployment rates of 8.5% and above will qualify for the extension. However I read somewhere else that there are other amendments out there, that would extend every unemployed American benefits. Does any one know better than I do on whether they will lower the number from 8.5% to 6.5%

  115. Ron

    Don’t know where you got the info that it will be voted on tomorrow John but the republicans are gonna drag this out till the last minute I hope I’m wrong but I don’t think so my UI ran out over 5 weeks ago and I have been following this non stop I desperately need this to pass ASAPI have a strong feeling we are looking at around Thanks giving or so

  116. JohnB

    Floor Schedule

    Wednesday, Oct 28, 2009

    9:30 a.m.: Convene and begin a period of morning business.

    Thereafter, resume consideration of the motion to proceed to H.R.3548, the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009.

  117. JohnB

    Today’s vote is to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to an official debate of the bill. Invoking cloture requires 60 votes, and if it is approved the bill will move to the Senate floor for votes on amendments. Another cloture vote will likely be necessary to end the debate and bring the bill to a final up-or-down vote. The process will become clearer as the debate picks up, and I’ll be trying to keep track of it all here. Stay tuned!

  118. Emanon


    I never said there would be retroactive payment. In fact, I said there is NO retroactive payment. The bill specifically states:

    “The amendments made by this section shall apply as if included in the enactment of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008, except that no amount shall be payable by virtue of such amendments with respect to any week of unemployment commencing before the date of the enactment of this Act.”

    My state’s Department of Labor said no retroactive payments.

    I was not stating my opinion as to when we would get our money. I was stating a fact that my State’s Department of Labor told us we will be getting our first check a week after the bill becomes law.

    If you are going to quote me, you should get my quotes correct.

    • sushiboo


      I was quoting and supporting you:

      “Emanon is far, far, far better informed than I am but I have NOT SEEN ANYWHERE [emphasis added] that anything would be retroactive.” Emanon, unless I am crazy, this supports your position.

      And, in terms of how fast the money would reach those in need:

      “I have also read as Emanon states that it should only take a week. But, and Emanon you give your opinion, I’m guessing a lot has to do with how well each state government functions on this issue.”

      If you can tell me how I misquoted you, I will absolutely apologize.

      • sushiboo

        Errata: Forgive me, I forgot to mention you said in NY state your were told by your Dept. of Labor you’d get payment within a week, but I think my comment in general still holds and does not undercut, or misquote what you wrote.

  119. IGIVEUP


  120. Steve in PA

    I need some clarification – there are two bills out there (and I have some details on each)…..

    HR 3458 (The unemployment compensation extension act of 2009) would provide extra benefits for those people who have exhausted all state benefits and Tier I and Tier II extended benefits (this provided an additional 33 weeks)

    HR 3404 (Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act of 2009) – this would extend EUC payments into 2011 and extend eligibility period for Tier I and Tier II past Dec 26….

    My source for this info is

    My question is this…………Is only HR 3458 up for passage now? I havent heard much about HR 3404 although it had to be introduced at some point earlier since it has been assigned a bill #….As stated earlier, HR 3404 would apply to me since my benefits expire in early Jan 2010…

    Any help would be appreciated…

  121. Steve in PA

    I found some info regarding what I posted above…….

    from It says the following:

    “the next step (after the Senate approves H.R. 3548) for those out of working and requiring an extension would be H.R. 3404, which would extend many of the benefits through 2010.

    Right now they are trying to plug a small hole in a giant dyke that might be about to burst. Hopefully they will change this bill by the time it gets to final passage. But even if it doesn’t change, there is pending legislation in HR 3404 and in the Senate that will be needed to extend these entire programs into 2010, for which they need more time to debate because of the billions needed to pass them.”

    So it appears that HR 3458 is being passed now to help those already out of benefits and that at some point in the future, HR 3404 will be taken up to help those people who state benefits expire after Dec 26, 2009.

    This should clear up some of the questions…….When they get to HR 3404 is anyone’s guess unless they extend the Dec 26 deadline in HR 3458.

  122. Steve in PA

    This is comforting – Congress is scheduled to adjourn for 2009 on October 30 and start back up in January 2010….

    So if HR 3458 doesnt extend the Dec 26 deadline for federal benfits – it wouldnt appear that HR 3404 would be discussed in 2009. Maybe the two bills can be merged so the deadline is extended….

    • Emanon

      Your information about when Congress adjourns is wrong. They normally are not in session on Fridays. The Senate will be off a couple of days in the week of November 9th. They will be off the week of Thanksgiving. They normally do not break for the winter holidays until the 3rd week of December.

  123. crunch

    Steve & Matthew, I’ve had a gap w/ all my extensions, sometimes for weeks/months. You would be very fortunate NOT to have to go w/o benefits for some period. Most of us were on pins and needles… Congress’ mercy to pass additional extensions making phone calls, writing letters, and sending numerous emails. It has been a wild rollercoaster ride to say the least!

  124. Steve in PA

    @ Crunch…..I realize that there will probably be a gap between the time when my state benefits expire and when I can get the federal extension…..Im not living a pipe dream thinking I wont have to wait…

    I just want to be afforded the same opportunity as a lot of other unemployed people by being eligible for the same federal extension…Thats why I am concerned with when the Dec 26 deadline will be addresssed…

    As I previously said, those people w/o a job for the past 12+ months have been able to collect 26 state weeks + 33 federal = 59 weeks. Now those same people will be getting another 20 weeks….I realize that these same people would rather be working but those that became unemployed in 2008 will have been given an additional 33 weeks of benefits that no onelosing a job today will be getting…

    If the federal deadline for EUC gets extended into 2010, I will be getting an dditional 20 weeks which means I will be getting 46 total weeks of benefits….Those that lost a job in 2008 will have already gotten 26 state weeks + 33 federal weeks + another 20 weeks = 79 weeks…I realize the job market is as tight as ever but thats alot of benefits that no new current job losers will be getting…..

  125. crunch

    Steve, I understand your position, just want you to realise those ext. didn’t come easy. When I was laid off in Mar 08, I had no idea what lay ahead, and most probably it will be the same for you! Personally, I only received around 60 weeks, because my employer had cut back my pay the last year of my employ, thus affecting my ui benefit, that sucked…a double whammy! Good luck, and hope you find work, and get ui benefits in the mean time.

  126. IGIVEUP



  127. crunch

    Igiveup….you’re in the wrong forum for espousing this kind of rhetoric man! This is about unemployment ins. ext., not US policy in the Middle East. Checkout grapevine or four pillars for a place to vent!

  128. Elissa

    Thank you all for your input with my pending eviction. Somehow but for the grace of God we managed to put a finger in the dyke and both sides agree to a rent payment catchup plan we think we can l ive with as long as benefits restart soon and my spouse does not get another work slow down where he cannot work due to the economic slowdown. Fingers crossed.XX Legs crossed X. Eyes crossed (LOL):)

    You have no idea how much all your words of support and good advice kept us from totally keeing over yesterday.

    “In the face of adversity show couarge and stamina, let no person withdraw in the field of battle.” (Winston Churchill ).

    “We will stand united together for divided we will fall” (Patrick Hamilton)

    • Emanon


      I’m glad you & your husband are okay.

      Here are some suggestions on how to get caught up on your rent payments.

      Go to a food pantry for groceries.
      Some states have programs or non-profit groups where they will help you pay your utilities. Check your area to see if you can find such a place. Use the money that you would have spent on groceries & utilities to pay your back rent.

      Don’t panic & don’t despair.

  129. Emanon


    Other websites are reporting that, when the Senate convened this morning, Senator Reid asked Senator McConnell to drop all amendments & have a straight up/down vote on the bill. Senator McConnell refused. He still wants all 8 Republican amendments debated & voted on. Unless the Republican Senators drop all or most of their amendments, it does not look like this bill will be voted on today.

  130. sushiboo


    Yesterday you replied to me:

    “If you are going to quote me, you should get my quotes correct.”

    Did you miss my response to your comments about my supposedly misquoting you? And, in my responses, for the record, I never actually used a direct quote.

    As I said before, if I am wrong, I will apologize, but perhaps you just misread what I wrote?

  131. crunch

    Well, as usual the Pubs have nothing to say in debate….. They don’t want to say anything that will make them look bad, but we all know ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!

  132. Emanon

    I spoke with Senator Chuck Schumer’s office (D-NY) today. I was told that Senator Harry Reid is trying to keep all amendments out of the bill, so it will be a clean bill when it goes back to the House for a vote. These amendments have nothing to do with unemployment benefits. These amendments pertain to ACORN, immigration, $8,000 credit for home buyers, etc.

    I asked for the worst case scenario of what can happen. I was told that the 30 hours will expire at 1 a.m. on Thurs., Oct. 29th. The Republicans can object & block the vote again. If they block it again, they get another 30 hours of stalling. The Democrats will have to make another cloture motion to stop the Republican filibuster. If the Republicans block the vote again, the earliest this bill can be vote on is Friday afternoon (but Senate is not in session) or next week.

    If your Senator is a Republican, please contact him or her to discourage the Republicans from blocking the vote on this bill again.

  133. Emanon

    An article from The New York Times (Oct. 28, 2009). The President supports the bill extending unemployment benefits.

  134. Emanon

    This afternoon, Senator Kyl said on the Senate floor: “It is not the Republicans that are slowing things down.” He also said people have NOT exhausted their unemployment benefits. So, I guess the people, who have been calling and sending letters to him and the other Republican Senators begging them to pass this bill, were merely playing a Halloween gag on him & the other Republican Senators.

    At least once a week, Senator Kyl says on the Senate floor: “We should listen to the American People.” How will he know what the American People want when he can’t even hear or see us.

    • sushiboo

      I think Kyl is in need of a “Jon Stewart Caught Ya” moment, where he shows news clips of people contradicting themselves and exposing their outright lies. To paraphrase, the right audio/video clip is worth its weight in gold.

      Unfortunately, despite my attempts to get this issue in front of The Daily Show, I’ve been unsuccessful.

  135. Andy

    Senator Kyl reminds me of Rush Limbaugh.

  136. crunch

    It’s a sad state of affairs when the Dems have majority rule in congress, and their hands are tied rendering them powerless do do anything. In addition, a president that is equally ( BY NO FAULT OF HIS OWN) ineffective. I know the Dems want to help, but are being held hostage by the Pubs and their self serving agenda for big business. I’ve learned a lot about how our government works these last few weeks. I’m not very impressed w/ what I have learned. I say give those fat cat senators (who are mostly millionaires) term limits- 6 yrs. tops. We need to bust up the “good ole boys club” ASAP! Many are simply out of touch, living their “charmed lives” while middle America goes into poverty.

    • Karen O

      Amen. I’m pretty sure we’re n the majority. The time has come.

    • Debbie

      Crunch I agree with you 100 percent we need to set limits on these Senators. I have also learned alot about the government.They are a bunch of rip offs.They only care about their own pockets.

  137. crunch

    Andy, Kyl and Limbaugh are two peas in a pod- NEO -CONSERVATIVES.

  138. Emanon

    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) spoke on the Senate floor this afternoon. Here is a brief summary of what he said:

    Republicans have brought 81 filibusters this year so far. 27.2 Million Americans are unemployed, which is about 17% of the population. This is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Long term unemployment is soaring. 5.4 Million people are unemployed for 6 months or longer. 2 Million will have exhausted their benefits by the end of this year.

    Throughout the day, there has been a parade of Democratic Senators urging the passage of this bill now.

  139. Emanon

    Today, a few Republican Senators have spoken on the Senate floor regarding the bill extending unemployment benefits.

    Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) said the Republicans are taking their time to consider this bill because they “may” come up with a way to create jobs.

    They have had this bill for over a month. Have they come up with one idea to create one job? Hell No.

    Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) said: “It’s not the Republicans that are slowing things down.” People have not exhausted their benefits.

    It appears he did not get any of the messages or letters from those who have called or written to him saying their benefits have been exhausted & pleading with him to drop the Republicans’ objection to the vote & passage of this bill.

    Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) said he does not want small businesses to be taxed to pay for the extension of unemployment benefits. He wants his amendment heard & voted on. He wants to use stimulus money to pay for the extension of unemployment benefits.

    What he is saying is: Don’t tax the Republican base – Large Corporations. The tax proposed by the Democrats will only cost $14.00 per employee for the entire year. It is a tax paid by the employer (not by the employee).

    Senator John Thune (R-SD) said unemployment insurance benefits need to be extended, BUT he wants his amendment voted on. His amendment is to phase out TARP at the end of this year.

    Translation: If he does not get his amendment, he will hold up the bill extending unemployment benefits. If his amendment is so important, why didn’t he bring introduce it as a separate bill? He can do that at any time. His amendement does not have to be attached to the unemployment extension bill.

    Republican Senators = Obstructionists

  140. Emanon

    Please watch CSPAN2 tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., when the Senate reconvenes. There will either be a vote on the bill or the Republican Senators will block the vote again.

  141. crunch

    It seems now more than ever, WE ARE A DIVIDED NATION, God help us all, no hope in sight!

  142. sushiboo

    Per NBC Nightly News: U.S. Airways is going to eliminate 1,000 employees . . . .

    • Emanon

      Yesterday, I called Senator Chuck Schumer’s office. I asked about your situation. His office referred me to the Senate Finance Committee’s Budget Office. I called them (SFCBO), and they told me to call Senator Reid. I called Senator Reid’s office, and the person I spoke with at Senator Reid’s office didn’t have the answer.

      I called SFCBO again & asked to speak with the person involved with the unemployment bill. I was told her name was Diedre Henry Spiers (phonetic). She wasn’t it. The telephone number to the Senate Finance Committee’s Budge Office is (202) 224-4515. You might want to give them a call about your situation.

      Just a heads up – SFCBO will try to rush you off the phone by saying the bill has not been in their office for some time & to call Senator Reid.

      • sushiboo

        Thank you very much Emanon, I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I am definitely going to call them and if I do manage to get any information of any value, I will post it for those in a situation similar to mine.

        Again, thanks.

  143. sushiboo

    Ok, I know this is not a forum about medical care but again, on NBC Nightly News tonight: Afghan soldiers are getting medical treatment, as well as other Afghans, on the US “dime.” While I believe ALL people should receive medical care, I do not believe they should at the expense of those in our country who are also losing their jobs, homes, shelter, can’t afford heat, food, clothing, etc. I never, never thought I would be so angry about helping others, but this is unacceptable. We can pour money into Afghanistan but not our own country.

  144. Dan

    Yaaaaaawn. “The Republicans this.” “The Republicans that.” Let’s get down to it. The Republicans cannot stop the Democrats anywhere. The Democrats have all the votes, so whose fault is it that we can’t get an extension?? The Democrats! Just keep slavishly voting for these morons and continue to be used by them and suffer.

  145. crunch

    Dramatic filibusters do still occur on occasion, as demonstrated by a 1987–1988 Republican filibuster against a campaign finance reform bill. To counter Republican obstruction Senate Majority Leader Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia forced round-the-clock Senate sessions that disrupted the chamber for three days. When Republicans boycotted the sessions, Byrd resurrected a little-known power that had last been used in 1942: he directed the Senate sergeant-at-arms to arrest absent members and bring them to the floor. In the resulting turmoil, Oregon Republican Bob Packwood was arrested, reinjured a broken finger, and was physically carried onto the Senate floor at 1:19 a.m. Democrats were still unable to break the filibuster, and the campaign finance bill was pulled from the floor after a record-setting eighth cloture vote failed to limit debate.

    A bit of fodder from Wikipedia on filibusters.

  146. Emanon

    Just reported on CNBC:

    Number of people filing for unemployment for the 1st time last week: 530,000

    Number of people continuing to file for unemployment as of last week: 5,797,000 (down 200,000) from the week before.

    Hint: Could it be that these 200,000 people exhausted their unemployment benefits?

    • Debbie

      Yes it could be that 200,000 have exhausted their unemployment. I am one of the 200.000 who are waiting to see where the rent is coming from due Sunday.

  147. Just a reader...

    Emanon – thank you so much for all the information you put in here. It’s helped me understand a lot of what is actually going on.

  148. david nordstrom

    i too have had to endure the humiliation of collecting uc. i recieve 1/2 of the income i am used to. thus many changes in daily life i have adjusted to! this on a side note, is 14 to 20 weeks actually going to be enough??? do you really think that the job market is going to take off in 3 to 4 months??

  149. crunch

    David, don’t be humilliated for something that wasn’t your fault. I doubt 3-4 months is enough, but we have to take what we can get! That’s the way Congress works it seems.

  150. crunch

    Emanon, Can the Dems vote this thing thru w/ 60 votes, breaking this filibuster, and is there enough time before they break? They really need to resolve this before they break don’t you think, or a million more will be w/ us soon w/ no benefits?

    • Emanon


      60 votes will pass this bill. The Senate will rescess from 11/11 to 11/13 & from 11/23 to 11/27.

      Yesterday, Senator Harry Reid threatened to hold a vote after midnight to push this bill through. The 30 hours expired after midnight. Unfortunately, one of the Senators was ill.

      Here is the sick thing – When the vote on the bill actually happens, you will see many of the Republican Senators voting for the bill. They are just hell bent of blocking the bill from getting to a vote.

      Yesterday, Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) provided examples of how the Republican Senators have blocked different things from being voted on this year alone (e.g. bills, confirmation of appointments, etc.). However, when it came to the actual vote, the Republicans vote in favor of it.

      One example that Senator Stabenow mentioned really underscored the obstructionist tactics by the Republican Senators. The Republicans held up the confirmation of the Ambassador to Iraq or Afghanistan (I forget which one). Yet, when the vote on the actual confirmation occurred, the candiate for Ambassador was confirmed by a vote of 100 to 0. They held up this Ambassador’s appointment for no reason other than stalling.

      The bottom line is that this group of Republican Senators are doing everything they can to stall everything coming before the Senate.

      Senator Reid is a very smart man. In June 2008, when the 1st bill extending unemployment benefits was before the Senate. Senator Kly objected (no surprise there). President Bush said he would veto the bill if it was sent to him for signature. So, Senator Reid attached the bill extending unemployment benefits as an amendment to the Iraq war funding bill. If the Republicans wanted money to fund the war, they had to pass the unemployment extension amendment. That was the only way the 1st extension of unemployment benefits was passed.

      We will know before the end of the day if the Republican Senators are going to block the vote on the bill again.

  151. crunch

    Harry Reid said this morning, “if we have to stay thru Sat. to get the unemployment bill done we will, there’s a million people waiting for that money.” Go Harry!



  153. david nordstrom

    emanon which senator was ill???? rep?? dem??? funny, seems as though no matter how urgent a bill may be, one side or the other will hang out the preverbial carrot at the expense of whom the bill was intended! as i thought political games continue. were they not supposed to vote this morning?? or do they wait & vote on things later in the day??

    • Emanon

      The name of the ill Senator was not released. They are still on morning business. Here is a copy of the Senate’s calendar for today.

      Convenes: 9:30am
      Morning business for 2 hours with Senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each with the Republicans controlling the first hour and the Majority controlling the second hour.

      They are supposed to consider this bill (3548) today.

  154. sushiboo

    For Californians with questions regarding qualifying for help from this bill if their benefits end after 12/31/09:

    As Emanon suggested above, I called the SFBCO and spoke to Matt who again gave vague assurances that despite missing the 12/20/09 first extension and my benefits running out on 01/02/10 that I should/would qualify. He said the bill had been out of their office for three weeks and they really didn’t know what was going on. I asked if he had any suggestions where I might be able to find out something more definitive and he told me to call Reid’s office. I told him Reid’s office didn’t have any answers.

    I then called my senator, Barbara Boxer. The aide there scanned the bill and had no idea either; the person who deals with labor issues in their office is not available.

    Then it was Sen. Feinstein’s turn. As with the other day, the phone in DC would ring and ring and then cut off. I called her San Diego office (for those of us in OC) and explained my situation to Marlon, who specifically told me what to do to receive an answer. For those in CA, go to; go to “Services for Californians”; on the drop down menu click “Casework” and on the next page that opens click “Casework Authorization Form.” Fill out the form and then fax it to her SF office: 415.393.0710. This is a personal issue-specific form and Marlon indicated it would be reviewed and you receive a response regarding your specific situation. He also said to do it as soon as possible.

    Finally, for what it is worth, I was told on OpenCongress yesterday that I definitely qualified. However, given all the posturing, bombast, and pandering for various pet amendments that keeps spewing forth on the Senate floor, I’m not sure anyone really knows what actually will end up being passed in the bill.

    Thanks again for your efforts yesterday Emanon.

    • Steve in PA

      Sushiboo – you and I are in the same boat with regards to having expiring benefits in jan 2010…….

      Do you have a link or some sort of documentation regarding you being told that people in our situation would qualify for these extended benefits? From what I read, HR 3458 is only for those people who have already extended their 33 weeks of federal emergency benefits and are now without anything….


  155. crunch

    Sounds to me like the Pubs are a bunch of sore losers…. stalling, since they’re not in power.

    • Emanon

      Yup. Some of the Republican Senators act like little kids.

      In the week of 10/12/09, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) blocked all work & votes on the Senate floor for 30 hours. Why? He was mad that one of his amendments was not included in the final version of the health care bill from the Senate Finance Committee. So, the whole country had to suffer because he was throwing a temper tantrum.

      • sushiboo

        Little kids on power trips. I think this covers it:

        When a person gains power over other persons — the political power to force other persons to do his bidding when they do not believe it right to do so — it seems inevitable that a moral weakness develops in the person who exercises that power. It may take time for this weakness to become visible. In fact, its full extent is frequently left to the historians to record, but we eventually learn of it. It was Lord Acton, the British historian, who said: “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

        Quoted from “Power Corrupts” by Ben Moreell, August 1997

  156. Debbie

    Maybe we should bombard President Obama at the Whitehouse with emails and see if that gets us any where.

  157. Elissa

    I did write the White House noresponse. I did email Amnesty International , no response.

    This fits amnesty’s discription of human rights violations and I do feel like a political prisioner.

    Am I mistaken? The only thing missing is the jail cell and 3 free meals a day.

    • Debbie

      No Elissa you are not mistaken I also feel like a prisoner.I guess the senate is trying to proof to us that they are in control not us.Some how we need to figure out how to out a stop to what the Senate is doing to us.

  158. Emanon

    Bad news – I just called Senator Chuck Schumer’s office. I was told that the Republicans have delayed the vote on this bill again. There won’t be a vote on this bill this week. The earliest the vote will take place is next week. So, everyone can stop watching CSPAN2.

  159. Emanon


    I spoke with Senator Chuck Schumer’s office (D-NY). His office said another Republican delay, so no vote today.

    I then called Senator Harry Reid’s office (D-NV). His office said they are still negotiating, and they are trying to get the bill voted today.

    I then called Senator Kristen Gillibrand’s office (D-NY). Her office said the vote will be next week.

    I then called Senator Schumer’s office again to find out why are they saying the vote is next week when Senator Reid’s office is saying maybe today. Senator Schumer’s office said they are still negotiating, but it looks like the bill won’t be voted on until next week.

    Will those of you who visit this site call your Senators to find out what is going on. No one seems to know what is really happening.

  160. david nordstrom

    i know what the f ck is happening!!!!!!!!!!
    we are getting screwed by “both” sides!!!!!!!!!!
    i just watched that circus on cspan2. when all is said and done the bill will pass. AFTER THE FRIGIN HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! MARK MY WORDS These low life scumbags do give one sh t about you!!!!

  161. david nordstrom

    what happened to the latest this would go on for was satuday????? also stated was the house will be too busy next week w/ hlth care reform to even address this issue. like i said pepole were screwed until sometime in january2010. better hang out on the street corners with your homeless signs! maybe one of those kind senators will give you a buck or two

  162. Steve in PA

    Sushiboo – you and I are in the same boat with regards to having expiring benefits in jan 2010…….

    Do you have a link or some sort of documentation or link regarding you being told that people in our situation would qualify for these extended benefits? From what I read, HR 3458 is only for those people who have already extended their 33 weeks of federal emergency benefits and are now without anything….


    • sushiboo

      No, none, I wish I did. I inquired on the OpenCongress message board to see if anyone knew anything and a guy named “Mike” was the one who told me I would qualify. I’ve just been searching that board to find his exact wording (unfortunately for some reason, I think volume of posts, I can’t find it) to provide to you, but that was pretty much it, he just said I would qualify — he didn’t give me a link or any source notes. No one else responded.

      So, this morning I took Emanon’s advice — see my post above from 11:36 a.m. I did fill out Feinstein’s form, wrote a letter and faxed it all to her SF office this a.m. as her aide suggested. This is probably like going on vacation and sending postcards, I’ll get a response after the final verdict is in on this bill, assuming there ever is one.

      I really wish I could have given you a more positive or hopeful answer, but I’m still running into walls. Rest assured if I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

  163. Emanon


    Senators Reid & McConnell spoke on the Senate floor about this bill around 3:50 p.m. E.S.T. Here is a summary of what happened.

    Senator Reid said the Republicans have dropped their amendments pertaining to ACORN & immigration (E-Verify). The Democrats have agreed to 3 Republican amendments by Senator Isakson (R-GA), Senator Corker (R-TN), and Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY).

    Senator McConnell said they have 3 more Republican amendments (2 pertaining to TARP & 1 other which Senator McConnell did not identify). I am guessing it is the amendment by Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE).

    Senator Reid agreed to 1 of 2 TARP amendments. So, that leaves 2 Republican amendments that the Democrats have not agreed to.

    Senator Reid said they cannot agreed to the 2nd Republican TARP amendment because Congressman Steny Hoyer (the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives) has said the House will not pass the 2nd Republican TARP amendment.

    Senator McConnell wants a debate on the 3 Republican amendents & then a vote on the bill. He is blocking the vote until he gets this.

    Senator Reid did not explain why he will not have a debate on the 3 remaining Republican amendments (1 of which he agreed to), so there is really 2 Republican amendments that are still in dispute.

    Of the 2 remaining Republican amendments, one is the 2nd TARP amendment (which the House will not agree to) & the other was not identified by Senator McConnell.

    Senator Reid said Congressman Hoyer wants to have the unemployment bill sent back to the House next week, so the House can vote on it.

    They stopped talking about the bill and moved onto other matters.

  164. david nordstrom

    like i said read my 3 09pm remarks if you want the truth i wathched that cspan2 circus!!!

  165. Emanon

    If the Republican Senators believe the 2nd TARP amendment is so important, they can always introduce it as a separate bill or as an amendment to some other bill. There is no need for the Republican Senators to attach a TARP amendment to this bill extending unemployment benefits.

    I think this 2nd TARP amendment is by Senator John Thune (R-SD).

  166. crunch

    Thanks for the info Emanon, this whole process is starting to really piss me off….people are hurting and all the Republican’s can think about is MONEY, and how they can benefit somehow for allowing this bill to go through. It’s all very transparent to me. GOP= MONEY MONGERS!

    • sushiboo

      You can bet their kids and grandkids won’t do without this holiday season.

    • Emanon


      I’m angry also. It’s all a game to these Republican Senators. They know, if they send over a bill attached with unrelated amendments that the House already said they will not pass, the bill will be defeated in the House. Then, the Republican Senators can say: “It wasn’t us that defeated the bill. Don’t blame us if your unemployment benefits were not extended.”

      Also, even if the unemployment bill laden with unrelated amendments is passed by the House, it forces Pres. Obama to veto the bill. Then, the Republican Senators can blame him for not extending unemployment benefits.

      The Democrats accepted 4 out of 8 Republican amendments, but the Republican Senators are digging in their heels by insisting on 2 more Republican amendments. One amendment is the 2nd TARP amendment & the other amendment is a secret.

      If these amendments are so important, then introduce them as a separate bill. There is absolutely no reason for the Republican Senators to hold up the bill extending unemployment benefits.

  167. Emanon

    Senator Harry Reid just said on CSPAN2 that there will be a vote on the bill on Monday, Nov. 2 at 5:00 p.m. He also said there is more than a 50% chance they will have to work next weekend. They are only working 2 days in the week of Nov. 9th. They will be off from 11/11 through 11/13.

  168. sushiboo

    Do these idiot Republicans realize that the 4th quarter econ stats are already going to suck, but if they don’t pass this bill they are going to go completely down the tubes? How many more businesses will go bankrupt if an already potentially down holiday market develops into a giant sink hole?

  169. Glacier...............

    I was laid off and while searching for another job I went and got a master’s degree. Right now I’m feeling like it was a waste of time. It has goten so bad that some of my fellow graduates have left the country in pursuit of employment. Others have joined the peace corps. As-far-as myself, my benefits ran out last month and I am now on the verge of losing just about everything. I’ll continue to have a roof over my head though so I can be thankful for that because I know other people are facing a tougher time than me.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone who ever voted for the republicans and wasn’t wealthy. I know this system is based on checks and balances but I swear i wish there weren’t any republicans in the house or senate. It’s almost as is they want to see the crime and suicide rates increase. They could potentially extend this thing a whole lot longer if they send it back to the house.

  170. Emanon

    Here is the Senate’s calendar for Monday, 11/2.

    5pm Roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the substitute amendment to H.R.3548, the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009.

  171. sushiboo

    Glacier . . . .

    I understand what you’ve been through and I am very sorry. I’m 56 and trying to get additional schooling; I have an AS degree but I work in the closed world of law firms; we have software programs but they are specific to the field, so when it comes to Excel, PowerPoint and others, well, I just don’t have the skills. And, the way the ads are written now, they aren’t going to be happy with someone that isn’t a total whiz-kid so I do not feel comfortable teaching myself. I was researching the skills that would make me more marketable (leveraging 30 years of high end executive “clerical “work”) when I went to a college and I was told the Workforce Investment Act (WIA — which of course no one had told me about) would almost absolutely, since I’m 56, pay the for the schooling. I had already researched and felt would make me more marketable. The woman at the college (and their school IS on the official list for the EDD in CA) said it might take a week, week and a half. I saw no reason to think she was BS’ing me, otherwise, I figured she would have tried to sign me up right there and I’d have to pony up the $$$. Well, she didn’t; she said go through the process so you don’t have to pay. I did what she said and it will be 8 weeks since the time I talked to the people at what is called “One Stop” in CA and began the process, before I get the “second” (long story) interview” to BEGIN THE PROCESS. If this sounds redundant, it is.

    I’m trying to do whatever I can to make myself qualified for those “new jobs” but I’m running into walls. I do not live a lavish lifestyle. If I wasn’t caring for my mom (85), while I wouldn’t like it, and starting at the bottom of the pay scale would be an ego wound, I would survive. I long ago gave up the idea I was middle class (my idea of a vacation is two days to go see my son) but now I’m being asked to give up the little I’ve been able to put away for when I simply can no longer work, I can’t even call it retirement, and it terrifies me.

    I’m sorry to run on, I’m frustrated. I appreciate each and everyone of you on this board. It helps me feel less alone.

    • Debbie

      I understand where you are coming from. I am 54 I spent 20 years in a field of work that I loved. I worked in the office of car dealerships for 20 years.most of the time after a vacation with some people I went back to work and I feltlike I was on vacation. Government bailed the car companies out and the banks but the hell with the unemployed. I also am back in school doing classes on line for medical billing.I went to school in 1988 and get a certificate in bookkeeping.Now I am headed for the medical billing offices.

  172. crunch

    Emanon, what is that substitute amendment they’re voting on Monday? Do you know what amendments the Dems accepted, and what’s pending debate? I know about the 8k for homebuyers, what were the other two they approved? Also, I know about TARP, that the Pubs want to fund the ext. w/ rather than employer taxes, what’s the other? Thanks.

    • Emanon


      Read my post from 10/29/09 at 3:27 p.m. for which amendments were accepted or rejected.

      There are 2 Republican amendments which Democrats can’t agree to. Republicans had 2 TARP amendments. Democrats accepted 1, but rejected the other because Steny Hoyer (the Majority Leader in the House) told Senator Harry Reid that the House will NOT pass the 2nd TARP amendment. I think this 2nd TARP amendment is by Senator John Thune (R-SD).

      If the Senate sends the House a bill with the 2nd TARP amendment, the House will NOT pass this bill. The bill will then be dead.

      Senator McConnell did not say which was the 2nd Republican amendment which Democrats can’t agree to. I think it is the amendment by Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE). His amendment was to use stimulus money to fund the extension, rather than extend the currently existing federal tax on employers for 18 months, which will only costs $14.00 per employee for the entire year.

  173. Emanon


    (continuation of post)

    I think Monday’s cloture motion is on the Reid-Baucus amendment, which is SA2668.

    When the House passed HR3548, it only provided for 13 weeks for states with unemployment rates of 8.5% or higher.

    Senators Harry Reid, Max Baucus, Jack Reed, Jeanne Shaheen & several other Democratic Senators proposed changes to the House’s bill. Their amendment made the following changes:

    Tier II – get 14 weeks instead of 13 weeks.
    Tiers III & IV were created.
    Tier III – get 13 weeks for states with unemployment rate of 6.5% or higher
    Tier IV – get 6 weeks for states with unemployment rate of 8.5% or higher (This is in addition to Tier III benefits.)

    If the cloture motion on Monday is passed on the Reid-Baucus amendment, they may have to do a 3rd cloture motion on the bill.

    I am going to call Senator Chuck Schumer’s office in a little while. I think he is one of the Senators negotiating for the Democrat.

  174. Emanon

    For anyone who wants information on what is cloture and how does it affect the pending bill, go to:

    The above site has 4 government reports on cloture motions. The 1st two reports are only 2 pages long.

  175. Juliette

    I am a 20 year registered Republican. I am the wife of a 60% service connected Disabled United States Marine Corp Veteran OIF/OEF. He has been out of work since 2007 when the USMC would not allow him to re-up since he became disabled. They basically told him, “Sorry for your luck Sgt.” Once my Jarhead was out he had to endure a 3rd surgery on his shoulder and had his bicep reattached. He is now fighting with the VA for at least a 70% rate we have been denied 2 times by some pencil pusher in the VA that did not even read the claim. Our DVA rep is now getting us ready for trial. We WILL win, but we have filed bankrupt, on food stamps and our four boys and I are working on getting Medicaid. We do not qualify for cash assistance because my Marine’s $1034 is too much money LOL! Well, in the meantime we have been relying on those unemployment payments to survive. We also have Binder and Binder fighting for him now too.

    I care about ACORN cleaning up their act and many of the issues surrounding illegal immigrants, but I don’t care a damn thing about any of these issues when I am wondering where the 6 of us will live if we do not get Unemployment payments…at least give us a month to move in with family if we have to. We have good family that can help, but it is not feasible for our parents to support us on a long term basis.

    Republicans ARE NOT good to our Disabled Vets, they do not care about my family EVEN AFTER WE HAVE SACRIFICED THE USE MY MARINE’S ARM. It is now his mind. He is suffering from severe depression due to this situation. He hates life and made an attempt on his own life. I am fearful if this Bill does not pass soon he will end back up in a VA mental unit. The stress is beyond our ability to endure. Thank God for foodstamps and family. Anyway, I am also thankful to all of you that write and speak up to our senators. I do not have it in me to write and I am too angry to get back a generic response from someone that sees my clan and I as a number….my Marine was expendable personal property of the Government. Now we have found WE were all expendable. Pray we win with the VA and SSD and get the UI again. I am praying for all of you too.

    Just in case you are wondering: I cannot get a job…I have only 2 years of college, no degree. I just don’t have the skills to get a job decent enough to make more than minimum wage being that I was a stay at home mom my whole life. I also don’t trust my Jarhead to be home alone to deal with the pressures of our sons’ needs even if I had a full degree. He needs me more than a 6 dollar an hour job does sadly. Sigh. Thank you for letting me vent here. I appreciate it.

    Fondly, Juliette

    • Emanon


      I want to thank your husband, your family, and you for the sacrifices all of you have made to serve our country. Please remember that your husband was injured while trying to help us.

      There are no jobs out there whether you have no college, some college, a Master’s Degree, or a PH.D. Even if you had a Master’s Degree, you still would not be able to find a job in this current climate, so don’t blame yourself.

      Please know that things will get better. It won’t stay like this forever. Please don’t give up hope.

      I want to give you & your family A Healing Prayer to St. Jude. He is the Patron Saint for those who feel hopeless.

      Most holy Apostle, St. Jude, a friend of Jesus,
      I place myself in your care at this difficult time.
      Pray for me. Help me know that I need not face my troubles alone.
      Please join me in my need, asking God to send me consolation in my sorrow, courage in my fear, and healing in the midst of my suffering.
      Ask our loving God to fill me with the grace to accept whatever may lie ahead for me and my loved ones, and to strengthen my faith in God’s healing power.
      Thank you, St. Jude, for the promise of hope you hold out to all who believe, and inspire me to give this gift of hope to others as it has been given to me. Amen.

      I will light a candle for you & your family during mass this weekend.

    • sushiboo


      Words utterly fail me, but tears do not. My heart goes out to you and your family. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    • Debbie

      I can not help you with your situation I have been unemployed since June 2008 and also in the same situation . My unemployment ran out in Oct. I thank God that I have a church body that is paying my rent through the hard times. The thing I want to say is tell your husband that I said THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! for protecting out country. I have a daughter that has been in Army since 1997 and she spent her time in Iraq.We all carry stress we do not realize we carry until our loved one is safe at home. So a big Thank you to your husband.We will get through this and when we do we need to remove people from our Senate.

  176. crunch

    This whole long drawn out process is very confusing, and in my opinion unnecessary. In the mean time hundreds of thousands, and soon millions of people are left dangling in the wind uncertain about their livelyhood in this Post Bush devastated economy. I’m tired of all the games the Pubs are playing w/ this bill. If it was something they could make a buck on (and their special interest) it would zip through for passage. However, middle class Americans are of no use to them…not THEIR PEOPLE! This attitude will come back to bite them AGAIN, as it did in the last recent elections.

    • Emanon


      Unfortunately, it seems like the Republican Senators are determined to stall everything coming before the Senate. Look what happened yesterday to the confirmation of Dr. Regina Benjamin for U.S. Surgeon General. The Republican Senate Leaders held up her confirmation for 4-1/2 months. She was confirmed unanimously yesterday. It shows the Republican Senators had no objections to her qualifications, but they just wanted to delay everything.

      Senator Reid said the Republican Senators are still holding up 214 nominations for various positions within the Obama Administration. At the rate these Republican Senators are proceeding, these 214 nominees will be confirmed four years from now.

  177. Emanon

    Update on What to Expect on Monday, 11/2/09:

    On Monday, Nov. 2nd, the Senate will vote on the cloture motion for Senate Amendment 2712 through 2719. 2712 is the main amendment. 2713 to 2719 make minor changes to 2712. 2712 was sponsored by Senators Harry Reid (D-NV), Max Baucus (D-MT) AND Olympia Snowe (R-ME).

    Senate Amendment 2712 incorporates Senate Amendment 2668 and some of the Republican amendments that were agreed to.

    Once the cloture motion on SA2712 is passed, the Republicans get another 30 hours of stall time. If the Republicans decided not to use the entire 30 hours of stall time, the vote on the actual bill can take place as early as Tuesday, November 3rd.

    The fact that Republican Senator Olympia Snowe co-sponsored 2712 shows not all Republican Senators object to the extension.

    Let’s hope & pray the actual bill is voted & passed on Tuesday, November 3rd.

    For those who want to read Senate Amendments 2712 to 2719:

    go to
    click Congressional Record (on the left hand side)
    type in 2712 in the “Enter Search” box
    scroll down to Sort by Date – click Yes
    click Text of Amendments – Senate – October 29, 2009
    It starts on page S10936 and ends on page S10940

  178. sushiboo

    From an OpenCongress post by “moreorless” this morning:

    “Good Morning, Everyone;
    Called Reids office to voice our opinion & an emergency vote.
    Called McConnells office and was hung up on twice before I could even ask about McConnells objections to this bill. After I said good morning to them, I said I was calling to inquire about 3548 – click.”


    Class act that McConnell’s office, eh?

  179. Elissa

    Check Senate calendar looks like there is an entry for vote on SUNDAY!!??

    Juliette, I am with Emanon when I say thank you to your husband for his fine service and your familiy’s sacrifice for America.

    I too am married to a disabled veteran ex army officer who was injured 5 years too early to collect a pension. He takes any job that he will be called to. Right now its driving a tractor trailer truck to make our expenses, sometimes due to the downturn in the economy he does not get steady freight, so intermittent layoffs occur. I have been unable to get employed for 2 years. After working for my city for 7 years at 2 jobs I was replaced at one for someone making 6 dollars an hour less than they paid me and the other for a bilingual speaking person.

    My husband lost his car because AIG would not pay his benefit after being injured in Iraq (and they got a bailout) He sold the other car, along with his Special Forces ring and golf clubs and other things that took him a lifetime to accumulate

    Once upon a time, I had 2 jobs and a home, supported 4 teenagers after the untimely death of their father

    I did not know then that I had it good.I was running my ass off but totally self sufficient.

    I cannot believe this is happening to all of us, but I can tell you that I will never vote dem or rep again.

  180. sushiboo

    To all of you who have family members serving or who have served in the military services, my most grateful thanks. As a mother and former wife, I simply cannot imagine the stress and worry you endure either while they are in harm’s way or when the government sends them back to you a physical, emotional, or both, wreck and then has the audacity to turn its back on helping them. So I also say thank you to all of you who support and care for our service members for your service to our country as well.

  181. Emanon

    If you haven’t read Senatus’ article entitled “Unemployment Extension Set for Passage Next Week”, dated 10/30/09, you should read it. Make sure you click on the link to the CSPAN article which explains what is an amendment tree.

    The Senatus article talks about an “amendment tree.” Senator Reid filled the amendment tree, so no more amendments may be added unless he agrees. It looks like Senator Reid has out maneuvered the Republican Senators. Now, it makes senses why are there so many Senate Amendments to 2712 (from 2713 to 2719). He used those amendments to fill up the amendment tree, thereby blocking the Republican amendments which have not been agreed upon.

  182. Juliette

    Thank you Emanon for the beautiful prayer (very comforting). My hubby and I know how thankful you all are for his service and our Marine Corp family. Many of our friends are still serving. My friend is waiting for her husband to come home to her and their 1 year old son. He is in Afg. working on the birds and is basically out of harms way over there. However, knowing that you are thankful is not the same as hearing/reading it. I will never tire from being able to show my Jarhead the words of thank you from people I share my heart with. Someone wrote that not all unemployed are voting for Dems….that is why I stated I am a Republican voter…but that is going to change now. It seems I am far more middle of the road than either party behaves. Now when I vote I am going to be much more diligent about researching the candidates. If my vote even matters.
    My one question is: will this Bill provide retroactive money for the 5 weeks we did not get any help? We are in NY, so we will receive additional weeks due to the high unemployment numbers here. I was hoping to be able to pay back a few hundred dollars that we borrowed from my in-laws to pay the utilities and buy diapers. My father is going to pay our rent until we get UI again….if we get it. Keeping my fingers crossed and I am liking this Reid guy…I am very impressed that he can out smart the folks playing politics with our lives. I am learning SO much from this site. Thank you!

    • Debbie

      Do not give up on voting. If all of us that are going through the unemployment mess do not vote. That will leave more of the working people voting who do not see what is going on like we do. We have to vote to remove the one’s that are holding up our unemployment. We worked for years and now that their is no work we deserve our unemployment. We will make it through with the help of God and the people on this sight.You and your Husband deserves th have better. He faught to keep us safe as my daughter has.I am very thankful for our Soldiers,Firemen and police


    • Emanon


      Hello fellow NYer. I’m sorry to say that the bill does not allow for retroactive payments. None of the prior bills extending unemployment benefits have been retroactive.

      Look at it this way, if the payments were retroactive, some people will have exhausted these new benefits before the holidays. Congress will be on their winter break in mid-December. They won’t stick around to haggle over a 5th extension. Those who have exhausted their new benefits under the 4th extension will have to wait until Congress reconvenes in Jan. 2010. So, the choice is do you want to get screwed before or after the holidays? We would prefer neither, but those are our only choices.

      The good news is that NY’s 3 month average unemployment rate is over 8.5%, so we qualify for the additional 6 week under Tier VI. NYS Department of Labor’s facebook page states, once the bill is passed, we will get our money fairly quickly. If the bill is passed on the week of 11/2, the 1st payment will go out on the week of 11/16.

      Have you considered going to the news media? I’ve seen prior stories of soldiers returning home who need help & there have been many different types of drives. One soldier got his home remodeled for free because he came home without his legs & he had trouble maneuvering his wheelchair around his house & just to exit his home.

      Also, look into SSI for your husband.

      Don’t panic or despair. The seas will not always be so turbulent. This too shall pass.

      • Debbie

        I spent two hours last night Friday night looking uip News Stations and sent them emails as to what is going on with unemployment and the Senators.We will see if it gets on any of the News. It was not only sent in Ca. where I live but I sent to News Stations in other states. If it came upon internet and I could send an email I sent it.I do not care what state it goes to. We are all in this together and we are the only ones that seem to care about what happens to the unemployed. I am praying that this hits all news channels across America.

  183. sushiboo


    I can provide information on your question about retroactive payments:

    This is from the the unemployed workers site: site:

    Clarifying Eligibility for the New Extension (October 29, 2009)

    “Friends-We understand that many of you may be under the impression that once the unemployment extension bill is passed, it won’t apply to anyone who has already run out of benefits. Let us assure you that is NOT correct. If you have exhausted your full range of federally funded benefits before the passage of this bill, you WILL be eligible for these additional weeks. In that sense, the bill is retroactive in its reach. However, in another important aspect, the bill is NOT retroactive. You will not receive a lump sum payment dating back to the time when you exhausted benefits. The benefits will only be paid going forward. We know this creates a huge hardship for many of you who exhausted benefits weeks or months ago, and it is one of the things we have been speaking about most strongly as this bill has been delayed time and time again. We know you are falling deeper into debt with each passing week, and we are sorry to say that there is just no possible way that these benefits could have ever been designed to be paid retroactively. However, once the bill is passed, you will know that you will have an additional 14 or 20 weeks to depend on going forward, and we hope that provides you with some measure of reassurance.”


    Since I am not in a position to be able to do anything to help you, your “Jarhead,” and your family, I will do the only thing I can, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  184. crunch

    Thanks Emanon for that 10/30 info on the bill, “a glimmer of hope is on the horizon”. Let’s all hope for the best next week! :)

  185. Emanon


    For help with utilities or heat for your home:

    NY has a program to help pay for electrity & heat. It’s called HEAP (Home Energy Assistant Program). Here is the website:

    For help with food:

    Go to a food pantry for groceries. If you can’t find one, call your local Catholic church (even if you are not Catholic). They will direct you the nearest food pantry.

    For help with clothing:

    There are non-profit ogranizations where you can go for winter coats, jackets, etc.

    Check your area for organizations ilke the Knights of Columbus or the Sons of Italy. Those groups do a lot of charitable work. Tell them your husband’s situation. They may be able to do a drive to help raise money to help your family.

    Also, you may consider babysitting. Have the parents bring the kids to your house since you can’t leave your home. Print up flyers and post them at grocery stories. Tell your neighbors you are available for babysitting. If they don’t need a babysitter, they may know of someone who does need a babysitter.

  186. Emanon

    Do you know that:

    On November 20, 2008, the Senate passed the 2nd extension of unemployment benefits (HR6867).

    Senator Harry Reid had to bring a cloture motion on the bill on November 19, 2008. The bill was voted on November 20, 2008.

    6 Senators voted No. They are:

    Barrasso (R-NY)
    Coburn (R-OK)
    DeMint (R-SC)
    Enzi (R-NV)
    Hatch (R-UT)
    Inhofe (R-Ok)

    These 6 Senators also voted No on the cloture motion on the current bill (3548) on October 27, 2009.

    4 Senators did not vote on November 20, 2008. They are:

    Biden (D-DE) – Our current VP
    Chambliss (R-GA)
    Lincoln (D-AR)
    Sununu (R-NH) – He lost his bid for re-election that year.

  187. sushiboo

    From “Today’s Inspiration”

    October 31, 2009 ~ Quote of the Day:

    “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

    – Franklin D. Roosevelt

  188. Juliette

    Thank you for all of the helpful replies…it hurts a lot to lose weeks of money…but trust me getting any money at all is my main concern.

    We now go to the food pantry at the VA and HEAP does not kick in until Nov. 2nd…so I have to call back. We are okay with clothes and coats (I am happy to have all boys so I can do the hand-me-downs even with shoes! LOL!).

    My Marine’s grandfather was “head” of the Knight of Columbus in MA…I am going to give him a buzz to see what he says about getting some help from them.

    I might consider the babysitting idea…I am just not really comfortable caring for other folks kids. I can deal with my own children’s toilet issues, but I get queasy if they are not my kids LOL!! UGH HAA!!!

    I might try my hand at house keeping in my apartment complex. I can go for an hour or two and not worry about being gone too long.

    One of the reasons I don’t use my Jarhead’s name is for privacy…he won’t publicize his problems because half of them are mental mood disorders. He is WAY too proud to let anyone outside of the family know. I am just thankful he told the VA about it.

    It will be a HUGE load of stress off of his back to get UI benefits back. He was at the VA yesterday and they put him on Xanax to calm the panicky feelings.

    I am going to write to Senator Reid once the Bill passes….and thank him from the bottom of my heart. What a fighter he is. Orrin Hatch…..well it leaves me scratching my head that he was close with Ted Kennedy….seems pretty cold hearted to me.

    (((HUGS))) and Semper Fi :-}

    • sushiboo


      I just realized something that is extremely important I tell you from my own experience. It’s unasked for advice, so, toss if it sounds stupid to you; but if my experience can help you, or anyone else for that matter, I don’t care. I also apologize to everyone for the length.

      My ex and I went through some incredibly horribly financially awful times. We had our own business and our credo was we had to pay our employees first. Our employees had placed their faith in us and as a result our first responsibility was to them. As a side note, they were all such wonderful people if we’d asked them to do what is being asked now, pay cuts, etc., they would have done it in a heart beat. I had a long-haired, pony-tailed, mustached biker who would take care of my 2 year old when they came in because he wanted to be “out with the guys,” lol, (we were working out of our house). He could not have been a better caretaker in any possible way. I miss him to this day.

      Okay, I’m straying off topic. When our business for lots of reason started tanking and we owed a lot of money, in my delusion world, I decided we would do nothing, I mean nothing except pay our bills. It seemed “responsible.” I learned the hard way this was the wrong what to deal with financial catastrophe.

      So long, long story short I have to two things to say:

      1) True fact: My girlfriend’s ex-husband spent his ENTIRE life working toward paying off his house to enjoy it when he retired. FACT: He died of an excruciatingly painful form of facial cancer when he was 61. His was a life wasted delaying happiness for the future: “When . . .” You fill in the blank.

      2) Take a bit of money, I’m not talking a lot, but take a bit and spend it on you, Jarhead and the kids. AND DON’T FEEL GUILTY. I learned the hard way, not only will it keep you going, it will make you stronger because you don’t feel cut off from life. I am not talking about being irresponsible in any way, but even if it’s just a bag of holiday marshmallows, that’s my point.

      I’m tired, and I won’t lie, I have my own set of stresses in this mess, so if this isn’t written perfectly, know it is written from experience, and much more importantly, from the heart.

      Take what works for you, and throw away the rest. If figure if anything negative in my life’s experience can help you, or anyone else, then at least it had a purpose.

      Affectionately, Sushi

      • Juliette

        Sushi…beautifully written from the heart…I especially like the point made about ~live, be happy and enjoy the PRESENT~

        I find myself checking OpenCongress for a change..EVEN THOUGH I KNOW THERE WON’T BE ONE LOL!! Sigh…sometimes it is very necessary to take a step back and breathe.

        The Xanax is great…he is calm, happy and not harassing me about something being out of place….Marine’s tend to be a bit anal retentive LOL!

        By the way, I am a biker (riding sport and dirt bikes for 35 years) I have not found a finer character than in the fellow bikers I roll with.

        Just a note about the money not being retroactive….well I am sure you can imagine that the news did not go over well with my Devil Dog…..but I am really really glad that I was able to warn him ahead of time so that he would not have an unrealistic expectation of what would end up in the account. If it were not for this site…we might have had yet ANOTHER huge disappointment…at least now we know.


  189. sushiboo


    You know, it never ever occurred to me that Jarhead was anything but a sweet term of endearment. I like it, but then I inherited a nickname tendency from my dad, he nicknamed everyone and everything. For example: Toyota was Toyucca, I know, lol, really, really, bad, huh?

    While I completely understand his desire for privacy, please, please, please try to get him to understand that “mental mood disorders” are nothing, nothing, to be ashamed of and especially considering what he’s been through. By that I am certainly not suggesting he proclaim it to the world, but until he realizes for himself it is nothing be ashamed of and that he is not defective (while I hate to generalize, many people do view themselves being defective in situations like his) it will hold back his recovery. If he is willing to go, seeing a therapist can be amazingly helpful; I speak from experience. And, therapy is yet another thing not to be ashamed of. We all need help sometimes and besides the obvious reasons for going, I personally found talking to someone outside of my immediate circle of family and friends helped tremendously because I didn’t feel I was burdening them as much and had one less thing to feel guilty about.

    Xanax can be very, very helpful in reducing anxiety. I know it has really helped me get through some days when the world is just absolutely overwhelming. Please don’t let people start freaking you out about addiction; like any drug, used properly it is very beneficial.

    Jarhead is very lucky to have your for his wife.

    Fondly, Sushi

  190. crunch

    Republicans will vote against cloture because they want votes on two amendments, one to bar ACORN from receiving federal funds and one to do something or other about illegal immigrants. Since the House passed its version of the bill five weeks ago, over 125,000 people have exhausted their unemployment benefits. Meanwhile, however, there is bipartisan support for extending or even increasing the first-time home buyer’s tax credit, implemented as part of this year’s earlier stimulus package and currently set at $8,000. Johnny Isakson, a Republican senator from Georgia, wants to up the credit to $15,000 and extend it to anyone who buys a home…

    [If] there’s any bill that ought to be sailing through the Senate in the midst of the worst recession since 1945, it’s the extended unemployment benefits bill; and if there’s a form of stimulus spending that ought to meet with severe scepticism in the Senate, it’s the tax credit for homebuyers, especially buyers who already own homes. But that’s not how things seem to be working these days.

    I live in Ga. and can tell you Isakson is in the real estate business. Are we crafting a self-serving deal Johnny?

    • Emanon


      The Republican Senators agreed to drop the amendments on ACORN & immigration (E-Verify). Senator Reid said this on CSPAN on 10/29/09 when he was debating Senator McConnell. They are no longer fighting over these 2 amendments.

      The 2 remaining Republican Amendments deal with TARP & how to pay for the extension of the unemployment benefits.

      There were 2 TARP amendments. 1 was agreed to by the Democrats & 1 was rejected. The 2nd TARP amendment was by Senator John Thune (R-SD). It deals with when to sunset TARP. This is the amendment that the House of Represenative said they will NOT pass.

      The amendment on how to pay for the extension of the unemployment benefits is by Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE).

      • sushiboo


        I never cease to admire how you stay on top of the issue, the Republican’s intransigence and are able to explain it all.



  191. To neil levine


    There is so much misinformation on various boards on the internet (such as washingtonwatch, opencongress & four pillars). I found that, when I went on those boards, I had to spend a lot of time verifying the information provided there. So, I decided to get 1st hand information whenever possible, rather than relying on those boards.

    Moreover, on those other sites, there are too many nuts & troublemakers. However, they may be coming here soon. I saw several posts on washingtonwatch telling the folks there about this board. Once the nuts & troublemakers from there come here, this board will turn into a zoo, filled with misinformation.

  192. Emanon


    The above message was intended for you.

  193. crunch

    Thanks for the update Emanon, were you a political science major, lol? I know we’ve discussed this funding issue before, and it’s only $14 yr. extra per employee…but this seems to be a really big deal to the GOP. Why can’t some TARP funds be used, the banks and corporations got enough of them? I think you said they have prior commitments for those funds, but what could be more important that breaking this stalemate and getting the funds out to the American people that need them so badly? Once this bill finally does make it through, how long do you think it will take for the funds to get in peoples hands? I was reading a Fl. blog that they were told 4-6 weeks later, that’s absurd! I think you said 2 weeks, in a previous post. I hope your right, but every state is different. Have a good day, and let’s hope for the best next week!

    • Emanon


      Regarding TARP:

      From wikipedia:

      “The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is a program of the United States government to purchase assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen its financial sector.”

      The unemployed is not an asset or equity from a financial instiution, so TARP money can’t be used.

      Regarding the funding for the pending extension:

      I listened to Senator Mike Johanns’ (R-NE) speech last week on CSPAN regarding his amendment. He does not want businesses to pay for this extra .02% tax for the next 18 months. This tax is one-fifth of one percent. Senator Johanns misled people into thinking only small businesses have to pay this tax. He said, if you tax small businesses, they won’t create jobs & they will go out of business.

      This tax applies to all businesses across the board, whether you are a small company or the largest corporation.

      What group is part of the Republican base? Large corporations. The Republican Senators do not want to tax the Republican base. These Republican Senators are fighting to protect the corporations instead of trying to help the people.

      The crazy thing is that this .02% tax will cost the employers only $14.00 for the entire year for each employee. Any company who cannot pay this $14.00 a year tax should not be in business.

      Some Republican Senators say we can’t afford to pay for this extension, but they don’t tell the American public that this bill (as written by the Democrats) will pay for itself AND generate an extra $200 Million Dollars. That extra $200 Million Dollars can be used to pay for other things or reduce the deficit.

      Regarding Stimulus money:

      They can’t use stimulus money because all those funds have been allotted for different projects and people. If they use stimulus money to pay for the extension, they have to take away money from someone or some project.

      Also, the Republicans were against the stimulus to begin with. I think this is another attempt by the Republican Senators to mess with the stimulus, which only 3 Republican Senators voted for. 1 of those 3 Republican Senators became a Democrat shortly thereafter (Senator Arlen Spector from PA).

      Regarding when to get paid:

      It depends on each state. In NY, we were told, if the bill is pass this week, we will get our 1st check on the week of 11/15/09.

      Regarding the stalemate:

      Unfortunately, the Senate is operating by its own rules. In order to change their own rules 2/3 of the Senators must agree to any proposed changes.

      I really think the bill will pass this week. Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) is a co-sponsor of SA2712. Your buddy (Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA)) became a co-sponsor as of 10/30/09. He got his amendment accepted, so his is happy. These are the only 2 Republican co-sponsors. There are several Democratic co-sponsors.

      If Monday’s cloture motion is passed, AND IF the Republicans do not object again, they can vote on the bill as early as Tuesday. The House of Representatives said they are expecting the bill to go back to them this week & they are ready to vote on it.

      Regarding me:

      I’m just unemployed like everyone else, trying to find a job & to stay afloat until this economic storm blows over. I try to learn as much as I can instead of relying on message boards, which often give wrong information.

  194. Emanon


    Go to the following site for a breakdown of how the stimulus money is to be spent.

  195. crunch


    Thanks again for clarifying things. I certainly don’t think a business w/ say 25 employees will fold if they have to pay an additional $350 in surtax. In addition, larger corporations like WalMart (who is making record profits during this downturn, selling cheap imported goods) can well afford it. Like you said, it’s all about idealogical differences between the left & right. If TARP funds can’t be an alternative, the Pubs need to be good sports (as hard for them it might be) and swallow the bitter pill. They have made the middle class suffer more than long enough. As far as their base is concerned, I would venture to say they’ve already lost many of their middle class voters over this…no matter how much they like guns, self reliance, religion, and country, because family and financial security come first, and the GOP Senators have been messing w/ theirs! Let’s hold our breath, and hope for the best next week, even thou it looks good…nothing surprises me anymore regarding these polititians.

    Oh, by the way Isakson is NO BUDDY of mine! lol

  196. crunch


  197. Sushiboo


    In reply to yours about nuts and troublemakers potentially coming here, heavens I hope not. That’s been one of the things I like best about this board: no trolls. Good information and truly kind people who care about one another. Besides disseminating misinformation (intentionally or not), several people have been very brave and opened their hearts here and I don’t want to see anyone needlessly hurt. I saw this happening on the OpenCongress site and one of the posters had a clever avatar, it was some kind of small furry animal with Ø across it and the message, “Don’t Feed The Trolls.” He kept repeating this post after post after post until, like my son told me, they do this just to get a reaction: don’t answer them, ignore them and they will go away. Everyone ignored the jerk and he/she disappeared. If nuts and troublemakers do show up maybe they can be shut down by depriving them of the attention they seek and they will disappear in the same manner and we can skip obtaining zoning status for becoming a zoo.

  198. Sushiboo

    From LA Times Sunday Business Section, 11/01/09:

    “Costco to Accept Food Stamps”

    “Costco Wholesale Corp. says it will start accepting food stamps at its warehouse clubs nationwide after testing them at stores in New York.

    It’s a big about-face for a retailer that has catered to bargain-hunting but affluent shoppers, and it’s a sign of the grim reality facing retailers and their customers. The number of Americans relying on government food subsidies to eat recently hit a record 36 million.

    Executives said they had doubted that many customers in the New York test would use food stamps, but it turned out that new members said they were joining precisely because the Issaquah, Wash., company accepted the assistance program.

    Costco said it hoped to accept food stamps at half of its 407 stores in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by Thanksgiving and at the remainder as soon as it wins regulatory approval in each state.”

    Quote from second section of article entitled: “Shoppers Return to Buying Top Brands”,0,3104530.story


  199. Sushiboo

    I don’t know if any of you feel this way, but as someone who in my profession who is supposed to be an excellent proofreader I get very embarrassed when I later see typos, or more often contextual or glaring grammatical errors in my posts. But, often when you write you see what you are “thinking or hearing in your brain,” especially if it is a topic close to your heart. The hardest work to proof is your own. I really wish like on Newsvine you were given an opportunity to review and correct your posts before they are finalized. Okay, yes, I admit it: I’m anal retentive and something of a control freak (I mean doesn’t this post prove the point?), but when you work in the legal field you get a little nutsy. Okay, a lot nutsy. And with my luck there will be an error(s) in this. Maybe a twelve step program for posters . . . ?

  200. Sushiboo


    Your kinds words about my post to you really mean a lot to me during these difficult times.

    Thank you. ::hugs::


  201. Emanon

    This morning, I was checking to see if any Senators filed any more amendments after Senator Reid’s cloture motion. On 10/29/09 (before Senator Reid) filed his cloture motion, 2 more Republican amendments were filed.

    1 amendment was by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) & the other was by Senators Robert Bennett (R-UT) & John Thune (R-SD).

    Senator Sessions’ latest amendment (SA2710) deals with E-Verify. His earlier amendment was SA2695, which was the immigration amendment. Senator Sessions’ latest amendment (SA2710) prohibits anyone from receiving unemployment benefits until after his/her identity & employment eligibility have been verified through the E-Verify program.

    The amendment by Senators Bennett & Thune (SA2711) deals with ending TARP. Currently, TARP is scheduled to end on 12/31/09, but it can be extended for another 2 years. The Bennett-Thune amendment proposes to strike the termination & extension provisions in TARP.

    Senators can propose more amendments to the bill extending unemployment benefits as late as this afternoon. They have until 3 pm to file 1st degree amendment & 4 p.m. for 2nd degree amendments.

    Let’s hope the amendment tree will block all unrelated amendments.

  202. Emanon

    Please watch CSPAN2 today at 5 pm EST for the vote on the cloture motion.

  203. Elissa

    What is E-Verify and how does it relate to us?

  204. Emanon


    The following site explains what is E-Verify:

    “E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows an employer, using information reported on an employee’s Form I-9, to determine the eligibility of that employee to work in the United States. For most employers, the use of E-Verify is voluntary and limited to determining the employment eligibility of new hires only.”

    I think Senator Sessions’ amendment (2710) would prohibit those using false identities and illegal aliens from collecting unemployment benefits. I don’t have a problem with this amendment as long as it does not delay benefits to those who are eligible to receive benefits.

  205. Stephanie

    I am so confused, baffled and disgusted by all of this. As I have stated in the past… I am a single mother of 3 with no EARNED income whatsoever. I get child support ordered thru the courts which gives me 4$ too much to get a foodstamp??? My unemployment ended a month ago and I am wondering where the rent is going to come from.. the lights and heat.. NEW ENGLAND weather is crazy and I have already had to put on the heat for my toddler.
    I worked all my life… and refused to be a statistic… a Welfare grubbing mother.

  206. Just a reader...

    I’ve been hearing rumors that anyone filing for unemployment benefits may be subject to a drug test. While I think that could be a good idea, won’t it just be another way of delaying benefits and incurring more expenses that many of us simply cannot afford? Or is that merely another rumor floating through the grapevine?

    • Emanon

      Just a reader:

      I have not heard that rumor. There is nothing in the pending bill which requires any type of drug test. Also, if it did, then you get the ACLU involved.

  207. Elissa

    Thanks for the reply Emanon, now I understand e-verify. I sure hope this does not slow up our processing either.

    As for the drug testing I hope they overlook the drugs I need to treat my psoriasis which the Dr. says is stress related.

  208. Just a reader...

    Thanks – the drug testing wouldn’t matter to me, but I can definitely understand how it would affect some people. Until this bill passes, best of luck to all.

  209. crunch

    5pm Roll call vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the substitute amendment to H.R.3548, the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009.
    Convenes: 2:00pm
    MOrning Business until 4:00pm with senators permitted to speak for up to 10 minutes each.
    4:00pm resume H.R.3548, Unemployment Benefits Extension Act of 2009.

    There is a 3:00pm filing deadline for first degree amendments and 4:00pm filing deadline for second degree amendments to HR3548.

    5:00pm cloture vote on the Reid-Baucus substitute amendment to H.R.3548.

  210. Emanon

    Hooray! Senator John Thune (R-SD) said on CSPAN2 that Senator Harry Reid filled the amendment tree, so his amendment on TARP will not be considered. YES — one less irrelevant amendment to contend with. Go Senator Reid.

  211. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 – Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE) is bitching that his amendment won’t be debated or voted on because of the amendment tree. Senator Johanns must be on drugs because he said “it is the other side” that has been blocking the vote on the bill extending unemployment benefits.

    Doesn’t Senator Johanns (R-NE) know that Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Jon Kyl (R-AZ) & Orrin Hatch (R-UT) were ones objecting & blocking the debate & vote of this bill. These folks are on his side of the aisle. They are not on “the other side.”

  212. Glacier...............

    As of right now these a**holes in the Senate are voting on whether or not to continue to debate on Unemployment Compensation. I say to hell with the republicans and what they want. The Dems have the majority and they should shove the bill right down their throats. I said this before and I’ll say it again: anybody who votes for the republicans and is not wealthy should now feel like an idiot. If it’s anything that going to help the working man or the poor the republicans are guaranteed to be against it damn near 100%.

    These dweebs are voting on whether or not to debate on the matter and not whether to extend the benefits.

  213. Sushiboo

    I’m not sure who is living in an alternative universe, us or them? Or is it as simple as a Congressional prerequisite for Republicans to be allowed in Congress that they have had to have been dropped on their heads at birth?

  214. Andy

    OK so it seems as though they successfully ended debate. Now What? Another day or week before the actual vote on the bill? I hope not for the sake of my family and all the others affected by this terrible economy and the lack of jobs. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Emanon

      If the Republican Senators do not object again, they can vote on the actual bill as early as tomorrow (Tuesday). Today’s vote only cut off all further amendments & debates.

  215. Emanon

    Today’s cloture motion on ending the debate on the unemployment bill passed by a vote of 85 to 2.

    Republican Senators Kit Bond (R-MO) & Jim DeMint (R-SC) were the only 2 who voted No.

  216. Glacier...............

    The clowns in the Senate just voted 85 to 2 to stop debating on the Unemployment bill. I would hope that this would mean that they will actually vote on the bill itself next.

  217. Elissa

    Please when you get your checks , do not buy any imported foreign garbage.. If its not made here , dont buy it, Put Americans back to work

  218. Emanon

    Re: Today’s cloture motion

    2 Senators voted No:

    Bond (R-MO)
    DeMint (R-SC).

    13 Senators who did not vote:

    Bennett (R-UT)
    Bunning (R-KY)
    Coburn (R-OK)
    Corker (R-TN)
    Cornyn (R-TX)
    Gregg (R-NH)
    Hutchison (R-TX)
    Isakson (R-GA)
    Leahy (D-VT)
    McCaskill (D-MO)
    Menendez (D-NJ)
    Murkowski (R-AK)
    Sessions (R-AL)

  219. Emanon

    Here is the Senate’s calendar for Tuesday, 11/3/09:

    Convenes: 10:00am
    Recess from 10:15am until 11:30am to allow for a Joint Meeting of Congress.
    At 10:30am, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will address a Joint Meeting of Congress. Senators are encouraged to gather in the Senate Chamber at 10:00am so that senators may proceed as a body to the Hall of the House at 10:15am.

    Following the Joint Meeting, the Senate will resume consideration of H.R.3548, Unemployment Benefits Extension Act of 2009, post-cloture.

    The Senate will recess from 12:30pm until 2:15pm to allow for the weekly caucus luncheons.

  220. lance

    I’ve been tuning in with everything that has been said by everyone, I especially appreciate your efforts and generosity in providing us with fair and balance information. I have literally learned a great deal about how our congress behaves during a time of such urgency!
    I sincerely applaud everyone for being mature in our comments to one another, because i have been on other sight’s where people are bickering ridiculously! with one another. I am very hopeful we will hear the verdict we are waiting for this week! I hope and pray, we all rebound in a much blessed future to come!

    • Emanon


      I agree with you about the other sites. I don’t like unnecessary arguments. People can agree to disagree. What prompted me to post as much information I could find was to counter all the misinformation on various sites.

  221. Emanon

    As of last night, the Republican Senators were still objecting to the vote on the bill. After the vote on the cloture motion, Senator Jeanne Shaheen said around 7:10 pm EST the following:

    Mrs. SHAHEEN. Mr. President, the
    Senate has just voted on a motion to
    advance the Unemployment Compensation
    Extension Act. This is the second
    time—that is right, the second time—
    we voted on this critical legislation.
    But, unfortunately, opponents of the
    extension are still holding it up.

  222. david

    they passed a cloture vote last week, did nothing.
    if the senate dems are really behind you they will stay late tonight to vote this thing through already!!! if they dont??? well you tell me.

    • Emanon

      Cloture is invoked to break the Republicans’ filibuster.

      The Republican Senators would not let this bill be debated. So, Senator Reid had to bring the 1st cloture motion to end the Republicans’ filibuster on preventing this bill from being debated. The motion was passed by a vote of 87 to 13 on October 27, 2009.

      The Republican Senators then would not end the debates & kept proposing one irrelevant amendment after another. The Republican Senators wanted a debate on each one of their irrelevant amendments.

      Senator Reid had to bring the 2nd cloture motion to end the debates & amendments. That motion was passed by a vote of 85 to 2 on November 2, 2009.

      After the passing the each cloture motion, the Republicans get a 30 hour stall time. Those are the Rules of the Senate.

      Senator Reid & the Democratic Senators cannot do anything until this 30 hours of stall time expire. They are working under the Rules of the Senate.

      If Senator Reid did not bring these cloture motions, this bill would not have moved. At least, there has been progress thanks to the efforts of Senator Reid & the other Democratic Senators.

      If you want to do something constructive with your anger, write to the Republican Senators. They are the ones who are blocking & objecting to the progress & vote of this bill.

      Before you start critizing the Democratic Senators, who have been trying to get this bill passed, don’t you think you should know the rules they have to work under?

  223. david

    2nd cloture passed = “ending the debate on the unemployment bill” yet all the reps have to do to hold this cloture up is object???? this is all bullshit in my opinion!!!!!

  224. crunch


    My understanding was after 30 hours the Dems could force a vote on this… am I missing something, how can the GOP opponents hold this bill up any longer?

    • Emanon


      One of the Senate’s reports on Cloture said the following:

      If the Senators who wish to expedite passage of a bill also support a pending amendment to the
      bill, they cannot invoke cloture on the bill without also killing the amendment they support. Their
      alternative is to ask the Senate to invoke cloture on the amendment, not on the bill. Doing so
      protects the amendment from becoming subject to the germaneness requirement. After the Senate
      agrees to the amendment, however, it may be necessary for the Senate to invoke cloture a second time, on the bill as amended.

      This paragraph in this report seems to suggest that a 3rd cloture motion maybe required.

      However, I spoke with Senator Chuck Schumer’s office (D-NY) this morning. His office said they will not have to bring a 3rd cloture motion to get this bill voted & passed. They just have to wait out the 30 hours of Republican stall time. The 30 hours will expire early Wednesday morning (around 12 midnight or 1 am).

      The fact that these Republican Senators are going to make everyone wait out the 30 hours underscore their vicious & spiteful attitudes.

      The Democratic Senators are willing to vote now to pass the bill. The House of Representatives said they are ready to vote & pass the bill once the Senate sends it over. Pres. Obama said he will sign as soon as Congress sends him the bill.

      Don’t be surprised, when the vote on the bill takes place, many Republican Senators will vote in favor of the bill. They just want to stall as long as they can to make everyone suffer.

  225. Just a reader...

    So my interpretation of all this, and please correct me if I’m wrong, is that perhaps the Senate will pass this bill Wednesday morning and President Obama will sign by week’s end? Does that mean there may be hope for all of us in having our benefits available immediately or is there a state-by-state delay process next?

    Emanon – thank you so very much for your explanations – especially from those of us who are (were??) not as savvy with how our government actually works. I’ve learned more than I wanted to, but it is valuable information for my future voting!

    • Emanon

      Just a reader:

      Once the Senate passes the bill, it goes back to the House of Representatives for a vote. Then, the bill goes to Pres. Obama for his signature.

      Your own state decides when to dole out the money. In NY, we were told we will get our money on the week of 11/15. Other people have said their states will take longer. Call your state’s Department of Labor to find out how quickly will you get your first check once the bill is passed.

      I don’t have any special skills. I just take the time to research & read everything I can find to learn what is going on.

  226. crunch

    Emanon, do we know the names of the Pubs that are stalling, and their phone numbers…they need to hear from a million souls that are fed up & pissed w/ this game they’re playing. I will post info to several blog sites asap!

    • Emanon

      The Republican Senators take their marching orders from their leadership. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is the Republican Senate Leader. Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is his Deputy.

      Even if Republican Senators want to vote on this bill sooner, they can’t because they have to do what McConnell & Kyl tell them & present a united front.

  227. crunch

    Sen. Kyl 202-224-4521
    fax 202-224-2207

    Sen. McConnel 202-224-2541
    fax 202-224-2499

    call them today 11/3 and voice your anger for holding up this bill 3548! The rest of the GOP get their marching orders from these two!

  228. Juliette

    “Don’t be surprised, when the vote on the bill takes place, many Republican Senators will vote in favor of the bill. They just want to stall as long as they can to make everyone suffer.”


  229. david

    ok, big sigh —-> hypothetically if all goes well
    this last 30 hours will they call for a vote late tonight?? i would think that would be a good way of showing the reps that if they would have cooperated
    they wouldnt be voting on a bill at midnight!!! or better yet do it about 2 in the morning!!

    • Emanon

      It is unlikely they will hold a vote in the wee hours of the morning. There are several Senators who are senior citizens. Several Senators are not in good health. Senator Robery Byrd (D-WV) is in a wheelchair. There is a 2nd Senator in a wheelchair – I think it is Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD).

      Even if they held a midnight vote & the bill passes, they can’t do anything with the bill until the House is in session.

      Last week, Senator Harry Reid said he has been working with Congressman Steny Hoyer (the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives) on this bill. Congressman Hoyer is on board with the amendments made in the Senate. The House is ready to vote as soon as they get the bill.

      If they vote on this bill tomorrow (Wednesday, 11/4), the House will do its part to push the bill through. Pres. Obama said he will sign it as soon as the bill is sent to him from Congress.

      Everyone is on board on getting this bill passed, except for the Republican Senators, who won’t give up the 30-hours of stall time.

  230. Emanon

    Watch CSPAN2 now – Senator Harry Reid is speaking about the bill.

  231. Emanon

    On CSPAN2 – Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) said the Republican Senators will NOT give up the 30-hour stall time. Therefore, this bill cannot be voted on today. The Republican Senators’ 30-hour stall time expires early morning on Wednesday, 11/4. The bill can be voted on then.

    Just My Opinion:
    The Republican Senators are not giving up the 30-hour stall time out of spite and viciousness. There is absolutely no reason why the Republican Senators will not agree to hold the vote today.

  232. Glacier...............

    The republicans are back on health care………….sigh. How will I know if I’m hired for a job when my phones are turned off?!

  233. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 this pm – Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) said the Republicans took their time on this bill “to allow them to improve the bill.” They have had this bill since 9/22/09. What type of improvements did the Republican Senators proposed to the bill – amendments regarding ACORN, immigration, E-Verify, TARP, credit for home buyers, carry-back accounting for businesses, etc. How do these amendments improve the bill for the unemployed?

    These Republican Senators make me sick. They tell so many lies that they think their lies are the truth.

    Today was the local elections in my jurisdiction. Anyone with a R next to his or her name did NOT get my vote.

  234. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 – Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) was blatantly lying about what happened for the past several weeks regarding this bill. Please go to CSPAN2 to watch the replay for yourselves. I can’t even begin to sum it up what he said. All I can say is lies, lies, and more lies.

  235. Glacier...............

    Emanon, I feel you. It was voting time in my jurisdiction too and no republican got my vote either. Dem Dick Durbin is getting on the republicans now about ACORN and how that doesn’t have anything to do with unemployment. I’m still amazed how poor and middle class people of a certain demographic continue to vote for republicans. It’s mind boggling!

    The republicans have at the most three more days to delay the inevitable.

  236. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 – Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said 600,000 Americans have lost their benefits already. The final bill includes Republican amendments, but the Republicans are not happy that ALL of their amendments were not included, so they are still blocking the bill from a vote.

    Senator Durbin also said there is no reason why this bill cannot be voted today. He wants the vote on the bill today. However, Republican Senators insist on burning off the clock for 30 hours.

  237. Emanon

    Shown on CSPAN2 – Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) said 26 million Americans are unemployed. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the recession is over. Senator Sanders said the recession may be over for the banks but not for the families.

    Senator Sanders also said:
    Poverty is increasing.
    The middle class is shrinking.
    Gap between wealthy & poor is widening.
    Greed & illegal behavior of Wall Street caused the economic problem.
    People are losing their homes, pensions & life savings.
    He wants unemployment extended.
    He wants “the crooks on Wall Street” to be held accountable for causing this economic crisis.
    He wants “the crooks on Wall Street” be put in jail.

    Other Democratic Senators have also spoken out on passing the bill today, such as Senators Patty Murray (D-WA) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH).

  238. david

    SO WHEN IS THE VOTE??????????????????????????

  239. crunch

    Well, I think the health care reform bill has a lot to do w/ the Pubs stalling…..their a bunch of spoiled sulking babies doing all this out of spite.

    This is a response for the poster that couldn’t understand why poor and middle class vote GOP. Those folks simply can’t see the forest for the trees! The GOP likes to use things like race, religion, guns, and patriotism to get their votes…then leaves them out in the cold, economically speaking. It’s a joke.

  240. Emanon

    On CSPAN2 – Senator Durbin (D-IL) just said there will be a cloture vote on this bill tomorrow at 12:15 p.m.

  241. lance

    After this next vote! does it mean we have to wait another 30 hrs or does it then go for another vote! and then Obama?

  242. lance

    Is there anything the Rep can do now to not have this vote pushed through, or is going to pass regardless what the do?

  243. Emanon

    There may be 2 votes tomorrow on this bill. 1st vote on the cloture motion & 2nd vote on the actual bill.

    Tonight on CSPAN2, Senator Dick Durbin spoke after Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and it happened around 7 p.m. Senator Durbin said there was going to a cloture vote tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. It also said something about the time being charged back to 11:45.

    Other sites are reporting that Senator Durbin said, even though the cloture motion will take place tomorrow at 12:15 p.m., they are going to treat the vote on the cloture motion as though it happened at 11:45 p.m. tonight.

    If that is the case, then the 30 hours stall time on the 3rd cloture motion will expire during the day tomorrow & the actual bill can be vote on tomorrow afternoon or evening.

    I have been trying to find a link to the actual CSPAN2 coverage or to today’s transcript of the Senate proceedings. won’t publish today’s transcript until tomorrow.

    If anyone finds a link to today’s CSPAN2 coverage or a link to today’s transcript of the Senate proceedings, please post the link.

  244. Emanon

    The vote on the actual bill may happen tomorrow. Read the following article.

    Article from The Washington Independent:

    The Senate will hold a procedural vote tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. to limit debate on legislation extending unemployment benefits in all states, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) just announced on the chamber floor. Senate rules mandate that the final vote can’t come earlier than 30 hours after the cloture vote. To expedite final passage, however, Durbin also stipulated that the 30-hour clock be considered started at 11:45 p.m. Tuesday night — meaning the final vote could come Thursday morning, rather than much later in the day. Unless, of course, an agreement is struck with Republican leaders on amendments to the bill, in which case the proposal could pass the Senate even earlier.

    • Sushiboo

      “Unless, of course, an agreement is struck with Republican leaders on amendments to the bill, in which case the proposal could pass the Senate even earlier.”

      Hope springs eternal.

      • Emanon

        Sorry. I made a mistake with the time. If the 30-hour clock starts running at 11:45 p.m., the 30-hours on the 3rd cloture motion will expire at 5:45 a.m. on Thursday, November 5th. The vote can take place on Thursday not Wednesday.

  245. Emanon

    The following link is to an article from The Washington Independent, explaining why they could not vote on the actual bill today.

  246. Sushiboo

    I read the Washington Independent article the Emanon posted.

    McConnell really is an @$$hole. Perhaps if he had a couple of kids and didn’t know where their next meal was coming from, had no heat, or housing he might quit playing schoolyard bully. The fact that this elected official is playing with people’s lives to hold the Senate hostage to push his party’s political agenda through at their expense gives a new definition to the word obscene.

    • Emanon

      Kyl is just as bad. Last week, Kyl said no one has exhausted his/her benefits yet. Last week & today, Kyl said it is not the Republicans who are stalling.

      Today, Kyl said they could have voted on this bill 2 weeks ago, if the Democrats had allowed “3 small Republican amendments.” They were not small amendments. They proposed changes to TARP & to the stimulus.

      The Republican Senators proposed about 10 amendments. 2 were accepted by the Democrats and incorporated into the final version of the bill. Because the Republican Senators couldn’t get all of their unrelated amendments into the unemployment bill, they blocked the vote AGAIN.

  247. Emanon

    Please read the following article from The Huffington Post for an explanation why the Senators talk about everything but the unemployment bill & why this bill can’t be vote on sooner.

  248. Sushiboo

    If the information I have is correct, is there is really no way to hurt Kyl as he’s not running again. Please tell me I am wrong. He needs to understand the consequences of his actions and be held accountable. I still don’t know for sure if I will even benefit by this bill. In CA, you can’t call the Dept. of Labor, it’s handled by the Employment Development Department (EDD) and unsurprisingly, thanks to Arnold, you can’t even get reliable information there. The last time I called (which took an hour of repeated redials), the woman who took my call had NO access to my files and literally had no information whatsoever on any subject related to the EDD; words fail me. They had just pulled her from the unemployment lines and had her answering calls. She felt bad because she couldn’t help and while I was upset, I couldn’t be angry with her, it wasn’t her fault. It’s utterly insane here in CA.

    While it would be more than very stressful for me if I don’t benefit from this bill, I nevertheless want to see it passed. I cannot stand to see people trampled on by their government and left to fend for themselves in a wilderness they did not create. It is not the country I was born and grew up in. It is not the country I believed my kids would inherit. I simply do not recognize it any more.

    I read the article from the Huffington Post, posted by Emanon, which brings this thought:

    Quoting Major Clipton from the last scene in “Bridge Over The River Kwai:”

    — “Madness! Madness!”

  249. linda

    Unemployment Extension Bill Moves to Final Vote in the Senate (November 3, 2009)
    Friends – last night, the Senate voted 85-2 to close debate on the unemployment extension bill and send it to a final vote. We are hopeful that the overwhelming support for this bill, and the absolute inability to stop or change it, will lead the remaining dissenters to agree to an expedited vote so that the House can then pass the amended bill, and President Obama can sign it. If no agreement can be reached, however, and the Republicans insist on using up all of the possible time they have on this bill, it’s passage won’t happen until Thursday or Friday, which could end up delaying unemployment checks by up to a week in many states.

    While clearly, most Republicans support this bill and want it to move forward, they need to keep hearing how important it is for it to move quickly, so if your Senator(s) are Republican, please do call them and let them know they need to put the needs of their constituents above politics and call for the swift passage of this bill.

    In the meantime, we continue our fight on your behalf.

  250. crunch

    Great news, what time will the vote be, anyone know?…I MUST watch that one! (:

  251. ron

    What is ti stop them from envoking clouture again to keep delaing this >I am on the verge of loosing everything including my 11 year old daughter I just dont have the money to keep things going.I know I’m not alonestarting to get very desperate here in Massachusetts I have already recieved a letter from UI for the additional weeks just waiting for this to pass sorry for rambiling just very nervese and unsure……………….

    • Emanon

      The Republicans have put up a road block to this bill by filibustering the bill. In order to remove the road block, the Democrats have to bring a cloture motion. When a cloture motion is passed, the Republicans get 30-hours of stall time. These are the Senate Rules.

      You say you don’t want another cloture. If there is no cloture, this bill goes nowhwere because of the Republicans’ filibuster (block of the bill).

      This 3rd cloture motion should be the final one. Then, there is a vote on the actual bill, which can take place as early as Thursday morning.

      There is light at the end of this very long tunnel. It does look like this bill WILL PASS this week.

  252. ron

    Thank you for the little ray of hope Emanon you seem to be the only one giving good advise . I have checked many web sites for info and yours seems to be the best by far

    • Emanon

      Here are some suggestions on how to weather this economic storm:

      For Food:

      Go to a food pantry. If you can’t find one, call your nearest Catholic church (even if you are not Catholic). They will be able to direct you to a food pantry.

      Have you tried applying for food stamps?

      For clothing:

      There are organizations which give out free winter coats & clothing.

      For Help with Heat & Utilities:

      Look into any heap programs in MA.

      Joseph Kennedy II has a company called Citizens Energy Corporation. They provide heating oil to those in need. Here is their telephone number in Boston, MA (617) 638-6300.

      You won’t lose your daughter. She’s not going anywhere. Don’t worry about what you can or can’t buy her. Children are resilient. They rather have your time & love instead of things & possessions. You sound like a good dad.

      Here is a Novena (prayer) to St. Joseph. He is the Patron Saint for workers & families.

      St. Joseph, you are the faithful protector and intercessor of all who love and venerate you.
      I have special confidence in you.
      You are powerful with God and will never abandon your faithful servants.
      I humbly invoke you and commend myself with all who are dear to me to your intercession.

      By the love you have for Jesus and Mary, do not abandon me during life and assist me at the hour of my death.
      Glorious St. Joseph, be my guide, my father, and my model through life that I may merit to die as you did in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

      Guardian of the Word Incarnate, I am confident that your prayers on my behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.
      Through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

      The Association of Marian Helpers in Stockbridge, MA has a toll free number: (800) 804-3823.

      You can call them with your petitions (prayer requests). The priests & congregation will pray over your petitions (prayer requests).

      When you really need an urgent SOS, ask to speak with one of the priest when you call.

  253. david

    emanon your reply NOV 3rd 10:24am Senator chuck shumers office “no 3rd cloture vote will be needed” in order for this bill to be voted on and passed. you appear to know alot about procedure,
    yet when i go back and read alot of your comments you seem to spew about the same things i would hear from these senators. HANG IN THERE PEOPLE JUST 30 MORE HOURS 2 DAYS LATER HANG IN THERE PEOPLE GETTING CLOSE 30 MORE HOURS.
    as i have said many times before typical political BS!!!!!!

    • Emanon


      Had you read my entire Nov. 3rd 10:24 a.m. post to crunch, you would have seen that I said:

      “One of the Senate’s reports on Cloture said the following:

      If the Senators who wish to expedite passage of a bill also support a pending amendment to the
      bill, they cannot invoke cloture on the bill without also killing the amendment they support. Their alternative is to ask the Senate to invoke cloture on the amendment, not on the bill. Doing so protects the amendment from becoming subject to the germaneness requirement. After the Senate agrees to the amendment, however, it may be necessary for the Senate to invoke cloture a second time, on the bill as amended.

      This paragraph in this report seems to suggest that a 3rd cloture motion maybe required.”

      The above was what I said yesterday before talking about my conversation with Senator Chuck Schumer’s office.

      This report seems to say a 3rd cloture motion was needed, but when I spoke with Senator Schumer’s office yesterday, his office said they didn’t a 3rd cloture motion. It turned out a 3rd cloture motion was needed.

      The 1st cloture motion was to get this bill debated.
      The 2nd cloture motion was to end the debates & amendments.
      The 3rd cloture motion is on the bill itself.

      After each cloture motion (if it passes), the Republicans get 30-hours of debate time, but I call it stall time.

      Your problem is you complain about things you have no knowledge of. It really underscores your lack of intelligence.

      Why don’t you do your own research and read things for yourself to educate yourself. Instead,
      you post profanity & vulgarity and falsely accuse people of things. You need to educate yourself and many anger management classes.

      If you don’t like my posts, then don’t read it. From now on, I won’t even bother reading your posts.

      • Juliette

        The link you provided has shown me that it is BOTH parties stalling…adding…removing….readding…sigh. It does make sense that the unemployment numbers would reflect a drop off because A LOT of folks are not collecting now considering all these stalls. Lower unemployment makes Dems look good and gets more people on Welfare…UGH. I am feeling sick to my stomach that NONE of those politicians are altruistic. Why attach a Home Buyer credit extension onto a bill that from being stalled is MAKING PEOPLE LOSE THEIR HOMES?!?! The suffering and urgency makes this bill such a hot ticket item….it will be toyed with by both sides until we are all on welfare. Damnit.

  254. Glacier...............

    In all fairness, Emanon has reported everything accurately. Don’t shoot the messenger. As far as I know, the republicans can not block anymore. A voe has to happen this week. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  255. Marshall


    Many thanks for your daily efforts to bring much needed research and information to all of us unemployed / trying to find work / indiviuals. Your postings are proving to be accurate – as of the time you post – and info changes quickly, so your updates can seem frustrating…but, that’s not your fault…you are an excellent “messenger”…blame the Pubs not you. Please don’t let the vulgarity and childish whining from this David character to detract from the appreciation I am sure 10s of thousands of readers have for you. Good job…please keep up the good work! Marshall

  256. crunch


    You’re the one spewing! I’m sure you’re frustrated w/ this political process….as we all are! However, there is no need to attack Emanon, who is only trying to interpret these complicated Senate procedures. Don’t shoot the messenger or blame him for all this crap, but instead call the Republican senators to espouse your discontent- get real!

  257. Juliette

    Frustrated people behave!! Act as if you are in a restaurant and having a conversation. Yes, you might get heated and passionate, but you would be mindful of your tone and that you are speaking to a COMPLETE STRANGER! Emanon, you are a lovely human being and have educated me thoroughly! I did not have to do a bit of research~I just sat back and learned. I did follow up on certain sites to satisfy my curiosity, but that was only because you enlightened me about the topic to begin with. Someone on here wrote something about TROLLS…and feeding them LOL! Maybe it was OpenCongress…but you get the idea :-) I love to get positive and kind attention, so while you take the time to ignore someone…feel free to fill the need to care…in my direction LOL!! Marshall, you are a doll…are completely correct. The 10’s of thousands that think the world of Emanon and his efforts should not be diminished by one troll.

    Have a WONDERFUL day…and lets stick together to support Emanon….thank you for calling Sen. Schumer. I would not feel confident in my education to call and discuss this important bill. I would rather leave that up to someone with more knowledge to represent my interests.

  258. Emanon

    Here is what to expect this morning regarding vote on the 3rd cloture motion:

    A unanimous-consent-time agreement was reached providing for further consideration of the bill at approximately 11:30 a.m., on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, and all post-cloture time be considered expired, all amendments to the substitute and bill be withdrawn, no further amendments be in order, and the substitute amendment be agreed to; that the Senate then have general debate until 12:15 p.m., with the time equally divided and controlled between the two Leaders, or their designees; that a 12:15 p.m., Senate vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the bill, and that if cloture is invoked, the post-cloture time be considered to have begun running as if cloture had been invoked at 11:45 p.m., on Tuesday, November 3.

  259. Sushiboo

    I was the one who wrote about not feeding the trolls, but in this case there clearly needs to be an exception. Emanon has worked tirelessly to untangle and translate the language called “Congress” for us. It has taken a lot of time, hard work and research. Emanon not only has generously shared the fruits of this labor with us, but also taken time to reach out and help individuals, from terrified parents on the edge and not knowing how to provide, or in my case trying to find answers to help me clarify a fuzzy issue particular to my situation. And, in addition to concrete suggestions on how to weather this storm, Emanon has provided solace, comfort and encouragement well.

    David, while I understand your frustration, aiming rocks at someone who has taken the laboring oar and is doing for you what you have not been doing for yourself is not the way to express your frustration. If you feel that what essentially is a gift to you is inadequate, you get more involved. You make endless phone calls, you do the work and research for yourself or find another place to obtain what you feel is more accurate information. If you can’t, I suggest you keep your keyboard quiet unless you have something positive to bring to the table.

    Thanks again Emanon.

  260. Emanon

    Watch CSPAN2 now – debates on 3rd cloture motion started.

  261. linda

    This has been the most informative website!!!!

  262. david

    emanon i apologize to you.
    it is not you my friend. i have been out of a real job for almost a year! i am 52 and have never been on UE until now.i am a proud man! i have interest in this bill of course, however what bothers me more is reading the real horror stories about the familes out on the street or very close to it. loosing their homes, cars, insurance, credit, and so on.

    i am the kind of man that will not watch a person get mugged. i will not stand by when a person is in need of help. i do have alot of anger for people that, in my opinion have no regard for their fellow “human beings”!! we , us, they, are people!!!!! we should be treated with the respect that any person should.

    again in “my opinion” the media is agenda driven
    politicians are corrupt for the most part
    and our forefathers would role over in their grave if they could see what their government has done to the constitution of the good ole US of A!!!!
    in closing i hope that the really needy people get what they desreve. a mere small paycheck and a good night sleep.

    • Emanon


      Let’s just work on getting this bill passed. It really looks a vote on this actual bill will take place this week. If not, I’ll send you a turkey for Thanksgiving.

      • Juliette

        Emanon….you are a damn huge class act! I am thankful to have “met” you LOL! Maybe we can all take a moment on Thanksgiving too have a virtual moment of thanks together…ESPECIALLY IF THIS BILL PASSES!!

        Here this one is for you hon!

        God grant me the serenity
        to accept the things I cannot change;
        courage to change the things I can;
        and wisdom to know the difference.

    • Juliette

      David….takes a big man to apologize. I like that…thank you. We are all in this together. Stick around, add positive stuff….and know that we are all proud…it hurts all of us (specially my Marine). Come back for support….we care.


  263. Emanon

    On CSPAN2 – Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA) said he supports this bill. He also said Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) worked hard to get this bill passed. Senator Isakson thanked Senators Reid, Max Baucus (D-MT) and Christopher Dodd (D-CT).

  264. Emanon

    On CSPAN2- Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) said there is no need to require 30 hours of post-cloture debate when there is bi-partisan support for this bill. He is hoping the Republicans will not use any of the 30-hours of post-cloture debate time.

  265. Glacier...............

    As of right now they are voting on whether or not to end the debate!

  266. Juliette

    Lets call this Bill CLOTURE TORTURE LOL!!!

  267. Glacier...............

    Despite race, religion, or age we’re all in this together. I am a disabled vet who just finished up a master’s degree this past spring who’s on the verge of losing the little bit I have. Everybody has a story and wish everyone the best. I’m glad I found this site as it has enabled me to cope much better. I find comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. This page is information packed; a big thanks goes out to all those that have contributed.

  268. Glacier...............

    97 to 1…………………..

  269. Emanon

    The 3rd Cloture Motion passed by a vote of 97 to 1. Senator Jim Demint was the only one voting No.

  270. crunch

    LOL Juliette, now that’s funny! Hopefully the Cloture Torture is almost over, and we can get on w/ it.

  271. crunch

    Emanon, did you say Jim Deminted voted no, lol- ok so now when will THE VOTE take place- Thursday?

    • Emanon


      Senator Jim DeMint is the Senator from South Carolina. At least he is consistent, he voted NO for all three cloture motions.

      What to expect next:

      Scenario 1 – The Republican Senators do not use any or all of the 30-hour stall time & they give back that time. If that happens, the vote on the actual bill can take place any time today. I don’t think this scenario is likely.

      Scenario 2 – The Republican Senators use up the entire 30-hours. The 30-hours will expire at 5:45 a.m. Thursday morning. Normally, the time expires 30-hours from the time of the vote, but yesterday, they agreed that the time will start running from 11:45 p.m. last night. Once the 30-hours are up, they can vote on the bill tomorrow.

      Just my opinion – If they had not agreed to count the time starting from 11:45 p.m. last night, Senator Reid would have held the vote on the 3rd cloture motion at 11:45 p.m. last night.

      We are down the home stretch.

  272. Emanon

    Please call Republican Senators to ask them not to use any of the 30-hour post-cloture debate time. If they don’t use this time & if they yield it back, the vote on the ACTUAL bill can take place today. If the Republican Senators insist on stalling by running out the clock on the 30 hours, the vote on the bill can’t take place until tomorrow morning.

    Also, please keep this in mind:
    The revised bill that they will be voting was finalized on October 29, 2009. They could have voted on this same bill on October 29, 2009, if the Republican Senators had not objected again.

  273. linda

    When this bill is passed lets keep in touch so we can continue to encourage each other. We need to get back our jobs in the United States!!!!! Employers tried to save money by paying less in other countries. That’s what hurt us!!!!

  274. Glacier...............

    What state is Jim Deminted from? All of the Senators who have been holding this bill up should be identified so that the people of their states can know who’s hurting them and who’s really trying to help them.

    These type of situations cannot be overlooked. The people of those states need to hold those pubs responsible.

  275. Emanon


    Thanks for the prayer.

  276. Emanon

    I called Senator Jon Kyl’s office (R-AZ)
    (202) 224-4521 – His office said they do not know if the Republicans will use the 30-hour.

    I called Senator Mitch McConnell’s office (R-KY)
    (202) 224-2541 – His office said Senator McConnell has not decided whether the Republicans will wait out the entire 30 hours.

    I called Senator Jim DeMint’s office (R-SC)
    (202) 224-6121 – His office said Senator DeMint is against this bill because he feels “they should be taking measures to create jobs instead.” I asked DeMint’s office “Such as what? What kind of measures? His office’s response was: “I’ll pass along your message to the Senator.”
    Translations: No ideas on how to create jobs, but I’ll object the bill anyway.

  277. Just a reader...

    Just my opinion, but it seems Senator Jim Demented is enjoying the cloture torture a bit too much. I’m so glad I don’t live in South Carolina even though my own State’s unemployment is slightly more. Egads.

  278. Andy

    As a 26 yrs old man of mixed ethnicities, hispanic and caucasian, I am very proud to say that because of the compassion shown on this site, the truly sincere concern that you all share, renews my faith in the people of the great United States of America. I lost my job after working in the West Texas oil fields as a roustabout supervisor. Now, I live in San Angelo, Tx. You all might of heard about the polygamous sect’s custody hearings held here. Oh yeah and the Los Lonely Boys…Lol. Anyway, there is not much for jobs around here and times are scary. I want to thank you all for the very useful information and for your compassion for your fellow man. It strikes me, almost as a surprise and the truth is that it shouldn’t. We have to continue to define America as a land of prosperity, hope and compassion. Emanon, you are a great help and a true patriot. Juliette and Linda you’re both lovely ladies, angels in fact. Thanks to all of you who have posted and for those that have only read, but understand the problems facing many Americans, thank you as well. We are all proud people, we are all Americans. If we stick together we can get through anything. Black, White, Brown, and Asian standing tall together, united as one. You all have given me a renewed faith in my country and for that I am grateful. Goodluck, I wish you all the very best.

    • Sushiboo


      You are a very sharp and articulate young man; couple that with your faith and spirit and you will go far despite the obstacles currently in your path. Thank you for expressing such beautiful sentiments.
      Best wishes to you also.

  279. crunch

    Jim “Deminted” Demint doesn’t have a clue, nor does Jon “Kyl” the bill…both their heads are so far up corp. a**es they are both hopeless. The Dems had to go along w/ their game to make this happen. The amendment for extending homebuyer credit ext. was looked at this way by Dems=it helps the people, by Pubs = helps my real estate buddies make $. (Isakson (R-Ga.) owned a large real estate concern, and was a lobbiest in DC before becoming a senator. Well, down to the home stretch guys…what a month it’s been!

  280. Emanon

    I just called Senator Reid’s office. No vote on the bill today. The Republican Senators are going to run out the 30-hour clock.

  281. Sushiboo

    I wish I could say this surprised me, but I can’t.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Reid’s office and hear what he is saying privately about this latest bit of partisan maneuvering by, to borrow GWB’s phase, “The Axis of Evil.”

  282. Sushiboo


    You are right, we are all in this together. I, too, am grateful for finding this site. Being unemployed tends to foster loneliness, isolation, a feeling of powerlessness, and many times hopelessness as you keep forging ahead only to keep walking into walls. This wonderfully supportive community has helped me tremendously to diminish those feelings and cope better by knowing, as you said, I am not alone. My most grateful thanks to everyone for sharing their stories, as well as their efforts in working to get this bill passed, and helping to bring light into the darkness of an unkind reality. I wish each of you the very best.

    On a less serious note: anyone have any ideas how we can we hold a block party on the site when this bill is finally passed? Obviously, it will have to be BYOB, lol. But the upside is we won’t have to have any designated drivers.

  283. Emanon


    On CSPAN – Senator Dodd (D-CT) said there is going to be a vote on the bill today in 15 minutes.

    I called Senator Reid’s office again. I was told it looks like there is going to be a vote on the ACTUAL BILL today, but they are awaiting confirmation.

  284. Sushiboo

    Awesome! Maybe there really is a Santa Claus.

  285. Sushiboo

    I just told my mom they might vote on the bill in 15 minutes and she said “In what year?” I guess you would have to say at 85 she’s become a bit cynical about our government.

  286. lance

    This is my opinion! and only my opinion, so if anyone disagrees that’s OK! I believe both party’s have some real issue’s. I think most people tend to focus on the surface instead of the real core of the issue’s. Each party I believe holds certain amendments against each other that may have been blocked by one party or another in the past or present! Both parties can act like children. “that may be a compliment” I really think being in such High Power most could possibly really cause anyone disconnect with reality, and the real needs of the people. I’m sure they know were out there asking for an extension for our temporary situation. It’s nice to hear were only a few days until it’s passed! hopefully sooner! I stress for everyone that had to make major adjustment’s in cutting back in practically everything! will continue to really decide in the future when things get brighter and we might have money rolling in like before, to spend responsible because, you never know when we might be faced with a time like this again! I believe we all can take something good out of something bad. It’s not how you start in life what will determine the person you are, but how you finish at the end! Everyone hang in there, we’ll get through it!

    • Karen O


      I totally agree that the system needs to be changed. We’ve just been given a 16-20 week reprieve but we are all marked men and women.

      I appreciate all the work you have all done to keep up the spirits of those of us who were able to tap in to feed from your troth. There are so many more like us
      who do not have web access-many more without cable.

      Thank you for roiling my blood. I have 16 to 20 weeks to determine a course of action that will enable me and those within my sphere or influence to thrive.

  287. Emanon


    I called Senator Schumer’s office just now. His office said they were hoping to have the vote at 4:30 p.m. today. Now, they are hoping to have the vote on the bill at 5:15 p.m.

  288. Elissa

    When we recieve this benefit we have been waiting for. Do not spend one penny on foreign made goods.

    I always read labels. It is a habit I got into.

    New bill suggestion if its not made here you can’t sell it here.

    Keep Americans employed.

  289. Glacier...............

    Over the past two weeks I’ve learned more about how Congress works as compared to years of social studies, civics, and political science classes. Maybe we should create our own organization or watch dog group to put the word out on how and what congress is really doing. The 15 million other people out of work might find this useful…….just a thought

    • Sushiboo

      Not a bad idea. I know lobbyists are considered evil, but since they are a fact of life, I think we’ve got a fantastic candidate for a full time lobbyist for the unemployed: Emanon. There’s just that teeny, tiny, nagging little problem of not being able to come up any financial compensation . . .

    • Karen O

      I’m working on a couple of ideas myself. I hate the idea of being repetitive or superfluous. I will contribute to any process that might help us in the future.

  290. Emanon

    I called Senator Max Baucus’ office (D-MT). His office said the vote on the actual bill is scheduled for 5:15 p.m. today, but “it is not set in stone.”

    Please watch CSPAN at 5:15 p.m. EST just in case the vote does take place.

    • Sushiboo

      Maybe my mom’s sarcastic comment about “what year” wasn’t all that lacking in possible substance . . .

      I’m watching, would this have anything to do with Dorgan running on and on and on and on? Is there a reason they can’t turn him off if there is a vote scheduled? I’m sorry, I’m still not up on Senate procedure as well I as should be by now.

  291. Emanon


    This pm, I spoke with Senator Chuck Schumer’s aide (Alex Levy) about people in your situation. Mr. Levy (who was very helpful) told me, that the bill is supposed to cover everyone, regardless of what Tier you are in. He thought you were in NY. I didn’t bother to correct him. He suggested that you contact your state’s Department of Labor after this bill is passed. If you find out that you are left out, you should contact Senator Schumer’s office, and they will fix the problem. In your case, perhaps you should contact Senators Boxer & Feinstein. At least, you know there was no intent to leave out people in your situation.

    • Sushiboo


      Thank you very, very much for remembering a minor concern among the majority. I tend to think Schumer’s office is correct, it just doesn’t make sense any other way. In CA the Dept. of Labor does not handle this — I contacted them; you have to go through the Employment Development Depart. I will contact them and pray I am able to reach a real EDD employee, for as I previously posted, they literally have yanked people off the unemployment rolls and have them answering the phones. Only one big problem: in a nutshell, they can do nothing as they are not provided with any information nor access anyone’s files. When this happened to me, since they will not accept email inquires on this particular issue and there was literally nothing else she could do to help, the woman sent one for me. Their response was literally indecipherable. I have filed a personal issue form with Feinstein’s office and will follow up with them as well. It sounds like Schumer’s office is quite helpful and I will contact them in whatever capacity is necessary to get this issue resolved.

      Sorry for the long explanation, but if you know anything about CA’s government these days, you’ll understand that nothing is short and simple.

      Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    • Steve from PA

      Like Sushiboo, I too will miss the current deadline of Dec 26 2009 to qualify for Tier I / Tier II…..

      If I understand this correctly, Tier III / Tier IV will be created in this bill and with it comes deadline dates well into 2010 so people like myself and Sushiboo who havent yet qualified for federal UC emerg benefits will now do so…….As well as the other folks who have already exhausted Tier I and Tier II bebefits….Does that sound right?

      • Emanon


        Senator Schumer’s office told me there was no intent to leave anyone out of this extension. His office suggested that people should contact their state’s Department of Labor. If you find that you have been inadvertently left out, you should contact your Senators (Casey & Spector), and they should be able to fix the problem.

  292. KmT n Vegas

    It”s going down now……..The final vote finally..Then it’s off to the House..2:30pm pacific time… One thing I learned throughout this process was how to commmunicate with these senators thats got to be worth something in the future……..

  293. Emanon

    The BILL (yes bill – not another cloture motion) was passed by a vote of 98 to 0.

  294. Glacier...............

    98 to 0

  295. linda

    woooooo hooooooooooo

  296. Sushiboo

    Hot damn and shoot howdy as the old saying goes! Even if I personally may still have some hurdles to overcome regarding this issue, I am absolutely thrilled for everyone.

  297. Glacier...............

    How fast will the house sign it and get it to Obama?

  298. Elissa

    98-0 !!!!!! Tears of Joy, unbridled jubulation, Yippeeee kayyeh!!!

    We have formed a brotherhood/ sisterhood here, thank you. Shishiboo, Emanaon and all of you wonderful people, the Lord holds you in his hands.

    I really needed this news , spent the day in the hospital, too much stress. God Bless America.

  299. Emanon

    The following Senators worked on getting this bill passed and/or spoke out many times urging the passage of this bill. You may want to send them a Thank You note:

    Senator Harry Reid (D-NV)
    Senator Max Baucus (D-MT)
    Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)
    Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH)
    Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-MD)
    Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND)
    Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL)
    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
    Senator Patty Murray (D-WA)
    Senator Jack Reed (D-RI)
    Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT)
    Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY)
    Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)
    Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI)

    and Senator Olympia Snowe (R-NE) – She helped negotiate the final version of the bill that was passed today.

    If I left anyone out, please feel free to add to this list.

    Some of you may be upset that this bill was not passed sooner. If it weren’t for these Senators, this bill would still be blocked & objected to.

  300. Sushiboo


    I am so very sorry to hear you ended up in the hospital, but it is extremely understandable. The only way I have gotten through some days is thanks to the meds my doctor gave me.

    Breathe easy now, savor the moment. It’s a good thing this bill passed because if I had known how horribly this was affecting you, I would have worried about you every day until it passed. You are right, we’re sort of a family now.

    I don’t care that it’s only 3 p.m. on the West Coast, I’m having a glass of wine, or two, actually!

    ::Hugs:: Elissa, and thank you for your very kind words.


  301. Neal Brandon

    I have been following and reading through these messages daily and I want to personally thank Emanon and many others for contributing in these discussions. Emanon you have given hope to many of these readers and you truly deserve a standing ovation in your efforts.

    Anyways, so when this bill finally passes the house and is signed by the president, what is the next step for people that have ran out of UEI credits a month ago? Are we going to get letters from the UE office from our state or should we reapply for UE… ?

    • Emanon

      Call your state’s Department of Labor to see if you have to file a new claim & when 1st payment is made. Every state has different requirements. In NY, there is no need to file a new claim & 1st payment will be made on the week of 11/15/09.

  302. lance

    Awesome! And I just heard from a gentlemen 10 min. ago about a contracting job (fire renovation) that he want’s to move forward with in Bakersfield Ca, 3 hrs. from my home. That’s OK by me! it’s something that will allow me to keep my sanity anyway! I literally feel like I’m in a dream!

  303. lance

    Give God the Glory! Because without him nothing possibly!

  304. lance

    Thanks! And I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!

  305. Emanon

    A great big Thank You to everyone for working together to get this bill passed. I hope none of us have to be back here 14 or 20 weeks from now. I wish everyone the best & jobs. Please try to enjoy your holidays (if not for yourself, then for your family’s sake). God bless you & be well.

    • Sushiboo

      Thank you. I’m sure you have no idea how much strength you gave to so many people. You worked hard. Take a few minutes and acknowledge the good you have done and enjoy it. You deserve it and it is not egocentric whatsoever.

      You know, I was going to end this post before the last sentence but I just realized how invested I was in this. You remind me of the really good lawyers I have worked with and respect. And, there aren’t many.

      God bless to you too.


  306. david


    knowing many people will have a ton of weight lifted off their shoulders and let them sleep much easier, is “the best gift christmas could possibly bring”!!!!

    ALL OF YOU!!!!

  307. crunch

    Yes! Good luck to all, and hopefully a better 2110 !

  308. Marshall in MI

    Emanon… I’m relying on you for updates…I just got home…anything new since your 3:41pm posting today saying the vote on the bill was scheduled to happen in the next 15 minutes…? Any updates? You can tell me…I can take it…as usual, it didn’t happen, right? Pls. let us all know, with hopefully some good news. Many thanks for your continuing efforts, Marshall

  309. Marshall in MI

    Emanon… Just read back thru many previous, and discovered that indeed the bill did pass while I was out. Congratulations to everyone who contacted their Senators day after day to keep the pressure on…and…a special thanks to you, Emanon!

  310. lance

    EDD will be contacting everyone by mail for the people that have already exhausted their benefits, that’s what EDD site says anyway! so there’s no need to refile a new claim.

    • Sushiboo

      Hey Lance, thanks! Trying to get info from the EDD is a real pain in the neck as I’m sure you know. Nonetheless, I’m still going to have to waste an hour or so getting through because my bennies don’t run out until 01/02/10. I’m going to wait however until later next week and hope there are answers for us that got our invitations to the ball late. I can’t help but believe what Emanon said from Schumer’s office that it applies to everyone down the line.

      Again, congrats on your contract!

    • Sushiboo

      Hey Lance, where did you find it on the EDD site, admittedly I haven’t worked that hard, but the obvious places aren’t turning up any info . . . thanks.

  311. lance

    Sushiboo, sorry I stepped away for a while. If your your still interested, go to Edd main site right below where it says “File a claim for: Click on Unemployment in blue. Then scroll down where it says “Update for those who have collected all available extended benefit’s: Click on it and there a paragraph should pop up explaining it!

  312. Sushiboo

    Hey, thanks and no apologies necessary! Best wishes and I hope some of your luck rubs off on me, my bennies end after the deadlines.

  313. lance

    Thanks Emanon, Sishiboo for the Congrats!
    As a Christian I believe God allows us to face hard times, in hopes in getting our attention as people and as a nation. We all, will not pray and seek his help and will, but the one’s who seek he is willing and ready to Bless! I know being patient is hard and everyone would like to see immediate change, Trust me when I say God is not broke and he is certainly not relying on the next unemployment check! God is a jealous God! He just wants us to look to him for are needs. He doesn’t cause any of the crisis’s that we go through in life, he allows those type’s of events to happen each in hopes in getting are attention, undoubtedly he will see us through. In different way’s for some. I know I didn’t comment much in this site, but I’ve read about every comment and I feel as though I know all you guy’s a little bit through them. I can’t help to share a little bit of my faith, especially when God places it on my heart. God Bless us all! while we get through these tough times!

  314. Juliette

    OH MY GOOD LORD…I JUST GOT THE NEWS…IT IS 2:30AM…..LOVING JESUS…I AM SOO HAPPY….YANKEES WON..AND WE DID TOOOOO! HOLY BATMAN…I CAN TELL MY DEVIL DOG!!!!! Sigh…breathing out…now in…car payment, insurance, rent, heat, electric, phone, tv, cable (all in one LOL) Thanksgiving is Matty’s birthday…(he will be 2 years old) we can actually buy a gift. Sigh…I am so relieved. I am sooooooooo thankful. Thank you so much for your support and Emanon…Sushiboo….I am blessed that I was introduced to such intelligent and creative creatures. :-) God’s Creations…NO DOUBT!
    ((((((BIG HUGE HUGS)))))))!
    I will really be able to sleep tonight. Well…maybe…the Marine might be frisky after hearing this news LOL! YAY!!!! OMG…sigh…I am doing the UI PEE PEE DANCE LMAO!

  315. Juliette


  316. Juliette

    Oh…and YAY YANKEES!!!!!! Wow…it is possible to have this great of a moment? REALLY? Thanking God for it! AND HAPPY TO SHARE MY HAPPINESS WITH ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE :-)

    If you need help…let me know if you need to talk…or someway I can support you if this Bill being passed has in no way helped you. I am here…willing to give my personal email…or facebook page. I am about hugs, love and support. I want NO ONE TO SUFFER….if you are…you should NEVER BE ALONE. HUGS!

    HEY…Please support your local Autism groups! My Nicholas has low spectrum Autism…he is really doing fantastic….so spread the word…volunteer and reach out to a family…give your time to give the family a break from Autism. It is really hard to grab a moment alone for a walk in the park…or just a homemade picnic with your hubby….please provide respite for families…I do it…and YOU SHOULD TOO! Autistic kids are tough…but they are very loving too!!!

  317. Sushiboo

    Dear Juilette,

    What a coincidence, my oldest son is named Matthew (I’m assuming Matty is a nickname)! Great name!! Only my Matt is 29!! I am so happy to hear you so happy. It’s making me break out in a great big smile myself. Thank you for sharing your joy, I think we can all use an extra dose these days. It is clear that a overwhelming weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You have such a genuinely, good, sweet heart. I seriously doubt you could possibly have a mean bone in your body. You certainly deserve all the joy you can handle at this point. So keep that excitement going for a few days!!!!

    Oh, btw, I hope I didn’t upset you with my comment about the nickname you were using for your Marine — I noticed you stopped. I know it is usually considered a something of a slur, but I honestly did not take it that way, I truly felt it was a term of endearment.

    I would love to stay in touch if you would.

    ::Hugs:: For all and keep smiling!!! And thanks again for sharing your excitement and joy. :)

    Fondly, Sushi

  318. Sushiboo


    Share away! Joy is something that should be given away to others at every opportunity, especially now! Again, good luck on the contracting job. My ex is a contractor, so I hope everything goes according to how you bid and that you come in ahead of schedule and under budget!


  319. crunch

    Just an interesting observation, the total cost of HR 3548 will be around $24 billion, and of that total only $2.4 billion was for the extension!

  320. Steve in PA

    on November 4, 2009 at 5:38 pm Emanon


    Senator Schumer’s office told me there was no intent to leave anyone out of this extension. His office suggested that people should contact their state’s Department of Labor. If you find that you have been inadvertently left out, you should contact your Senators (Casey & Spector), and they should be able to fix the problem

    I have called the PA Dept of Labor…They told me flat out that they have to follow the guidelines in this bill…if the dec 26 2009 dedline isnt specifically extended into 2010 for those that havent yet exhausted their state benefits (myself and Sushiboo), then there isnt anything they can do….

    I realize I am just being ultra paranoid here but if this deadline isnt extended into 2010 for this group of unemployed in HR 3458, what does calling a Senator going to do? I doubt they have the power to call a state’s dept of labor and tell them to make an exception for Steve in PA…..if its not in the bill, then the states cannot extend benefits…..All along this bill was about extending benefits for those people that already have exhausted 26 state weeks and 33 weeks of Tier I and Tier II fed benefits…I never once heard it was for everyone….

    The answer from Schumer’s office is typical political mumbo jumbo – if the intent wasnt to leave anyone out and that the bill extended the dec 26 deadline into 2010, then why not just be specific to you when you spoke with them..Its language like this that makes me nervous that its not for everyone…..

    Sorry to beat a dead horse but until I see it in balck and white that the relatively new unemployed (those exhausting state benefits in 2010) are covered under HR 3458, then I will be a nervous nelly…

  321. Steve in PA

    To follow up on my previous post – this may not be the case now but when there were two separate federal unemployment bills (HR 3458) and (HR 3404) – one specifically addressed those people who were exhausting the Tier I and Tier II (HR 3458) and one addressed those people whose state benefits were expiring in 2010 (HR 3404)


    Taken from

    (1) Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009‎

    The Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 (H.R. 3548 in the House, S. 1699 in the Senate) would provide an additional 13 weeks of EUC for states with unusually high rates of joblessness. Workers in states with a TUR of 8.5 percent or an IUR of 6 percent would ‎be eligible, but only if those individuals had exhausted their regular UC benefits and both Tier 1 and Tier 2 of EUC payments.

    (2) Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009

    The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2009 (H.R. 3404) would continue most of the EUC provisions into 2010 and extend EUC payments through June 2011. Those provisions include:

    Extending eligibility period for EUC Tiers 1 and 2 into 2010 (currently set to expire on December 26, 2009)
    Extending cutoff date for the 33 weeks of EUC payments to June 2011 (all EUC payments are set to cease after June 6, 2010)


    This is why Im concerned about myself and everyone else whose state benefits expire in 2010…..Most people who have been commenting here have been unemployed alot longer than me and need these additional 20 weeks and I wish all of you luck in getting of these benefits but something always slips thru the cracks with politicians and Im very nervous that this extension wont help me….Sorry to rant and boor the group but with Xmas right around the corner, if this extension doesnt help me, its going to be tough spreading Xmas cheer…

    • Sushiboo


      I too am concerned about falling through the cracks on this one; would like written confirmation and also feel ultra paranoid. If you have read my earlier posts about CA you have to contact the EDD not the state DOL and well, I won’t repeat myself, but the chances of getting a rep with any credibility on this subject is next to nil. Nevertheless, I started to try to get through to the EDD, but despite trying to time my call for when the phone lines initially opened and actually get through — they were already on overload and bouncing calls at 8:01 a.m.; it was going to be another hour of constant redial and I realized that this soon after the passage they would have less chance than usual of knowing anything anyway so I decided not to waste an hour – today anyway.

      Your understanding of the two bills was mine as well, although it does seem logical this extension would have to apply down the line, but then again we are dealing with government. It could be that so soon after the bill passing that whomever you spoke to in the PA DOL hadn’t been fully briefed. Try calling your senators and then depending upon what they say, I would suggest, and I’d do this myself now but unlike you I don’t have any concrete info to work from, that you call Schumer’s office direct and talk to Alex Levy, the person Emanon spoke to and see if you can get anything further. DO PLEASE keep posting anything you get,I will be extremely grateful and I will do the same as soon as I can get any info

      I had fairly good luck with Senator Feinstein’s local office in San Diego so I will give them a call when they open.

      Steve — it may take awhile but if we stick together and pool our resources, we’ll get it worked out.


  322. Robert Bains

    I would like to know when is the extension will begin to take effect in the State of New Jersey.

  323. Sushiboo


    I just spoke to Jordan in Sen. Feinstein’s office in San Diego. He took all the information, said he would bring it to her attention, try to get and answer AND, believe it or not, took my number and told me he would give me a call back. I told him he was guaranteed a place in heaven if he could call me back. I told him there were many others with the same concerns. Also passed on Enamon’s conversation with Levy in Schumer’s office.

    Hopefully there will be some kind of resolution today, but if not, I will call them back tomorrow. Obviously, as soon as I hear anything I will post.


  324. crunch

    Sen Rangel discussing bill now in the house on c-span!

  325. Sushiboo


    Okay, Sen. Boxer’s office: After initially getting the runaround, I got just a wee bit cranky and suggested the intern call their DC office. Upshot: I was on hold quite awhile and he wasn’t able to get an immediate answer but he took my name and number and said as soon as he had some information he would call me back.

    Hopefully between the two offices something will be done. If you call your senators and create a fuss as well perhaps there will be some public clarification coming.


  326. crunch

    Sushiboo, watching c-span now as the House talks about the bill, one Representative said they will meet again next year to discuss people who’s benefits are running out next year. You need to find out what bill that is and get the ball rolling asap. I’ve had a 6 week to two month plus gap in all my extensions and am glad I had some savings to see me through those lean periods. Best wishes to you and others~

    • Sushiboo


      Thanks, I just talked to my congressman’s aide, (a total jerk btw — he tried to tell me things had been moving along swiftly on 3548), and you are absolutely right, 3548 does not extend the deadlines — the bill is 3404. I’m going to call Pelosi’s office as she is responsible for bringing bills the floor. I had a sick feeling about this being the case.

      I am still very, very happy for those of you whom this helps, but right now all I can do is cry. I’ll get it together soon, I have to, and will start waging the next battle because God alone knows how long this will take.


  327. Sushiboo


    It looks like so far, at least on this board, it is up to you and I to wage war on Congress to get our benefits extended. I must admit, right now I’m working on recovering from the blow, although why it hit me so hard, I don’t know, I sort of saw this coming. I guess it’s because who knows how long it is going to take to get any traction on this issue if 3548 is any indication.

    As soon as I can get it together I’ll call Pelosi’s office. As you can see from my response to Crunch, my Congressman’s office was less than helpful.

    Emanon, if you are still reading, any suggestions you have based on what you learned in your battle that might help expedite this next one will be greatly appreciated.


  328. Glacier...............

    Sushiboo, if you are in NY you should have continued to file for benefits every week even though the funds ran out. That would mean that you’re still in the system as I continue to receive mail from UI.

  329. crunch

    Sushiboo, yeah I felt that was the case, cause I know when they set a date it’s THAT DATE period! Look at this as practice, a trial run…because as long as there are Republicans~ it will be a battle! Hopefully they will both figure out how to create jobs in 2010. Also, it would be very helpful to get the US manufacturing base back in action. Green jobs, and no more “Made in China”, Mexico, and outsourcing to India!

  330. Sushiboo


    Unfortunately, I’m in CA and thanks to Arnold our state is a complete disaster, and I am not exaggerating — just start by asking any state worker and go from there. Trying to contact the EDD (our DOL) is a waste if you remember my previous posts. My benefits haven’t run out yet, but will 01/02/10. I don’t know if I can even get those idiots in the EDD to keep sending forms. I can only hope so.

    Hell, it’s taken over 8 weeks to get past a preliminary screening, to get to a second preliminary screening (redundant yes) to apply for schooling — and that isn’t until next Friday. I’m sorry to fall apart, but I’ve I’m tired of walking into walls and dealing with people who are supposed to be able to help me but can’t.

  331. Sushiboo

    Latest from the Trenches:

    Amazingly, I did get a call back from Senator Feinstein’s office — Jordan gave me a DOL number to call and told me to let him know what happened. Unfortunately, I got an exceedingly unhelpful woman who rambled on about Bush, legislation in 2008 and then told me she could not help me but to call the EDD.

    I called Jordan back and filled him in and asked him again to pass the info on to Feinstein and if he learned anything to, if he could, call me back but that I knew he was busy. He said he’d keep my number.

    I wish I knew who to call at the top of the tree at the EDD, if there is anyone reading this site that has any kind of info like that please post it. Thanks.

  332. Glacier...............

    Sushiboo, I’m in NY and believe me I can empathize with your pain in CA. I actually did a case study on many of CA’s governmental agencies. Honestly, it is a mess and I feel for you. You guys have to get the Governator out of there. From what I hear even his wife Maria is disgusted by him.

  333. Sushiboo

    Yeah, Arnold is one F^%$$n’ piece of work. But what the hell do you expect when you pick a dumber than dust action “hero” from the movies to run your state. Sorry, I’m passing from tears to being really pissed off, which I suppose is a good thing, at least then I might be able to become productive again.

  334. crunch

    House passes the ui bill 403-12, now on to the O man!!!! (:

  335. crunch

    Well guys at least you don’t have a “rubanator” like ole Sonny Purdue (R Ga.) like I do. He held up the EB for months!

  336. Neal Brandon

    I am in Florida.

    Once my credits ran out for the 2nd extension, they stopped sending me UEI EB Paperwork in the mail. Also, when I try to claim the zero credits online, it says, “There are no weeks for you to claim please call phone#”.

    My last UEI was on 10/19/2009, and that was for $2 left worth of UEI credits and $25 for just one week for the stimulus money to UEI people per week.

    So, currently there is no available UEI credits for me, so once the 3rd EB is accepted by Obama, does that mean that I won’t be eligible for UEI benefits? Does this mean that my State screwed me?

  337. Sushiboo


    The third extension is called Fed-ED.
    I don’t know if this will help, but go to: Also read down further, apparently you did not receive a claim for but it show where you can request one, this is specific to CA. This begs the question: Since UE is a federal program, from what I am reading about the various states, why do the actual working details have to be different in each state — why can’t there be a uniform simple system?

    Neal, in any event I hope this helps somewhat, please let me know. At least I can’t be helping myself right at the moment it helps to know I can be of assistance to someone else.

    And, finally in answer to your last question, I sure hope not.

    Good luck,


  338. Emanon


    I wasn’t planning on coming back to this site since the bill was passed in the Senate and the House is voting on it today.

    Last night, I thought about you & Steven in PA. I reviewed all 4 extensions. I pray to God that I am wrong, but there is a problem with this bill. You have not fallen through the crack. You, Steven, me & everyone else have fallen through a ravine the size of Grand Canyon.

    Section 4007(b)(2) is the Phaseout Provision in the bill. It was last modified by Public Law 111-5. That was the bill signed by Pres. Obama in Feb. 2009. The phaseout date is December 31, 2009. I don’t see this Phaseout date being modified by HR3548/SA2712. If that Phaseout date is not changed, no one can get any benefits after December 31, 2009, regardless of what Tier you are in. I really I hope & pray I have misread these bills.

    You have to print out all 4 bills in order to know what I am talking about.

    Do a google search & print out the following bills:

    Public Law 110-252 – 1st extension in June 2008
    Public Law 110-449 – 2nd extension in Nov. 2008
    Public Law 111-5 – 3rd extension in Feb. 2009
    SA2712 (HR3548) – 4th extension in Nov. 2009.

    After you have printed out all 4 bills, look under Section 4007(b)(2).

    110-449 modified 110-252
    111-5 modified 110-449
    This current bill modified 111-5

    The current bill’s modification of Section 4007(b)(2) did not change the Phaseout date.

    I really hope I am wrong. That is why I want a fresh pair of eyes to look at these bills.

    • Sushiboo


      No, you’ve got to be kidding, I mean, this just can’t be. I do promise I will definitely read them and give you feed back, I myself am a huge believer in having a “second set of eyes” go over things. I do it at work (or should I say “did it at work”) all the time.

      That being the case, as soon as I can get my brain functioning on a calmer level, one where I will actually understand the convoluted crap (sorry if my grace-under-pressure allotment is running out in terms of words) I am reading and I am able put my thoughts down in coherent manner, I will most definitely get back to you. But, please be patient it may be a while, but I promise, I will.

      One last thing, for now, re-reading your ¶ “Section 4007(b)(2)” does seem to correlate to the jerk in Congressman Campbell’s office’s interpretation, but don’t take that to the bank yet.

      Like MacArthur, I will return.


  339. Emanon


    Today, I wrote to Senators Reid, Baucus, Schumer & Gillibrand, asking for a clarification of the Phaseout date under Section 4007(b)(2). I faxed my letters to them, and I sent them a copy by mail. I also called their offices. Unfortunately, the phones are manned by interns, who have no clue about the specifics of the bill.

    I need one of these Senators (or any other Senators) to take a look at the date in the Phaseout Provision in 4007(b)(2). I need them to tell me that the date has been advanced from 12/31/09 into a date in the distant future.

    If you get a chance to speak with Senators Boxer or Feinstein’s offices, ask them to check the Phaseout date under Section 4007(b)(2) under the new extension. If that date is still 12/31/09, it needs to be changed.

  340. Emanon


    Re: HR3404

    I called Congressman Jim McDermott’s office. He is the original sponsor of HR3404. His office said the bill is essentiall dead because it has been stuck in subcomittee since 7/31/09.

    I called Congressman Steny Hoyer’s office since he is the Majority Leader. The person who answered his telephone had no clue what I was referring to. She rushed me off the phone as soon as she learned I was not from Hoyer’s district.

    I called my Congressman. His office said HR3404 has been in the Railroad, Pipeline & Hazardous Materials subcommittee since 7/31/09. So, we can pretty much forget about that bill.

    I am going to write to my Congressman for his office to look into the Phaseout date under the unemployment bill. Again, I really hope I am wrong. If I’m not, they need to fix that date via an amendment.

    I won’t be back on these boards on a daily basis. If you have a message for me, write it. I will look for it. If I find out anything new, I will post the new info.

    • Sushiboo


      Ordinarily I would never, never suggest passing the buck on this on to you as Feinstein and Boxer (actually she’s a waste) are my senators, but since it is taking me awhile to regroup, for which I apologize, and I truly believe in skipping middle men, especially since you have a clear understanding on the particular Phaseout date issue, may I suggest you call Jordan in Feinstein’s office, 619.231.9712 and give him the details? He is extremely helpful. Tell him you talked to me. Frankly, I think tag-teaming him would make an impression.

      Again, ordinarily I would never suggest this but I think at this point, it would be the most productive way to deal with this and maybe fastrack it a bit sooner, if we can fastrack it at all.

      Please, please don’t think I’m just being lazy, that it not it whatsoever. Please, please don’t think I’m just being lazy, that it not it whatsoever. I think time if of the essence while they are still messing with this bill and right I just need to lay down and try to get rid of this excruciating headache.


      • Emanon


        I called Jordan @ Senator Feinstein’s office. He said he is not familiar with the language in the bill. The best he could do for me was to leave a message for Senator Feinstein. I asked him to tell the Senator to look at the Phaseout Provision of the bill (Section 4007(b)(2)).

        I will look for the links to the 4 bills & post them, so you won’t have to search for them.

        I don’t think you are lazy. We all know when we need to take a break in order to re-group. So, no need to apologize at all.

  341. crunch

    Emanon, I read your post and wouldn’t worry about not receiving the full amount you’re supposed to receive, in spite of technicalities w/ the previous bills. As you said, they would have to amend the bill to rectify that situation. Take a break, it will be worked out if need be. Can you imagine the PUBLIC BACKLASH” IF THERE WAS A SNAFU? They will fix it before it becomes a problem, they wouldn’t want the embarrasment and chaos! That’s my two cents worth~ take care.

    • Emanon


      Thanks for the support. My concern is that, if it took the Senate from 9/22/09 to 11/04/09 to pass the bill, how long will it take them to modify the Phaseout Provision? The Senate will be off from 11/11 to 11/13. They will be off the week of Thanksgiving. They should be gone from the 3rd week of Dec. to the beginning of January 2010.

      I need one of the Senators to take a look at the Phaseout Provision now. If I’m wrong, at least I will be able to sleep at night, knowing someone looked into it. If I’m right, I won’t be able to sleep until they fix the problem.

      Today, I have called 4 Senators and 3 Congressmen. I could not get anyone from their offices to understand what is it that I need from them. If I have to, I will write to all 60 Democratic & Independent Senators to get 1 of them to look into this matter.

      My best bet is Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). After watching CSPAN2 for the past 5 weeks, I know Senator Sanders is truly for the people and not corporations or lobbyists.

      I definitely won’t ask any Republican Senators. I won’t give them the opportunity to say NO to me, even though that is their favorite word.

  342. Emanon


    Here are the links to the 4 bills:

    For Public Law 110-252 – 1st extension:,%202008%20PL%20110-252.pdf

    The applicable sections start on page 31 of 94 (which is also 122 STAT. 2353). It ends at page 35 of 94 (which is also 122 STAT. 2357).

    For Public Law 110-449 – 2nd extension:

    The entire bill is only 3 pages.

    For Public Law 111-5 – 3rd extension:

    The relevant sections start on page 322 of 407 and they end on page 332 of 407.

    For SA2712 (HR3548) – 4th extension:

    Go to
    Click Congressional Record on the left hand side
    Enter 3548 in the search box
    Scroll down to search by date – click Yes
    Go to Text of Amendments – Senate – October 29, 2009 – click on date in blue
    Click page S10936
    On the top of the page, you will see GPO’s PDF (in light blue & underline) – click that
    The bill is from pages S10936 to S10940.

    I didn’t give you the link for because the link never works.

    If you can’t find these bills or if the links do not work, let me know.

  343. Emanon


    Here are the links to the 4 bills:

    For Public Law 110-252 – 1st extension:,%202008%20PL%20110-252.pdf

    The applicable sections start on page 31 of 94 (which is also 122 STAT. 2353). It ends at page 35 of 94 (which is also 122 STAT. 2357).

    For Public Law 110-449 – 2nd extension:

    The entire bill is only 3 pages.

  344. Emanon


    For Public Law 111-5 – 3rd extension:

    The relevant sections start on page 322 of 407 and they end on page 332 of 407.

  345. Emanon


    For SA2712 (HR3548) – 4th extension:

    Go to
    Click Congressional Record on the left hand side
    Enter 3548 in the search box
    Scroll down to search by date – click Yes
    Go to Text of Amendments – Senate – October 29, 2009 – click on date in blue
    Click page S10936
    On the top of the page, you will see GPO’s PDF (in light blue & underline) – click that
    The bill is from pages S10936 to S10940.

    I didn’t give you the link for because the link never works.

    If you can’t find these bills or if the links do not work, let me know.

    I had to shorten the posts. I kept getting message that “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  346. Juliette

    Sushiboo…I would love to keep in touch.


  347. Emanon


    For SA2712 (HR3548) – 4th extension:

    Go to
    Click Congressional Record on the left hand side
    Enter 3548 in the search box
    Scroll down to search by date – click Yes
    Go to Text of Amendments – Senate – October 29, 2009 – click on date in blue
    Click page S10936
    On the top of the page, you will see GPO’s PDF (in light blue & underline) – click that
    The bill is from pages S10936 to S10940.

    I didn’t give you the link for because the link never works.

    If you can’t find these bills or if the links do not work, let me know.

  348. Emanon


    For SA2712 (HR3548) – 4th extension:

    Go to
    Click Congressional Record on the left hand side
    Enter 3548 in the search box
    Scroll down to search by date – click Yes
    Go to Text of Amendments – Senate – October 29, 2009 – click on date in blue
    Click page S10936
    On the top of the page, you will see GPO’s PDF (in light blue & underline) – click that
    The bill is from pages S10936 to S10940.

    If you can’t find these bills or if the links do not work, let me know.

  349. crunch

    Emanon, in regard to your concerns, those guys(Congress) make the laws, and when they really want to move fast on something they can. They just told 1.5 million people they’ll be getting between 14-20 weeks ON AN EXTENSION, and they HAVE TO make that happen.

    • Emanon


      You’re right. Thanks for being the voice of reason. My husband tells me to just let it go because I’m getting too stressed out over this. What will be – will be.

      Thanks again. Enjoy your holidays.

      • Sushiboo

        Emanon, I’ll second that. My son who lives with me says much the same thing, only he adds we’ll make it okay. He’s able to not let it freak him out, but of course, he’s “only” 25, lol. What will be, will be, while true, once we take a much needed time out, which we ALL deserve, we’ll need to regroup and perhaps Monday look at options again. Frankly, I don’t trust our government enough not to keep pushing them. We don’t have to live it, pretty much as we have been, but I don’t think trusting them to do the right thing is a safe option either.

        Crunch, thanks. Keep posting. :)

        Once again, I know I say it a lot, but thanks to each and every one of you — know you are appreciated for each contribution and that this community provides wonderful support that helps strengthen each of us at one point or another. Most importantly, no one is alone if they choose not to be.


  350. Sushiboo

    Emanon, thanks for understanding. As you could tell, I wasn’t really on top of things when I wrote, repeating sentences. Sorry Jordan couldn’t be more help. While I said Boxer’s office was useless, I forgot David who kept me on hold while calling DC is still supposed to be getting back to me since he couldn’t get an answer.

    I’ll review everything and get back to you. Thanks for taking the time to post everything for me to make things easier, you really are a peach.


    • Emanon


      I decided to follow the advice of 2 wise men (crunch & my husband) by not worrying about the Phaseout Provision (Section 4007(b)(2)).

      You don’t have to look at the 4 bills (statutes) unless you want to. I will stop by this site once in awhile to see if there is anything new. So, if I don’t respond to your posts right away, please don’t be upset because I won’t be here to read it.

      Thank you again for your help.

      • Sushiboo

        No worries, you’ve been great — I should have known you were a woman.


      • Sushiboo

        I just realized I made an assumption and made sexist remark I shouldn’t have. Just because you said your “husband,” I never should have assumed you were a woman. It really is immaterial. So, if I did make a wrong assumption, my apologies. But, for the record lol, based on my screen name, when I’ve debated in message boards on line, you’d be amazed at the incorrect assumptions people make.


  351. Sushiboo

    I know this is not relevant to this board, but there was a massacre at Fort Hood, TX today. 12 dead, 31 wounded . . .

  352. sg in MI

    Just received a long letter from my MI Senator Debbie Stabenow with the good news of the unemployment extension. She also said to check with the MI Unemmployment Ins. Agency for more details about how to apply for these benefits. I wrote back thanking her for the info. Also, asked her if the Phaseout Provision is still 12/31/09. If I get a reply, I’ll post it for all.

  353. Steve in PA

    In a nutshell, HR 3458 extends benefits to those people who have already exhausted 26 state weeks and 33 weeks of additional federal emerg UC (Tier I and II)…now these same folks are getting another 20 weeks….

    In total 79 weeks of UC………..

    Unemployment has risen steadily since the original fed emerg bill was enacted in Feb 2009……………There are a ton of people in the same shoes as Sushiboo and myself where we just miss the deadline (dec 26 2009) to get the 33 weeks of additional unemployment….

    These senators and congressmen know about the deadline date of Dec 26 2009 for Tier I and Tier II – they just didnt include us……..

    • Sushiboo

      Steve, as I said, if we have to, you and I will start the next “war.” I have to admit, this rather gut-punched me today. Emanon has provided me with a lot to review and if you see my response to hers to Crunch, I’ll have gotten to it by Monday, unless you choose to beat me.

      I did talk to Feinstein, Boxer, and my congressman, ehem, Campbell’s office, today. The last was a wasted exercise. But the other two are passing on the concern.

      I agree with Emanon above. I know I need to take a break before I can start up again and I will be much more effective.

      Hang in there, we’ll get it fixed. Don’t hesitate to post if you need to connect.


  354. Elissa

    The massacre at Fort Hood is probably relevant to us because our President will be very busy with this maybe we will have to wait again.

    Our National security puts everything in perspective. My prayers are with those soldiers and their families.

  355. Steve in PA

    I just read the 4th extension per Emanon’s post above……my interpretation is that a person is eligible for Tier III once Tier II benefits are exhausted…….

    So for anyone whose state benefits expire at any time in 2010, there are no federal emerg UB funds available…

    Hows this for bad luck – my state benefits would have been exhausted on Dec 25 – one day before the deadline – but I received sick and vacation pay on July 10 – as a result, Icouldnt receive my state benefits until the next two week period….if I didnt get the sick and vac pay, I would have just slid in under the wire to be eligible for Tier I and Tier II by one day……

    That would have been 33 additional weeks…From the way the bill reads, HR 3458 wouldnt apply to me because Tier II benefits would need to be exhausted but those 33 weeks would have served to keep my sanity..Now Im down to 10 weeks of state benefits..

    HR 3404 is dead and I doubt that the language will be changed to extend this Dec 26 deadline…

    • Sushiboo


      If I had just gone off disability one week earlier I would have met the deadline so I know how you feel. I also missed the COBRA subsidy by a month. My COBRA is up 01/31/10 and my ins. goes from $485 to $787 (all I can get is HIPPA portability but it’s not really that much different than private insurance, but one HELL of a lot fewer questions) . . . at 56 I can’t afford not to continue.

      Just remind yourself of the woman who did it “right.” She got a job; got laid off. Got another job, got laid off. By that time, long story about how CA calculates benefits, she had no benefits available. The article literally said she would have been better off not working for two years than to have tried to get jobs.

      Steve, if you want to correspond privately on this issue, I have an email address I give out on websites. I can give it to you and you can write — I’ll check it and write back from my personal account — but only if you want to.


  356. Emanon

    Hey Senatus:

    All day, you have deleted my posts or say my post “is awaiting moderation,” even though I have not used any profanity. My posts were to provide information. Since you are going to decided what I can or cannot post, I just won’t bother to come back anymore.

    • Steve in PA

      With all due respect, you are only hurting the people here who you have helped with your efforts if you dont post here….I dont think Senatus cares one way or the other if you post….I hope you do – you helped me tremendously……

      • Emanon

        Steve in PA:

        Thanks for the support. Yesterday was a tough day, coupled with having a hard time getting my posts accepted here by Senatus. My posts were rejected many times. The last straw was when I couldn’t even post a Thank You to someone on this board, so I threw in the towel. Senatus sent me an email explaining of a glitch. So, I’m back to annoy all of you. HAHAHA. :)

  357. Sushiboo

    Don’t take it personally, it happened to me once and they were very apologetic. Give them a second chance.

    Have a great weekend. I hope we don’t totally lose touch.


  358. crunch

    Steve & Sushi, we all have stories to tell about UI, and I have mine as well. I’ve received around 20 weeks fewer than I would have normally received for the following reasons: The company I was employed at for 10 yrs was bought out, my hrs. were reduced, and bonuses taken. After one yr. w/ new co. they laid me off, so my benefits were based on an income that was 2/3 my normal base w/ the previous co.
    I’m thankful to have received what I have
    nonetheless, but it irratates me when I think about it. Oh well… these are crazy times. Enjoy your holidays, and hopefully we’ll all be gainfully enployed again in the offing, and this will all be over.

    • Sushiboo


      I appreciate the intent behind your comment, however, I am taking care of my 85 year old mother who almost died earlier this year and has mild dementia. I had to step in take over her life and finances. Just dealing with that and her care is a full time job despite outside help. I am trying to get more training to make myself more marketable but am running into bureaucratic walls everywhere. I am a planner, I’m usually three to four steps ahead of everyone in looking at where things are going and how to get there, on the job, or in my life and usually avoid block walls; not now. At this point, I have nowhere to go in my life. If you’d like, I’ll send you some of the job adverts from CA. They are beyond bizarre, offering very little pay (it’s not my ego, but I simply cannot live on $12 an hour) and now they are asking for everything, and not only the kitchen sink. For $12/hr they want you to have a BA (NO I AM NOT KIDDING), and be on call 24/7. And, more and more want you to be bilingual. It used to be just Spanish. Now they are even pickier — Chinese (specific dialect), Japanese, Cambodian, and I am not making this up. More often than not they are part time. I would love to sit back and relax but I can’t. My job is to take care of my family. My son had to drop out of school and has not been able to find a full time job, let alone a second job. My lease is up at the end of January and I have no choice but to commit to a lease that I’m not sure I will be able to fulfill. A $12/hr job would not even cover the rent. CA is expensive. I will say this again, I don’t live a lavish lifestyle. I have a five year old car I have no intention of trading in. I don’t go out, don’t buy clothes and, thank God I am an old biddy (56) I know how to wring every dollar out of a buck. I would move but moving is expensive on so many levels and beside the fact I don’t have the money, is the fact who is going to rent to a woman who is on unemployment, has a son who can only find a minimum wage part-time job (he had to quit school) and an 85 year old woman on SS?

      So please, don’t tell me to have happy holidays and everything will be okay. I’ve been hanging on to that bit for a long time and today was a bit much. I have not meant to intentionally insult you. I don’t want to alienate you. I’ve just finally had more than I can handle. After trying to be strong for others on this board, today I just don’t have it in me.

      Please accept my apologies for my ranting and raving. I hope you won’t take this personally and if so, forgive me. I don’t need to lose a friend, even if just in cyberspace right now.


      • Emanon


        I wish there was something I can do or say to make you feel better. I’m sorry for adding to your troubles.

        Please know that you are not alone. We’re here (even if it is only on the site) to support you.

  359. Marshall in MI


    Per your Post at 6:42pm today, this Senatus needs to go away…as in very far away from this site…and…you need to stay here with us because we all appreciate you.

    on November 5, 2009 at 6:42 pm | Reply Emanon

    Hey Senatus:

    All day, you have deleted my posts or say my post “is awaiting moderation,” even though I have not used any profanity. My posts were to provide information. Since you are going to decided what I can or cannot post, I just won’t bother to come back anymore.

    Emonan….Please keep up the great job you are doing!!!

    • senatus

      Sorry folks for the comment issues. I think you’ve overwhelmed my good old WordPress host which is a good thing! Anyway, I’ve explained the situation to Emanon and it was simply a glitch in the system that, for some reason, required my action to approve certain comments. Nobody on this site is ever going to purposely prevent you from sharing your thoughts, questions or responses. So again, apologies for the mixup and thanks to all for utilizing the blog…I hope you’ll continue to find it useful.

    • Emanon


      Thanks for your support. Senatus sent me an email explaining there was a glitch.

  360. lance

    Sishiboo, I am really sorry to hear you going through such difficult times! Your so sweet for choosing to make a huge sacrifice in caring for your mom especially during these difficult times. I truly hope these extensions, benefit everyone and not 1 less. You have sincerely extended yourself to everyone on this board, I especially thank you for your support.
    I will keep you and your family in my prays, keep comfort in the Lord, he’s a multitasking God. Nothing is too small or too great! for him.

    Keep pushing on!

  361. crunch

    Sushi, You certainly have your hands full, but I am confident you’ll pull through, don’t lose faith~

  362. crunch

    Steve & Sushi, there is hope!- fyi~ Today’s news

    The lead sponsor of the bill in the House, Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., reminded lawmakers that they’ll have to revisit the issue again before adjourning for the year. The bill applies to benefits exhausted this year, and “Congress must act again before the end of this year to continue the extended unemployment benefits that we are now improving.”

  363. Emanon


    Applebee’s is treating all Veterans & those on active duty to a free meal on Veterans’ Day, Nov. 11th at participating Applebee Restaurants. Their Veterans’ Day menu is on their website, which is:

    Unfortunately, meals for familes are not included. The meals are for those who have served or are still serving.

    Here is their telephone number in case you have any questions:

    888-59 APPLE (888-592-7753)

  364. crunch

    additional statements: Basically, your benefits need to run out by the end of this year to qualify for the latest extension, he added, though he said it’s likely that Congress will pass another one later this year, given the unemployment rate. “I don’t think the administration is talking about limiting or phasing out extended benefits just yet,” Mr. Stettner said.

    Looks hopeful that it’s being antisapated, but stay on it guys!

  365. Emanon

    CNBC reported today the nation’s unemployment rate for the month of October is 10.2%. They said this is the highest since April 1983.

    One economist on CNBC said we would need to create 125,000 jobs per month in order to turn this economy around.

  366. Emanon

    Re: How to determine if you qualify for the additional 6 weeks under Tier 4.

    You need to keep track of your state’s unemployment rate each month. Here is the site to obtain that information:

    The nation’s unemployment rate is released on the 1st Friday of each month. We are at 10.2% as of October 2009.

    On the 3rd Friday of each month, the unemployment rate for each state is released.

    September’s unemployment rate is on that site.
    October’s unemployment rate won’t be released until November 20, 2009.

    Each month, write down what is your state’s unemployment rate. At the end of your Tier 3 benefits, add up your state’s unemployment rate for the last 3 months. Then, divide by 3. If the result is 8.5% or more, you qualify for Tier 4. If it is below 8.5%, you won’t get Tier 4.

    So, if your Tier 3 benefits run out in Feb. 2010, you will need the unemployment rates for your state for the months of January, December & November.

  367. Emanon

    3 Articles on unemployment benefits:

    1st Article – talks about the December 31, 2009 deadline

    2nd Article – talks about those who are not included in this recent extension of unemployment benefits

    3rd Article – gives a chronology of what happened in the Senate in trying to get this bill extending unemployment benefits passed.

  368. Emanon

    Sushi & Steve:

    There must be many others who are in your situation. We are all on the Titanic together. It’s not right that some of us got life preservers in the form of benefits extension while other are being thrown overboard. We have to work together on changing this.

    The 2nd news article in my post states:

    “U.S. Rep. Sander Levin, a Royal Oak Democrat, is already calling for legislation to extend the eligibility window past the end of the year for benefits and said he expects Congression will ‘pass the necessary legislation in the near future.'”

    At least somebody in Congress is aware of this.

    We need to write to our Senators & Congressman/woman to get them to enact legislation now, so there won’t be a gap for you & others in your shoes.

    I’ve already written to Senators Reid, Baucus, Schumer & Gillibrand and to my Congressman. I’ll continue to work down the list of Democratic & 2 Independent Senators.

    Just the thought of having to watch more weeks of Congress on CSPAN or CSPAN2 is enough to make one sick. I think we found a new form of torture which will not violate the Geneva Convention – make prisoners watch Congress for weeks at a time nonstop. The prisoners will confess to crimes that they didn’t even commit.

    Steve – Congressman Joe Sestak (PA – 7th District) is running against Senator Arlen Spector in the Democratic primary next year. You may want to consider writing to Congressman Sestak. If he wants to be your next Senator, he should help you fix this problem. Whoever is your Congressman/woman should also be helping you fix this problem.

    Unfortunately, I don’t expect any help from my Congressman. He won’t help unless there is a camera crew documenting his efforts and unless the footage is shown on the 5, 6 & 11 p.m. news. He can’t be voted out of office. He’s had the job since Moses parted the Red Sea.

    I will work on the emails to the Senators 1st. If I have any news, I’ll post it.

    Don’t give up both of you. You are not alone in this fight. We’re here to help & to support you.

  369. Elissa

    Good Day all , we just keep hanging in as much as we can,
    anyword on the President signing yet?

    Sign up for they send the most inspirational messages to you daily Alot of times their short words of inspiration get me through the day. Its free and wonderful.

  370. Steve in PA

    Unemployment numbers out today – 10.2%…..500,000 new claims since Sept…….While there are miilions w/o benefits and HR 3458 will help those – there will also be lots of people losing state benefits in th first qtr of 2010 and wont be able to rely on a fed emerg unless new legislation gets passed…

  371. Sushiboo

    Emanon, Lance, Crunch and everyone else:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and words of encouragement. You can’t believe what they mean to me. It was never my intent to add my troubles to this board, there are others who are in much more dire straits and I felt it important to stay strong to encourage them. Yesterday just overwhelmed me.

    Emanon you said: “I’m sorry for adding to your troubles.” You did not add to my troubles, please don’t think that for even one minute. You have been nothing but helpful.

    I want everyone on this site to know how much I appreciate you all and how much it helps me, and sure everyone else, to know I am not alone and have somewhere to go. I really do feel we have become a community and one I am very proud of because we are different than the other boards.

    Again, my heartfelt thanks.


  372. Sushiboo

    I hope you all know I meant it helps everyone else as well to know they are not alone . . . that was an awkwardly phrased sentence — I wasn’t just talking about myself.


  373. linda

    Ca edd

    Congress recently approved legislation providing further unemployment extension benefits. It provides the potential for up to 20 additional weeks of benefits for higher unemployment states, including California. If the legislation approved by Congress is signed by the President and enacted this week, then Sunday, November 8, 2009, becomes the first eligible week for the new benefits. Any time spent unemployed and without benefits before then is not covered by the new federal legislation.

    The new extensions will require complex programming to implement once authorized. EDD is working around the clock to ensure payments can be made as quickly as possible.

    In the meantime, there is no need to contact EDD. We will be contacting potentially eligible claimants and notifying them of developments. Once programming is in place we will follow up with further instructions and automatically file the extensions for as many of our clients as possible. We may also need to contact some clients at that time and request further information. Please watch this Web site for further updates.

  374. Sushiboo


    I appreciate you coming back from your recently announced retirement of sorts, lol. As you can read, no one wants you to go.

    “There must be many others who are in your situation. We are all on the Titanic together. It’s not right that some of us got life preservers in the form of benefits extension while other are being thrown overboard. We have to work together on changing this.”

    “Welcome back to the fight.”
    –Inspector Reynaud
    in “Casablanca”

    So I guess that makes you Rick; very appropriate, Bogart got top billing in the movie.

    Your help in dealing with this continuing chaos will be invaluable. Your comments about watching C-SPAN are spot on. Thanks for the laugh, we need to keep some humor in this. My congressman too is a waste of space, you should have heard the attitude I got when I called yesterday; I won’t be calling there again. I’ve had the best luck with Feinstein’s office; still waiting to hear from Boxer’s office.

    For the record, unemployment in CA is still at 12.2%.

    I’m going to have be out for awhile today, but I’m leaving instructions that if Boxer’s office does call back to have them call me on my cell and I will post anything I hear when I get back.


    • Emanon


      You sound a little better today. :)

      I called Senator Gillibrand’s office today. I was told to leave a message. I don’t expect a call back even though I want one. I find that the staff at the offices of these Senators & Congressmen/women have no clue about the details of the bill. I’m tired of hearing: “I’ll pass your message to the Senator or Congressman.” I think emails are the best way to reach them now.

      • Sushiboo

        That’s been my experience as well. Although I must admit when I called the local offices they did try to do something for me. I never did hear back from Boxer’s office.

        To be honest, I wonder if any one besides yet another intern is monitoring their emails. I’ve already gotten one canned response, someone else got the exact same thing I did. From my admin experience, perhaps inundating their fax machines might get more attention . . . they still might not pay all that much attention, but it will create work for them (if nothing else filling the paper tray) and dealing with the fountains of paper spewing forth. Just a thought.

        Telegrams hit me as an idea — check this out, specifically addressing government officials:

        The only problem is that they are very expensive and that just circles us back around to the root of the problem — money. Too bad, because as they say on the site, they are an attention grabber.

        And, yes I am doing better, as the song says “what a difference a day makes.” I can honestly say the support from everyone here definitely played a big part.

  375. linda

    You’re welcome Sushiboo!!!!!!

  376. Steve in PA

    Thank you Emanon………

    it is comforting to know that Washington is aware that there are many people exhausting state benefits in early 2010…The news article regarding this that you posted also is encouraging -that iits not just politicians but someone like the President for Economic Alliance in Michigan…..

  377. Glacier...............

    For NY residents: if you have direct deposit you should have your money Saturday or Monday. Mine was released yesterday. What a timely blessing. I hope everyone here reaps the same benefits.

  378. crunch

    Not to be a bummer, but my feeling is they actually want many folks to “go w/o” between extensions. Their thinking is some people will take a job of somesorts, provided they can get one, rather wait out the uncomfortable Congressional process that we just witnessed. That my opinion after dealing w/ a few of these.

  379. Emanon


    I’m in NY too. How did you get your money? This is what NYS DOL’s website states:

    Congress Approves Additional Weeks of Emergency Benefits Legislation was approved guaranteeing an additional 14 weeks of emergency benefits. Pending further legislation, another 6 weeks of emergency benefits could also be provided, for a total of 20 weeks. The first payable week of this new extension is the week ending November 15th, 2009. Retroactive payments cannot be made for individuals who exhausted all extended benefits prior to the week ending November 8, 2009. Please continue claiming your weekly benefits to make sure your claim remains active. You do not need to file a new claim unless the system advises you to do so. For updates on benefit extensions, continue to visit this website.

  380. Glacier...............

    After your funds are exhausted we were supposed to continue to file every week like nothing changed. I looked at my transactions and lo and behold I had a check pending since yesterday and was actually released today. It usually takes 2 to 3 days to actually see the funds in my account.

    • Emanon


      You are lucky. I did continue to certify after my benefits were exhausted. I checked my account & still nothing. I waited all this time. What’s a few more days.

      I don’t recall if you are a Veteran or not. If you are, Applebee’s is giving free meals to Vets and those on active duty on 11/11.

  381. Glacier...............

    Oops! I made a mistake. Got my dates screwed up! LOL I guess being stranded in this desert got me seeing mirages!

    • Emanon

      That was funny. Made me laugh. Oh, well. Just a few more days longer.

      By the way, NYS DOL’s website has a short audio about the new extension. It said the Labor Department is working on getting clarification about eligibility & extension dates as it related to the Tiers that have been added to the bill. To me, it sounds like NYS DOL can’t figure out who gets what. Join the club.

  382. Glacier...............

    Yes I am a Vet and I will be at AppleBees on the 11th. I need something free for a change.

  383. Emanon


    You are very compassionate & you know how to handle people. Have you considered working with children or teenagers? I wish you could find a job in a school district. Then, you could work with kids to help put them in the right path & you would get great benefits too. You never know what is around the corner for you. Anything is possible.

    • Sushiboo


      Thank you, what a very nice thing to say. Right now when things are so tough a kind comment is worth its weight in gold. I must admit I do get along exceedingly well with teens and young 20 something’s. Maybe that’s why my kids’ friends all hung out at my house. That or the fact they liked my cooking!!

      You are right anything is possible. That’s why even when good fortune is passing me by I am happy for others when it befalls them, in whatever way, because I believe if it can happen for them, it can happen for me.

      You brightened my day. ::smiles::

  384. Just a reader...

    Can somebody tell me if President Obama actually signed the UE bill today?


  385. Emanon

    Reported on CBS Evening News:

    7 million jobs lost during this recession. It will take more than a decade to get half of those jobs back.

    In my local paper:

    Borders will close 200 Waldenbooks stores nationwide in January 2010.

  386. crunch

    In the news tonite, 1 out of every 10 workers unemployed… My question, did this start w/ Clinton or Bush? What policy(s) started this economic meltdown, and what safeguards should be implemented to keep it from ever happening again?

    • Emanon


      Some say Clinton. Others say Bush. I don’t think it was one particular point in time or one person, but rather, a combination of many things which brought down the economy (i.e. deregulation of Wall Street, subprime mortgages, over leveraging by financial institutions, fuzzy accounting practices, funding for 2 wars, etc.)

      Last year, there was an outcry for economic reform after TARP was passed. Those voices have been silenced. There are a few who still speak out for reform like Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT). Unfortunately, nothing will ever change as long as the folks in Washington, D.C. are bought & paid for by lobbyists.

      You may want to read these articles.

    • Sushiboo


      First of all thank God you are smart enough not to think that whatever sitting president, Obama or Regan, when they’ve only been in office less than a year is responsible for the crap he inherited and that its antecedents.

      Unfortunately, our country has actually gone through this kind of garbage more times than we realize, to what degree is hard to determine, much like allowing for inflation. I read a lot of history, and unfortunately, my memory is not good enough for me to put here what I’ve read without error. So, that said, I hope you’ll trust me on this one.

      It’s a damn good question. I wish I had an answer. The best I can do is say what I posted before (see way, way above, with a cite) — power corrupts. And now, more so than ever. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame (to which I attribute a lot of the Republican posturing on the Senate floor), as well as have a sense of entitlement. Few people realize that when Roosevelt took office in 1932 that the majority of the country did not have electricity or running water in their homes. Prosperity is something borne of WWII. Conventional history says WWII is what got us out of the Depression. This will be a debatable point, because there are historians who now are questioning why it took so long, that it was possible to have emerged from the Depression long before that. Don’t beat me up if I’m not on target here with my date, but I believe what I read said by about 1936.

      All that is immaterial now. We have to figure out a way out of this mess. I heard the comment that Obama is a chess player among checkers players. Regardless of how you feel about Obama and whether or not you believe that to be true, I think we, the people, need to be chess players. Landlords, need to realize that raising rents is not going to help. Bankers need to realize that foreclosing and leaving people without homes, leaves them in a position where it impedes their ability to find and keep a job and to complete the circle and pay their mortgages. Creditors need to realize that a little patience will pay off in the long run. This is bigger than just the here and now. We have to stop being divided by ridiculous, superfluous things: race, color, creed, sexual orientation, religion, and political choice. We need to stop the people who for whatever reason keep preaching despair, fear and hatred to promote their agenda.

      To use an analogy, a silly one I’ll admit, and I hope it is understood: we all have to be cognizant that there is someone behind us in line at the supermarket.

  387. Elissa

    Yesterday,Jason Rodriquez went back to the engineering firm in Orlando that laid him off 2 years ago and started shooting. His motivation was an interuption in his unemployment benefits which he imgined the company caused.

    Had he known about blogs like this this tragedy might have never happened. It is important we all vent in a healthy way, who knows this blog may have saved other lives because people have a place to connect regarding a common problem. Thank you Senatus and all of you wonderful posters.

  388. Emanon


    I don’t know if you are still stopping by this site. I just saw CNN reporting that the military has a mental health program called “Comprehensive Soldier Fitness.” According to the General who was interviewed, this program is online & it was started on Oct. 1st. Your soldier might want to look into it. Here is the website:

    Also, Applebee’s Restaurant is treating soldiers (Vets & those on active duty) to a free meal on Veteran’s Day. Here is Applebee’s website:

  389. Emanon


    I don’t know if you are still stopping by this site.

    I just saw a report on CNN. The military has a mental health program called “Comprehensive Soldier Fitness.” According to the General who was interviewed, this mental health program was started on Oct. 1st. You may want to look into it for your soldier. Here is the website:

    Also, Applebee’s Restaurant is treating soldiers (Vets & those on active duty) to a free meal on Veteran’s Day, 11/11. Here is Applebee’s website:

  390. Sushiboo

    Very information and this also should reassure some of you about collecting the full amount of your benefits, see ¶ 3.


    From the Unemployedworkers site:

    The End is in Sight as Senate Unanimously Passes Extension Bill (October 5, 2009) [sic] I’m sure they meant Nov. 5.

    Dear Friends — the end is in sight — the Senate unanimously passed the bill last night , the House passed the bill moments ago, with only 12 Representatives voting against it, and we expect the President to sign the bill tomorrow. This has been a long and grueling fight, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. So many of you who contacted your Senators and demanded action, and also, those of you who reach out to us every day with your stories and questions. You constantly remind us of all the wonderful people we are out there fighting for, and you inspire us to work harder and work better. Please know that we remain in your corner and already, are turning our efforts toward extending ALL the benefits for unemployed workers into 2010. We will constantly call on you for help, and post frequent updates so you know what is going on.

    In the meantime, we are sure that all of you are wondering when you can expect to see your first check. We’ve spoken with some key folks in state UI offices throughout the country to get some clarity on this issue. The first payable week of benefits under the new extension is the week ending November 14, 2009. Benefits would not be legally payable until after that date. Most states have been able to make their first payments under new extension laws in the past within about 3 weeks of enactment, which would be around the first of December. However, state agencies will be struggling with large numbers of claims from workers who have been exhausting benefits each week and some delays will be inevitable.

    You should also know that as long as you qualify to receive these last tiers of benefits before Dec. 26, 2009, you will be able to collect the full amount of them, even into 2010. While the entire EUC program has not yet been extended into 2010, you will be “grandfathered” into this last tier of benefits and will receive them in full, so the promise of 14-20 more weeks of benefits is not an illusory one.

    The officials in all states we’ve contacted have the same advice and request of all of you — they know who you are; you are in their systems, and as quickly as possible, they will be getting you letters telling you of your renewed eligibility for benefits and how and when to certify your continued unemployment and eligibility. Generally, the states are asking that you refrain from calling if you are just asking about when you will get your filing instructions and first check. This will allow them to focus their efforts on reaching out to you, reprogramming their systems, and getting your claims going, However if you have changed your address since you last filed for benefits, you should contact the state agency right away with your new address so that you receive any notices and filing instructions

    To help you navigate this new level of benefits, NELP is preparing a Fact Sheet with questions and answers. We hope to have this posted very early next week. And in all likelihood, your state UI agencies will also have new fact sheets posted within days. You should check them all as well.

    Again, thank you for your perserverence, your help, and your inspiration to all of us. The fight isn’t over, but at least this battle is.


    The last sentence gives me hope.

  391. linda

    Although the new extensions do provide the potential for up to 20 additional weeks of benefits for higher unemployment states, including California, it’s likely six weeks of those benefits won’t be available due to pending federal filing deadlines at the end of the year.

    The new extensions set new records for benefit weeks available in a federal

    What does this mean?

  392. linda

    I’m confused. Sorry, I went to and it says 6 weeks might not be available due to pending federal filing deadlines at the end of the year.

    Please help me understand

    • Sushiboo


      Welcome to the group: CA’s EDD is impossible to understand. I wish I could help you but, and while I do have a delusional idea that I am somewhat intelligent, I cannot make sense of out what they spew.

      Here is what they sent me about my question about extension qualifications, but first you have to understand the woman I talked to was literally pulled off the unemployment line and stuck at a desk. They gave her NO information, training, nor could she could not access my records. The only thing she could do was write an email about benefits extensions because the EDD website would not accept them from a claimant. Their response:

      You wrote us the following:

      Here is our reply:
      Ms. XXXXXX: To qualify for the second extension (EUC-X) you must have been eligible for the first extension; exhausted your first extension on or before December 20, 2009, and meet all eligibility criteria. If you qualify to file a VALID new claim, that claim will be filed, not the extension. The amount of the weekly award for the second extension does not change. You will normally receive UP to 13 weeks of benefits or half of the maximum benefit amount of the regular “parent claim”. Beginning the week of February 22, 2009; the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 will add an extra $25 of benefits to each week you are eligible for at least $1 in benefits (or a full overpayment offset is taken). You may be potentially eligible to receive the weekly $25 stimulus payments if you have a regular Unemployment, Disaster Unemployment Assistance, or Federal Extension claim that begins (BYB or effective date) on or before December 31, 2009; AND you submit a continued claim form (DE 4581) for regular or federal extended benefits for the week-ending February 28, 2009, and after. The following notice will be provided to you on the last check stub of the first extension: “Your first federal extension is exhausted . You are eligible for a second federal extension. It will be automatically filed for you. The weekly benefit amount will be (the same as the parent claim) and the maximum benefit amount will be (1/2 of the parent claim). No action is needed on your part. You will be mailed claim forms.” Thank you

      So, Linda, rest assured you are not crazy. I wish I could provide help in understanding, but the best I can do is confirm that you are not nuts.


  393. linda


    Thank you!!! It seems like they want us to be confused, and desperate…..

  394. crunch

    Sushi & Emanon:

    Thanks for your replies on my previous questions regarding the economic meltdown. Last year I returned to school online (UMass/Boston) and have been studying economics and public policy and like to get other opinions on certain relevant topics.

    Personally, I feel it all started w/ a policy of the
    Clinton administration, as well intended as it was. A regulation that loosened requirements for homebuyers w/ shakey credit to obtain loans. This created a new “secondary loan environment” (subprime) which lenders could charge much higher rates- so it was apealing to them (as capitalist) in spite of the riskier borrowers that were a part of it.

    Then came the Bush administration conservatives that totally deregulated the entire banking industry. “Let the free market rule”. That’s when the whole subprime loan thing turned into a monster. Banks started selling their subprime loans to investment houses like Bear Sterns & Leaman Bros. who in turn repackaged them and sold them as “derivatives” all built on this “house of cards” (pun intended).

    This whole thing was commission driven, and a lot of people made a lot of money for a while. Then the bubble burst on the inflated housing market, borrowers were underwater on morgages, and couldn’t afford new adjustible rates- resulting in defaulted loans. The domino effect was then set in motion, and it all came tumbling down.

    Capitalism is a good thing, but not left unchecked- regulatory practices have to be in place, or greed will run rampant again! The Bush years could be referred to as “The Wild Wild West comes to The White House & Wall St.” When the smoke had cleared it was ugly.

    • Emanon


      CNBC has a show called American Greed. It profiles different people. You may want to take a look if you have time.

  395. Glacier...............

    Let me ask everyone a question: when politicians say that “we” are in debt, who are we really in debt to?

  396. Emanon


    Just checking to see how are you doing today. I hope you are ok. I won’t have time to come back today.

    I have not forgotten about you & Steven in PA. I’m still working on those emails to the Senators. I think someone in their offices has to look at the emails to make sure no one is sending the Senators any threatening emails.

    • Sushiboo

      How thoughtful of you to ask. I’m doing much better, except for what I think is a stress headache that won’t go away and is rendering me pretty lethargic. You can think you aren’t worrying, but the subconscious mind is a powerful thing.

      Emanon, I know you haven’t forgotten Steve and me! Once again I can’t tell you what it means to know we’ve got someone so qualified to help. I plan on getting back on the email horse myself tomorrow.

  397. crunch

    For one “the Chinese’, to the tune of about $800 billion.

  398. Glacier...............

    At the end of the day the government is in debt to the Federal Reserve which isn’t federal at all. When you really examine the money trail you’ll find that the same people “we” bailed out are the same ones who lent the government the money in the first place. This system was rigged from the start.

  399. Steve in PA

    I have read a few online articles this weekend reiterating what the earlier articles said last last week that Emanon posted about the need to enact HR 3404 (extending the Dec 26 2009 deadline for fed emerg benefits)…Washington is aware that 3 million people will lose exhaust state benefits in early 2010 and legislation needs enacted to help these people (like myself and Sushiboo)..

    the unanswered question seems to be whether or not thsi gets addressed prior to Xmas or after the new year……..

    My hope is that with the unemployment rate for October being 10.2 % and with republican governors beating incumbent democrats in NJ and VA (most pundits say it was a referendum on the first 10 months of the Obama White house), that democrats in Congress along with the President will want some good P.R. and get the ball rolling on the extension sooner than later…

    • Emanon

      Steve in PA:

      Last week, I posted that HR3404 was dead. Those articles from me did not mention HR3404. HR3404 is virtually identical to the original HR3548 from the House before it was amended and improved upon by the Senate. The only between 3404 and the original 3548 is that 3404 extends the Phaseout dates. They are not going to pass 3404 when they have already passed 3548.

      In order to fix the problem affecting you and others like you, Congress needs to pass a new bill, extending the phaseout dates.

      If you have not written to your Senators (Casey & Spector) and your Congressman for help with this problem, you should. They will listen to you rather than me because I do not live in PA.

      Here is an article quoting Congressman Jim McDermott, who introduced HR3548 and HR3404.

      It quotes Congressman Jim McDermott saying: “Congress must act again before the end of this year to continue the extended unemployment benefits that we are now improving.”

      • Emanon

        I meant to say the only difference between 3404 and the original 3548 is that 3404 extends the Phaseout dates. The word difference was omitted in my earlier post.

  400. Sushiboo

    Hey Steve!

    I’m sorry I can’t remember where in all my phone calls last week, and then my mini-melt down, I was told this but 3404 is dead.

    However, not all is lost, well yet anyway. See my post of 11/7; 11:42 a.m. In part from the unemployedworkers site:

    “Please know that we remain in your corner and already, are turning our efforts toward extending ALL the benefits for unemployed workers into 2010. We will constantly call on you for help, and post frequent updates so you know what is going on.”

    While I am not at all crazy about having to continue this fight, and for God alone knows how long, take comfort that there are many who are committed, besides Emanon, who are going to help us fight on. To be honest, if anything is done prior to next year, I will be very surprised. Delighted, but surprised.

    I think Em is right, we need to email them constantly. Fax if you can as well. And, as a side note to everyone on this site, I do think we should all email and acknowledge Senator Reid for his tenacious efforts to get 3548 passed. I simply cannot believe that he’s not going to help the rest of us, nevertheless we have to let him and all of the others know there is more work to be done, our voice has to be heard. Em also said Schumer’s office said they didn’t want to leave anyone behind, so email him too.

    Steve, if you read my meltdown post, you’ll know you are not alone in your anxieties and fears. Hang in there, we all have to be strong for one another, when we can be — we all have bad days, but that’s okay. Nobody in their right mind would expect that a person wouldn’t have bad days, not in this economic mess.

    The unemployment rate in CA is 12.2

  401. Elissa

    I think the only reason all the bills are up in the air as they are is because it has given them the perfect opportunity to attach their frivoulous self interest amendments over and over again.

    We need to cut the snakes head off and not vote for any of them again.

    What happened to the writer that was aptempting poetry? I though those were a great example of his self expression. Are you still out there? Write one for Shishaboo. We can read through the labor of your work , no problem.

    • Emanon


      How is your health? No more visits to the hospital I hope.

      You are a wise woman. There was no need to attach any amendments to this unemployment extension bill. If those amendments were really that important, they could have offered them as a separate bill without holding up the unemployment bill. Unfortunately, we were pawns in this game of politics.

      We need everyone to get involved to help Sushiboo, Steven in PA, and others like them. So, if you can, please write to your Senators (Bill Nelson & George LeMieux) & your Congressman/woman. Here is the site for the direct link to the email address for your Senators.

      Do a Google search for your Congressman/woman’s contact information.

      The letter does not have to be long. It can be a simple as a couple of sentences. Right now, the bill only benefits those who have already exhausted their unemployment benefits or those who will exhaust their benefits by 12/31/09. Ask your Senators/Congressman to amend the bill to include everyone.

      Write from you heart and speak the truth, you will be amazed how the words will flow effortlessly.

      Please don’t get insulted if I don’t answer your post immediately. I can’t be back here as often as before.

  402. crunch


    I watch the show “American Greed” often. It’s amazing what some folks will do for money. As you said in a previous post, too much of that problem exist in Congress w/ all the special interest lobbyist.

    • Emanon


      I’m more amazed that those folks on American Greed have gotten away with their thieveries for so long. Countless other have yet to be caught.

      If you can, please add your voice to those who were left out of this latest amendment by writing to Senators Isakson & Chambliss and your Congressman/woman.

  403. Emanon


    I have been tracking to see if a bill has been introduced to help you & others like you. So far, nothing. If I see the bill, I will post it.

    At least 2 Congressmen have been quoted by the press as wanting to amend the bill extending unemployment benefits (Congressmen Jim McDermott & Sander Levin). Google their names & write to them too. I know we’re not in their districts, but it can’t hurt to let them know this problem affects others nationwide and not just those in their districts.

    • Steve in PA

      I sent emails to my two Senators from PA and Congressman McDermott. I went to Congressman Levin’s website and he states that only people from his district (12th) are allowed to send him emails…In fact, you have to provide your zip code to even get to the page with a contact form…

    • Sushiboo

      I totally agree: write to more than just your state senators and congressmen, this is one of those cases where we need to contact anyone that can possibly be of help. If you have friends and family in other states that need this help, write their people and mention them, write Pelosi. The snarky aide at my congressman’s office said my congressman couldn’t do anything (yeah, right) that she brings the bills to the floor. To be honest, I really think one key to this is volume. Some of the congressmen finally admitted on the floor of the House last week that their offices were being inundated.

      Another suggestion. If you have Word, open a document and type out what you want to say in your email. Spell-check it and save it. Then just block and copy it into the various emails to the various politicians. You can make very quick work of emailing them this way. You can then take that email, make a copy in the same document, reword it a bit, and resave the whole document and have a different email to use tomorrow. That way you can vary what you send and not have to reinvent the wheel each time, although you might want to reword one or both, or may have even have a new inspiration on how to punch it up, after a few days.

      Lastly, let’s all put our collective thinking caps on and figure out what other people in public life that we can write to, anyone who might be sympathetic. I’ve just gotten up (insomnia again, gee big surprise) so my mind is a little blank on names right now. I realize the news media outlets pretty much could not care less, so I’m talking individuals, especially the ones who like to get free publicity and don’t really care about what topic they use to get it. Let them be used for a change. We have nothing to lose.

  404. Steve in PA

    Not to sound cynical but do the emails get read by the politicians themselves or are we relying on aides passing on the tenor of the emails to the politicians?

    • Emanon

      Steve in PA:

      The purpose of sending the emails is to have someone in the Senator’s office read it. The Senators do not read each piece of mail, email and legislation that come across their desks. They can’t. If they did they would not be able to attend Committee meetings, Congressional hearings, debates and vote on bills on the Senate floor, or do anything else.

  405. Steve in PA

    I understand – I was obviously exaggerating to make a point – Im just hopeful that those that read the emails report back to the politicians so they know the pulse of their constituents.

  406. crunch

    To my fellow posters:

    This morning I went to the Ga. Dept. of Labor to apply for the latest round of benefits only to be told that there was no extension available yet!

    I looked at the man and said it was passed last week, and he said we havn’t received anything from the U.S. Dept. of Labor yet.

    He then told me they will contact me by mail when I am able to apply. What are your experiances in other states regarding this extension. I think Ga. will drag their ass as usual on this, and will be lucky to see any money before Thanksgiving.