Lincoln to Oppose Public Health Option

Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) said yesterday “she opposes a public health insurance option because it would be too expensive,” Arkansas News reports.

“For some in my caucus, when they talk about a public option they’re talking about another entitlement program, and we can’t afford that right now as a nation,” Lincoln said in a speech to the Elder Law Task Force at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Josh Kraushaar notes that this comes one day after receiving what many expect to be a credible 2010 Republican challenger.



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2 responses to “Lincoln to Oppose Public Health Option

  1. Tom

    So Senator Lincoln, who filling your coffers with their Buying Senators Out Money?

    The Hell With The People. Blanche’s deep pockets are more important!


  2. Barbara

    Isn’t bribery illegal? Lincoln has taken $300,000 + in “bribery” payments to vote against a public option. How would she vote if (1) no money had been given to her and (2) if her health care were taken away ??

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