Lincoln Walks Back ‘Un-American’ Protester Comment

Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) is “backtracking from her comments that protesters who disrupt health care forums are un-American,” Josh Kraushaar reports.

She expressed that viewpoint Thursday afternoon after hearing about the angry complaints that Democratic congressmen Mike Ross and Vic Snyder received from constituents at a recent town hall meeting in Little Rock.

“It’s so sad, because it’s diminishing to the process, it’s diminishing to our outcome,” Lincoln said on a conference call with reporters. “I think it’s sad that they choose to do that. I think it’s un-American and disrespectful.”

Lincoln, “who is up for re-election in a conservative state, quickly clarified her comments — no doubt concerned that they could be used against her in a campaign.”

“Although I do believe that some of these protesters are disrespectful of other citizens in the audience who truly want to ask questions about health care, I shouldn’t have used the term ‘un-American,” Lincoln said.

“I support the right of every Arkansan to speak out and have their voices heard. I would just ask that we all continue to work in a constructive way to rebuild our economy and fine-tune out health care system so it works for all of us.”


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